What a surprise and welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, of course, we’re going to be taking a look at some BTC price analysis on where Bitcoin could go in the next few days. But we are also going to be taking a look at the one price which Bitcoin must cross in the next few weeks if we are able to see a fourteen thousand dollar Bitcoin in the next few months. So I’m going to be talking about that exact price in today’s video. We’re also going to be taking a look at the SEEMY futures and having a look at that gap, which is pretty much been closed. We are then going on to take a look at the Fed just started buying 750 billion dollars in ETF, which is absolutely mind-blowing. And finally, to round off the video, we’re going to be taking a quick look. Visa’s digital dollar patent application and how that could have an effect on the bitcoin price. So how is all that good stuff coming up in today’s video as well as some great Bitcoin price analysis? So, as always, sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys, welcome back to another video. Thank you for joining me again. I do really appreciate that. If we can hit that one K like goal on today’s video, that will be absolutely amazing. And also, guys, if you haven’t already are watching my content, you do enjoy it. Please consider subscribing and taking that notification about should get notified when I post my next video. And as always, guys, get your comments down below. Right now, you can literally common anything to be entered into the prize to win the legit nano x storage device or the equivalent in You can actually comment anything below right now and you’ll be entered. So without any further ado, guys, let’s jump into the video. So in yesterday’s video, guys, I said that most likely Bitcoin will be testing around that 10 K level. And we did, in fact, come upon test just below this 10K level here. This white line is approximately 10K. We came up to about nine thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars in yesterday’s video. I did say that most likely we won’t cross 10K. We’ll just come close to testing it. That’s pretty much what we did. And after we did test it, unfortunately, we did get rejected all the way down to this other level of support, which I had plotted out at around ninety-two hundred now. Ninety-two hundred dollars is a fairly large level of support and it’s very nice to see that we in fact, not only held from this range, but we did in fact bounce open this and ninety five hundred dollar level. However, in today’s video guys, I’m sure you’re all waiting. I’m going to be talking about the one specific price in which Bitcoin must cross. If we are going to see a fourteen thousand dollar Bitcoin in the next few months. So guys, for that, let’s go ahead and go over to the daily chart is going to explain it a lot better. So, first of all, I want to talk about the daily chart. Let’s just go ahead and take a look here. If I can use the chart correctly, that would be very helpful. So the price that I really think Bitcoin has to be going over, if we are going to see that 14 k bitcoin in the next few months is no real strange. It’s that ten-point five K level. If we can’t in fact break this 10k level, which we have struggled with recently, if we can break this 10k level and go on and break this ten-point five K level, I don’t doubt that we could see an explosive gain in the bitcoin price. So this ten-point five K level is really an important level that we must break back here in February of this year. We in fact came up to it. We tested it and we got rejected. We came up above the 10K level here. We then tested this ten-point five K level and we got heavily rejected a game back here on the twenty-sixth of October. Back in twenty nineteen, we did test that 10k level. We came above the 10K level, tested that ten-point five K level. Unfortunately, we got heavily rejected again back here again. We pretty much held around playing between the 10 K and the ten-point five K level for pretty much a whole month back here in September of last year. So, yeah, we can see that this ten-point five K level is a very, very important. And if we were to, in fact, break this ten-point five K level right here, we would actually break around about a seven-month trend, which would be absolutely amazing. And I don’t doubt that if we did break this level, we would, in fact, see the Bitcoin price going up quite nicely. So that’s pretty much the level. I am really looking out for that ten-point five K level. If I was to set up a trade right now, guys, I’m not. But if I do, I’ll let you know in the trade calls and then I’ll probably like, you know, on the channel. And most likely, if I was to set up a trade right now, I’ll probably be setting a trade with a buy just above this ten-point five K level, maybe ten thousand five hundred and fifty, something like that, with a very, very tight stop loss below. Just in case, that’s most likely where I would be setting it. And as that will be a fairly nice breakout trade, you could also set it to. And if we do break 10K, however, we’ve broken 10K in the past and that hasn’t really done much as we just fell straight back down below. So definitely that is very, very interesting and I do hope we can, in fact, break this price. Coming over to the CMC futures now, we can see we did have a rather large gap here. However, now that gap has pretty much been filled by this week. Here we can see. But yesterday on the 14th. About two o’clock my time. That gap was, in fact, filled. And then we steadily started to sell off on their SEEMY futures chart. So that’s very nice. Definitely leave your comments down below. If you think this is a proper fill on the gap or do you not like it when the Wick’s fill the gap, would you rather have a full candlestick? Fill the gap. So let me know down below and you can be entered to win that leg. I know X. So, guys, I do want to talk to you about something pretty interesting that X is having. If you haven’t heard about dude, X is a really nice exchange and I’m actually going to be starting trading on that a lot more in the next few months. So they’re basically having a Bitcoin halving Oracle and there are only actually eight hours left. So you if you are interested in this click billing down below and you can actually go ahead and get the Bitcoin price and on May the 17th and you can win here four point five Bitcoin, which is absolutely crazy just by simply entering your prediction here. Clicking confirmed following the steps, you can win zero point five Bitcoin just by getting the bitcoin price, which is really interesting. And I am definitely going to have a guess. I’m not going to show you my guess as I don’t want to influence my guess to your guess, but go ahead and have a guess for yourself. Also, guys, if you were interested in joining Jud X as well, it’s a really nice exchange platform that you have up to 100 X leverage, which I don’t recommend trading on. However, they do have 10x leverage, which I pretty much trade them. So I’m probably gonna be trying out for the next few months and showing you and sharing my feedback on the trades on Dudack. So I think it’s a nice platform. So as always, guys, I wouldn’t bring you a new exchange if we didn’t have some great bonuses to offer you. So if you deposit is zero point one Bitcoin, you actually get a fifty dollar bonus, zero points two. We’ll get you a hundred dollar bonus and a Bitcoin or more will actually get you a three hundred dollar bonus. So all that will be Link Downbelow with information on the screen right now. So definitely check it out, our guys. So let’s move on with the video now and let’s take a look at the Fed. Just started buying 750 billion in ETF. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has started its program to buy lots of corporate bonds in the form of exchange-traded funds, 750 billion, to be precise. The Federal Reserve is buying up to seven hundred and fifty billion worth of corporate bonds. It announced yesterday is the first time the Fed bought them and incentivises large companies to sell bonds to get easy lines of credit to pay back loans. The Treasury is spending 75 million which investment firm Block Rod is leveraging by 10 to one. It’s an easy way for companies to raise cash since the government is unlikely to default on loans and will give low-interest rates. That is a little bit on the sidelines. But anyway, the federal. Yesterday that it wants to provide broad exposure to the markets for U.S. corporate bonds. It goes on to say the program was announced in March, but it’s just starting to buy them now. Something the Fed is actually going ahead and breaking its own very rules. Jeffrey, good luck. I cannot pronounce his name too well. Basically, he said that the Federal Reserve is presently acting in a blatant non-compliance with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. An institution violating the rules of its own charter is de facto admitting that. That said, the institution has failed and it’s fundamentally broken. Which is absolutely crazy. And the Fed is breaking its own rules due to this ridiculous economic time going on right now. So the Fed’s buying 750 billion in ETF. Which is absolutely crazy. So, guys, moving on to the next article right now. Let’s take a look at this visa digital dollar patent application. It has been revealed. Now, this is very, very interesting. As I’m sure we all pretty much know or leave a comment down below that will enter you to give away. Let me know. Do you think a digital dollar will come in the future? Do you think it’s only a matter of time? Or do you think it just never will happen? I personally think they’ll most likely get rid of the cash in circulation as it is just not efficient for them to store cash. As I mentioned many times in the past. So the vigil visa digital dollar is in the offering. The US Patent and Trademark Office has Raziel revealed. Visa is working towards creating a digital currency that will be powered by a decentralization, a decentralized computer. This will ride on the blockchain technology and the patent will not only cater to the dollar but all the major fiat currencies as well. If granted, the visa will have the rights to digitalize any central bank controlled currency across the globe, which is mindblowing. Visa applied for the patent towards the end of 2019, but the pay patenting institutions say that the process takes some time to publish applications. This is the reason why they requested and the request was published today, even though it was back in 2019, the shift of Egypt for from Fiete to Visa Digital Dollar. The application describes the Visa digital dollar as a computer that is able to accept requests that have all features of fiat currencies such as Syria code and various demonstrations. The shift will see the phasing out of Fiat in circulation cash to create space for a virtual currency that is immutably recorded on a global public ledger. Does that sound familiar? Yes, of course, it does. And basically, it goes on to say. Will Congress support a visa digital dollar? The visa digital dollar might get support from unlikely quarters. The Congress, which has been toying with the idea a digital dollar came into the limelight during CA’s act debate on the third pandemic relief package. Should the Senate approve the proposal, then the Fed Reserve will have a digital dollar and digital wallet in a bid to come up with sound economic stimulus. This is really crazy, guys, and I cannot wait to read your comments down below about this. The visa digital dollar pattern. Do you think we will have a digital dollar? Do you think we will go to a cashless system? And what happens if that is announced? Are you going to be buying more Bitcoin? Are you going to like it’s just going to be an absolutely crazy time? So, guys, that’s pretty much it for today’s video. I want to quickly go into the Bitcoin price again, just to remind you, we’re currently at around nine thousand five hundred dollars. I really hope we can cross this 10K level. And if we do cross the 10K level, then crossing that ten-point five K level will surely signify us having a nice breakout. If we can cross that ten-point five K level guy, then. This is a level which we’ve had multiple rulings in the past few months or past year, almost around seven, eight months and actually all the way back here to June of last year. So almost a year now, we’ve had run into this ten and ten-point five K level. So if we can break above this ten-point five K level, they’ll be absolutely amazing. And I don’t doubt that Bitcoin could, in fact, blast off to this fourteen K level, which we saw back in around about June of last year, almost a year ago now. So that’s pretty much it for today’s video, guys. As always, if you were interested in signing or Bajou decks, the bonuses will be linked down below zero points one gets you fifty dollars zero points to get your hundred dollars on a Bitcoin or more deposit, gets you three hundred dollar bonus. And don’t forget to go ahead and sign up for the bitcoin holding Oracle. Simply enter your price prediction here and you can win Opta zero point five Bitcoin in prizes, which is absolutely crazy. It’s all thanks. Watching today’s video, guys, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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