Today for the bitcoin price an explosive explosive patch on your is right now involving for the bitcoin price and right now we are at the tipping point a boat to probably break old and come from the break out and to target the break target here is all the way up at this specific price target guys does this look familiar well this is the text book the textbook pattern you’re called the bump and run reversal bottom we have been showing that here you can also go over towards we can check this out this is perfectly here according to the text books all for your big credits to tell a movie which pointed that out actually in April two thousand and nineteen right before and guys look at this right before we had here the leap face the bump and then the massive breakout you off because all the way up to what’s the target of twelve thousand even fourteen thousand US dollars and guys to date we want to talk about whether this is going to pan out once again we will talk about all the conditions we will talk about all the price target so make sure you take a seat make sure this was not the like button for at least two thousand five hundred three thousand likes and that being said welcome to the front and back on the German trip though my name is Chris and that’s always a really pumped to go straight to the content all right guys so first things first we are here on the daily can the for the bitcoin price and this you can already see this pattern has the characteristics of having three different phases of the lead in face the bomb face and the run face which is of course going in an upward direction and of course we are going to talk about that to date we just treated old two day here whoa is this textbook bump and run re Russell bottom going to repeat for bitcoin again and if you’re opening it right here you can see that this pattern is coming from a textbook and actually you can find in many many pet text books even here at the very famous book husky patch on side and it was a very very fair. Amis Patel not only for the traditional markets but also for bitcoin because the interesting thing here though is that if we are going back in time you can see that the bump and run reverse the bottom has been playing out pretty perfectly here also here in the bear market two thousand eighteen and to break out in two thousand and nineteen when we were going all the way up here from three four thousand US dollars to fourteen thousand US dollars and actually you can be drawn to you in different ways you can also take the lead in face you and make a chart topper we actually like that way here because we actually had many many touch points here which M. legitimizes this downward sloping resistance here and also double Kaski yeah pets on site it says that if we need at least a month averages thirty five days but it can be significantly higher and usually if they break all target is at the highest point here and as you can see it was really perfectly playing old yes after the break out to become price was going pretty much exactly to their price target I mean for two or three days we were about so this one has perfectly been playing out here also big big shoulder to crypto portrait is the trend of from all coal phone to hear I knew and you will find the link down below he has been also talking about that exact pattern you’re playing old right now again for bitcoin if we assuming any a little bit you can see the lead in face and look at the generation I mean if we are measuring the duration of the lease and face this is pretty much exactly one month with it which is the minimum duration for the sleet and face so far so good this one is working well and then the next one which has to play all too by the way go to book called ski split on and check it all yourself and for the dumb face you on double coffees chap chart pattern this is the frying pan they don’t slopping trendline deepens to sixty degrees or more well guys we are really here M. yet heavily we were heavily breaking down the only thing and this is the only thing which is not perfectly here according to the text book is that we use.Only need a rounding bottom this is not a perfect running bottom it is a little bit more like a V. shape here and many many people are saying we have to go down and we have to retest this botany of three thousand eight hundred US dollars and guys who want to tell you what due to classical technical analysis this is probably what most of the people should expect but if we are going back here to the bear market low here which we formed approximately at the three thousand one hundred fifty was gonna levels everyone but really I mean guys we have been there everyone every single one was waiting for the bitcoin price to go back we will he in that league faced we were dumping down into the bottom face and then everyone was waiting to find these yeah price service of three thousand one hundred fifty US dollars again confirming them forming a double bottom and then breaking out and everyone was waiting for this specific point of time for this double bottom was actually standing on the sidelines and this is the exact reason why we made this video here the big warning to all the bitcoin band bass out there and you guys everyone who was actually going you’re speculating on the bump and run reverse the bottom what’s there when this big big moonshot came and after the break of the become price went up and then the massive explosive upwards move he didn’t wait for a long time and we actually hit pretty much exactly the price of a here off eleven thousand twelve thousand US dollars we actually went a little bit about and guys if we are going to move this one here right now so far this has been perfectly playing out if you draw the downward sloping trend line by the way guys don’t do through logarithmic chart you have to lose use that an arithmetic Chatillon nothing over Richmond because you are measuring in both the scale is he on the vertical and the horizontal line you should never use the logarithmic chart for that and he is so far this is perfect we have once again many many touch points you can delete in face we have at least thirty days in the lead in face and then we have a massive massive jump to the downside not a rounding.Bottom but this is not a one hundred percent SSE T. and then we are climbing up into the downward sloping resistance and right now if you draw it like this you have the break out and just as the last time here we had to break out and then of course we were hovering around for like five six seven ten days before the massive break out and this might pan out once again what we need right now if the price will to break down we don’t want the price yeah and this is very very important we don’t want the price it to break down below this price target here guys this is very very important if we were to break down and close to daily can it be dug below the don’t want sloping resistance line here then we are of course all of the trade if we were to break down and even confirm the breakout this would be even more textbook and most probably we wouldn’t even open a long position here once we confirm to break out your proximity at this price target guys first of all let us know what you think about that do you think we are in a bump and run reverse the bottom and we would see higher price targets to what’s the whole thing let us know in the poll which is popping up on top of the screen right now and let us know yes or no to the bomb and one rebuilt the bottom here for bitcoin also guys quickly because everyone would probably be asking what is the price target for that patch on of course if we as women tend to guys I mean just go to the textbook here go to Blue Cross this chart pattern and if you look at this he is saying that the break to target is here at the a at the highest point of this pattern and if we are doing that I mean it cannot get easier than this and we are putting a horizontal line yeah you can see that the break out pattern at the break target is approximately approximately over here at ten thousand four hundred eighty ten thousand five hundred U. S. on us also guys very important thank you so much the last video actually two videos to go we make this Elgin warning to all bitcoin bass and defeat. Beck was overwhelming we got many many comments many lights all thank you so much for supporting us also guys you know if you want to support us even further you can go down to the pin coming in you can see we have one thousand six hundred twelve dollars completely for free for you actually up to one thousand six hundred and twelve dollars independent common only for experienced traders if you’re an experienced trader click these links make an account it’s very very easy but you have to be inexperienced trader J. M. deposit zero point two bitcoin on each each exchange here and yeah then you can trade also the free margin guys thank you so much for your support it is really much appreciated also many people are asking yes guys soul nice a warning was removed you remember yesterday we make that treated to go to more than thirty one thousand views on Twitter and also your you should regard a lot of support thank you so much guys teamwork makes the dream work and if you go to the video we got nearly three thousand likes thank you so much guys and yeah let us know in the comments section what do you think about that mind blowing better right now which is probably involving on the charts on bitcoin also what I consider the most important use of today yes actually I don’t know if you heard about it already all this stable corn supplies all right now at an all time high you can C. U. S. T. T. at six point four billion U. S. dollars U. S. T. T. at seven points seven of the thirteen million U. S. dollars in supply even only here the U. S. T. T. M. circulating supply the market cap of U. S. T. T. is already higher than a ripple and as far as I’m concerned so this is very crazy and consulate rough has been saying you’re very very finally and actually that right if you wear bullhead so if you have a bullish bias this could be interpreted as the most bullish indicator of all time this is enough to buy over one million U. S. M. one million bitcoin, of course, the question is you who is holding that if the exchange is the holding the U. S. dollar tether, of course, they just want to provide supply for people who maybe want to sell off the what’s bitcoin entry to escalate to the right and this call. Be warned Barry scenario however due to bullish scenario is that of course M. U. S. will attend a is some kind of an inherent demand for big concert everyone who holds U. S. dollar tether can either go to the company of U. S. the letter and claimed U. S. thoughtful it all they might as well just go back from you I still attend the into big con so they’re only these two alternatives for them and of course this is the bullish view which they have been pointing out yes well maybe you’ll go down to the comments section and you let us know what you think about that do you think the US that I tend to and all the state the current supplies being here at all time highs is actually bullish or bearish for the bitcoin price that would be a very very interesting to know and that being said because we were each other very soon at the next one up and improve the already tomorrow at the exclusive to evine U. J. fifteen episodes and that being said guys thank you so much for watching kick this subscription box right here if you haven’t already and what’s their budget to Tory if you haven’t watched it and that being said guys thank you so much for watching and research of already tomorrow there’s always guys as always.



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