Today, for the Bitcoin price, Bitcoin is right now breaking out here above the 8000 U.S. dollar level. And the question everyone is asking right now, is this the beginning of the bull market 2020? And we will find much, much higher price levels here. As we’ve been talking about that all the way up here, maybe even before the halfling guys, we will talk about all of that and also about our specific game plan, our price targets, and how we are planning to rule this situation right now. We will be sharing all of this with you and guys get ready for this statistic because this is just in, guys. Look at this. We will be showing you on data right now, providing us with one of the biggest reasons why Bitcoin is pumping so crazy. Make sure you take a seat. We can already tell you the biggest actor in this statistic is the U.S. dollar tied up once again. We will be showing you all of that. And also, the biggest breaking news from all the 75 central banks out there in the world, which are right now cutting the interest rates. What does that mean for the Bitcoin price, especially leading towards the half? We will be talking about all of that, about price targets, about all game plans. So make sure you take a seat. Make sure you smash up the like button to you know what? Eight thousand one hundred seventy-two likes the US dollar price of Bitcoin at the time of recording. That being said, welcome triple fence and welcome back to my trip, though. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. And guys, we are here and therefore our candidates for the Bitcoin price. If I’m zooming out here right now, you can basically see that Bitcoin is he is still in that bump and run reverse a pattern we have been talking about six days ago on our channel. So this is still up to date what our price targets and what are we expecting for the Bitcoin price right now? So, well, guys, things have not really changed when it comes to the price targets, because if we are taking the Fibonacci retracement level from the swing high to the swing low, you can see that right now the big comprises hovering around approximately. But really approximately here in the golden pocket of the Fibonacci retracement level here. And it is key to surpass that level. As you can see, Bitcoin was already working above and it’s right now trapped here in this Fibonacci retracement level of the golden pocket, which you can see right here. And guys, I can tell you something that is a historic, historic amount of conference coming together at the exact price level where we are right now. Because if I were to pull out the 100 and the 200 day moving average here, you can see that they are right now converging here around the Bitcoin price, having provided actually crazy, crazy resistance, which will hopefully now turn into support. And we have not seen so far the 100 and 200 days moving average converging perfectly like they are right now. And the reason for this is that within the last 100 or 200 days, the average price of Bitcoin has been actually approximately eight thousand U.S. dollars. And this is and this is actually very, very good news, because if we were to go to the Plan B stop to flow, model, you can see that this model of the grey line predicted exactly this price of 8000 to 7000 to 8000 U.S. dollars. And that’s the exact price target Bitcoin is right now. Is that right now? And you can see that after the HAFID, you, by the way, the Hafid, you look at beat consensus dot com is going down in eleven to twelve days. And according to this model, this scam, scarcity of bitcoin will increase. And this model acts like a magnet. It will co integrate the bitcoin price higher. And after the scarcity of Bitcoin will increase the future, inflation of bitcoin will be cut in half. Bitcoin will be more scarce and the inherent value bitcoins should be priced in will be higher. So according to this model, after this half-laughing here right now, the big countries should get within the year 2020, 2021, be like a magnet pulled up to these price levels. And according to plan B, recently, he has been saying that he updated this prediction to two hundred eighty-eight thousand within the next cycle. So 2022, 2024. Guys, we will be showing you our trade here later on. Let’s go into this statistic here right now, because we have been talking about all these price levels, by the way, guys. Very quickly before we go into it. Remember what we have been talking about here on the weekly canvas. If I were to pull out the weekly canvas and I pull out the Yemi weekly ribbon, you can actually also see that Bitcoin is right now here not hugging this price level anymore. We are actually above. But we have been saying that if we were to go above, we have to close a weekly Kanwal above and we have to successfully retest a week ribbon. Because, guys, what we have been saying the last time we were going above Korona brought about a stone and we didn’t have this successful retest right here. And the time before Xi Jinping, China, was pumping us above, but we didn’t have the successful retest. And whenever we are closing a weekly kind of below, we had them due for a prolonging of. The bear market. Well, here in and. We went above. But the retest was not successful. Well, what happened afterwards, guys? It was very, very bearish. And if you were to look out here for the last bull market, you remember we had the first test right here. We had the second test right there. And then, guys, the third test was successful. We went above. But this is the most important thing. We were actually retesting it right here. And this retest, guys, was successful. And what happened after was we had more or more retest and everyone was successful. We had, in fact, zero weekly canvas closing below the Yemi week ribbon. And I don’t have to tell you what happened afterwards. We ran all the way up to twenty thousand U.S. dollars. And I do expect if we were to repeat the same thing again, the same thing might repeat for the beacon price within the next 12 to 18 month guys. Of course, we will have to see what the financial crisis does. We will have to see if Bitcoin can decouple from the financial markets. That will be very important. And now, guys, besides all of this technical stuff, which is right now looking very bullish, the hours I had bearish divergence yesterday, which we actually ignored here. And despite all of this, we want to show you this data here, because this on-trend data, he is providing us with information. Why Bitcoin is actually pumping right now. And this is one of the big reasons here, because on trend data provides us with data, with facts, which we cannot see if we are only looking at the exchanges if we are only looking at the charts. And this on-trend data shows us that the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges is constantly falling. So the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges is decreasing right now. Where? S And look at this. The supply of U.S. dollar TED on exchanges is constantly rising. In fact, guys, we are at an all-time high. So right now, what we have been saying here, by the way, go over to Twitter and subscribe to it. I mean, crypto a high demand for Bitcoin matches a historically low supply of Bitcoin, because if you are going in here ever since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin supply on exchanges did nothing but decrease, whereas the supply of U.S. dollar teather, which is significant for the buying pressure of Bitcoin, was constantly increasing. And we can see the effects of that right now. Yep. Showing up here in the Bitcoin price. And this was also one of the fundamental reasons why we opened that trade. You know, we opened it at the at the confirmation of the breakout. Guys, we will show you our price target later on. And yes, we are right now here at eleven thousand five hundred dollars profit, one point for Bitcoin, 150 percent. Of course, we will have unprofitable trades in the future. Of course, we will show them to you as well. And here to show you the cost positions we had was zero point nine Bitcoin in profit and here slightly profitable also in the trade before so far, all the three T8 trades were very nice yone. If you mix and if you also want to trade profitable or if you also want to trade on fee, mix on private guys, remember, we show you our price target to you afterwards. Make sure if you want to support us and if you also want to trade on fee mix, go to the PIN Common right now. Where’s the PIN commentary? Right here. Scroll down. Scroll down here in the video and check out the PIN comment if you’re an experienced trader. Feel free to click the Bible link if you feel free to click the fee. Max Link, put in your e-mail address your password. And within twenty seconds, you’ll get your own account. Then after zero point two Bitcoin deposit, you can get up to one thousand five hundred dollars for free on BYB it and you can get up to one hundred twelve dollars for free on fee mix. Make sure you trade responsibly and. Yes. And right now we want to go right into that because remember guys, our price target is ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. And according to the bump and run reverso bottom, because you remember here, the last time we had the bump and run, our price target was approximately eight thousand five hundred. And we hit that price target rather quickly. So this bump and run reverse a pattern is extremely, extremely powerful. And right now it really seems to be playing out. And you had to be very interesting to see if we can reach this eight thousand ten thousand five hundred dollar price level. First of all, guys, before we go into the breaking news here regarding the central break, let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now, do you think that big country can reach ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars before the halfling let us know. Yes or no in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. And also a very big, big, big shout out here to Charlie Bilello. And she was actually saying that seventy-five central banks have cut interest rates in two thousand and twenty guys. And if he were to go over here, then the only exception is Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Denmark and all the other central banks in the world. Look at this. Kenya, Lesotho, Norway, Philippines, and, of course, also the United States, the European Central Bank. All these countries, with a few exceptions, have been cutting the interest rates this year. This means cheap money, cheap money to prop up the markets, cheap money to inflate the markets. And yet, if they are really about to kick the can down the road for long. We will be very, very surprised because what I am actually suggesting they’re thinking right now is that the financial markets are going to crumble much, much more. So we need big control, decouple if we want to see higher prices. Because if you are looking at the fundamentals, if you are looking at the projected GDP, if you are looking at the jobless claims and much, much more, I am actually expecting an unprecedented crash of the financial markets. And I want to know from you guys. No, this is the second pull off today. Do you want to see an episode covering the projection we have at M-m trip for the financial markets? What we think is going to happen for the financial markets. Let us know. Yes. You want to see it or know you are more interested in only Bitcoin content and you don’t want a video about that. Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now as well. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Sorry for the leggy Lifestream we had earlier on the day. We hope you smash up the like button for that video, guys, and we will see each other very soon at the next one. Imam Krypto already? Yeah. Today or tomorrow at the next one. Up with Da Vinci. Jeff, 59. As always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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