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  1. …and as always, as always, I love your energy, Chris!
    I don't think anyone can predict exactly how things will develop in these times, but your analysis are exciting and I'm learning a lot from you. So keep doing what you're doing.
    Ich feier euch mega !!

  2. Besides being persistent and always keeping faith in the blockchain technology, one major factor to making life changing gains from crypto is understanding the trends and working closely with it. I am not taking chances by accumulating as much as i can while being guided by the professional aid (daily trade signals) of Brad Gaston. Having bought just 2 BTC at $7,200 and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 10 BTC. He can be Reached on Tele gram – @(Bradcrypto) .

  3. Longs are 70% and Shorts 30% so the sudden fall to 9450 took out the SL's of the Longs and we may see a sudden spike to the upside very soon to take out the SL's of the Shorts.Thankfully i don't play the short term as it is rigged against you. I agree with Chris and the indicators – we are at the beginning of something very special and even if the market goes down a little bit we need to be emotionally strong and hold for 18 months. This is how the BIG GAINS are made. Good luck everyone 🙂

  4. you said inverted head and shoulder you weakling XD!!! when im bullish i stay bullish tooo many bearshit i stop caring about the noise 7k this 3k that man stfu yall get shrekt'd

  5. When you saying Confirming what do you mean???
    Is bracket out for 1day and stay ?
    Break out for her ours? It’s bracket out more then 20% and did.not hold.
    So when you say Confirm the breck out is very abstract!
    Can you tell us what is Confirm your idea in Frame of time .
    Is stay about of 20% in,Hours days, or weeks?

  6. I think we will break up. The only thing i am worried about is after all this protesting is decreased will we get a big second waive of virus. We might see another big pull back in all markets in July. Also may have another waive next winter which can cause another pull back.

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