Get Rich with Bitcoin (Opportunity is Almost Gone)

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Today we are going to take a look at how the price of bitcoin is shaping up over the next few weeks… and it’s going to be epic.

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  1. There is a massive potential on this sleeping giant – Zilliqa. Do your research on the technology, partnerships and who are behind it. XSGD Digital Curreny of Singapore will operate with the use of Zilliqa Blockchain. Head of Monetary Authority of Singapore is Riva Menon. He is also BTW, the chairman of BIS – Bank of International Settlements. BIS is owned by 62 central banks around the world that together accounts for about 95% of world GDP. So, influential people behind the scenes! Partnerships ad Projects and Technology. Zilliqa is the first blockchain to use scharding and not Ethereum. The coin is priced at 0.01+ cents. It is a coin to buy in tons and hodl. Staking will be offered soon for 10% p.a. Do your research…if convinced that this is a sleeping giant that will reach the top 10 of the best coin before the end of 2020. It can reach .10 cents and even $1!

  2. Bitcoin will not go beyond 11,000 again ever. No one holds anymore. You have to learn to trade if you want to get rich. I would invest in stock market instead where you can see a stock gain 400 percent in a day.

  3. Damn as I get farther into this video it just makes no sense more and more. My father has 68 bitcoins only has it for online shopping. He’s a huge stock trader and he’s told me time and time again it stabilized after 2017 and will never go up or down by huge amounts. It’s reached its peak why do you spergs think it will be 100000+ it doesn’t even make sense from a financial standpoint

  4. People called me dumb when I bought BNB early and crazy when I invested a part in VLX for a masternode in its early days.

    Who is dumb and crazy now? invest in something new and fresh, and come back in 5 years 🙂

  5. The rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum was predicted by the whale JOE007 in his Telegram channel @ JOE007Alert. I'm sure Joe007 has access to insider information.

    In general, he predicted a lot in Telegram about the fall and the new rise of coins to sell Bitmain Antminer T19. Tech. analysis does not explain this. Definitely, whales have access to an exclusive information but only Joe shares it.

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