Global Pandemic Planned? Government Will Reveal Something Big! PREDICTION TIME! [Opinion]


Hey, welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Erin in this video I’m going to give you my prediction as to what I think is going to happen post lockdown and I’m gonna give you my plans you know what I’m planning to do to stay ahead of this and how I want to benefit from this so if you watch the video yesterday you know president Donald J. trump what do you like the man or not has begun to reopen America my country which has been a locked down for thirty days straight can finally start to reopen again we can start to get back to work in America reopening means the world is going to reopen and that’s not to say there won’t be parts of the world that remain on lockdown or even parts of America right I know where I live Los Angeles California governor his talking about us staying on lockdown for at least another month so till mid-May minimum and I’m not trying to trivialize the pandemic you know the pandemic is serious people need to stay safe.

The reason I bring this up is that we need to recognize that the world as we know it is changing. Again. This is just like the people who a couple months ago this is before things got crazy there were people who were able to see you able to recognize what was going on in the rest of the world and they prepared themselves ahead of time for the incoming lockdown and those people who did this benefited immensely by thinking ahead the same goes for today people who are able to adapt to life post locked down first people who can understand how this world is going to change going forward will be able to benefit immensely as well so you just need to be smarter than the average citizen let me give you an example you probably know this but this is a simple example one or two months ago right it’s America was starting to take the pandemic seriously they said don’t buy masks they said masks don’t work masks make things worse leave the masks for the health care professionals well which is it do they not work or should be leaving for the health care professionals C. the truth is that if you would’ve thought for yourself and thought huh well obviously having a mask sound a lot better than not having a mask you might have bought some for yourself and for your family and hopefully you’re healthy you probably don’t need it but some people needed the masks and they couldn’t get them but if they would have thought ahead perhaps they could have benefited or if the doctors did need them they should have just told us the full truth and we could have made responsible decisions on our own.

You understand what I mean so let me get to my main point the question I want to answer in this video is now how is life going to change now the lockdown is over and I have four points so what I’m about to say is agnostic as to whether or not the current pandemic gets cured soon or not so if we find a cure soon you know what I’m about to say it could very likely still play out and again this is only speculation this is only opinion nobody can predict the future but like I keep saying those were able to think ahead will benefit and life is going to change so how is life going to change going forward are four things number one a cashless society will be implemented this is something that I talked about in this video last week so if you haven’t watched this video and you want a more complete picture makes you watch this but basically what I said is it is in every government‘s best interest to ban cash and if and when they ban cash they will have more surveillance over you they will have more control over you and in a cashless society you’re gonna have to justify any transaction you make that they deem inappropriate in a cashless society it is possible your transactions will be heavily censored they’re gonna say that a cashless society all it’s only bad if you’re a criminal but in reality it’s a direct threat against your freedom so you should watch this whole video if you haven’t seen this yet let’s move on to number two the second way I think life will change post lockdown number two.

Some sort of universal health care system will be implemented you don’t think health care is going to be this huge issue on people’s minds once everybody gets you to know reoriented it’s going to be even more than one Bernie Sanders is running just months ago universal healthcare was a big deal then and this is only getting bigger people will demand change.

I don’t know if America is going to go full universal healthcare but you better believe people will demand that the government pay for more of it than they’re doing now for better and worse number three universal basic income will be implemented as in regular checks to every American on a regular basis everybody always used to say well how is this going to work how are you going to pay for it well this pandemic has shown us better than ever it is possible and the money is there.

So I’ve listed three things so far I have one more but so far if you’ve been subscribed to our channel you now that bitcoin is the antidote to every single thing I have just said the first three things I listed it going is the antidote because bitcoin has a harder monetary policy will be seen as a hedge against the money printing bitcoin will be a better alternative in a cashless society because with bitcoin anybody can create an address and send and receive bitcoin anonymously and bitcoin is the biggest network and liquidity.

I think that coin is a great buy right now you know that.

There is one more way that I think society will change going forward and I don’t know if bitcoin can be the solution for this part number for the final way that I think life will change in a post lockdown world is.

And this is something that I shared with you in this originally may news.

I think they will try to put people on the blockchain so Microsoft has already filed a patent for something very similar it will start with a microchip Bill Gates already talking about putting microchips into people I think one hundred percent I think people will have microchips inside them sometime in the future it’s basically what our cell phone is today except it’s going to be inside us in the future but after that after the microchips, the logical next step is that they try to put people on the blockchain or something like this I know it sounds crazy I know it sounds silly but Microsoft has already filed a patent for this.

To find out more we covered it in this video here Microsoft filed a patent for this it’s crazy to watch it. And that’s how I think things will change going forward in the future bitcoin is the antidote to some of the things I brought up but not everything. I guess the only final question is. Was this pandemic planned? I don’t think so I don’t think it was planned some YouTubers will go heavy into the conspiracy theories and insist there is evidence that was planned it’s fun to speculate but I don’t think so.

What is not a conspiracy theory however is that whether this pandemic was planned or not governments will use this to get what they want to be done.

Maybe some of the things I just listed. As Winston Churchill said never waste a good crisis and you better believe they won’t. Either way, I’m buying more bitcoin and I’m also keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency market in general whatever happens in the future I want to be a part of it and I think cryptocurrency will be a part of it either through bitcoin.

Something else or bitcoin and something else so what do you think let me know your thoughts on my crazy opinions in the comments subscribe to the channel for daily videos like this video give it a thumbs up yeah and this is stuff I think as a real possibility of happening and now I wanna hear what you think let me know. Hey one more thing I wanted to invite you to play in this charity poker tournament with us so this is something that we played in like a week or two ago and we invited you to play with us at that time both you a lot of people asking us questions I don’t have the answer is I don’t know what platform I was going to be on I don’t know how it all worked now that I played in it and I know about it we’re gonna be playing it again and I was actually we might do a live stream coming up and talk more about our previous experience but I was at a table with Bob Lucas so I was playing right next to Bob Lucas was also Dan held in tone face Peter McCormick a bunch of people show this feature player next time.

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