GOOD NEWS for BITCOIN! Money Flood Bringing MASSIVE Bull Run [INSANE]


Today in crypto, bitcoin could be about to see a massive bullish reversal. If cerium is on-trend to crush Bitcoin on a key metric. Institutional money seems ready to flow back into Bitcoin and the insatiable appetite for free money knows no end. The crypto lark. This is where you subscribe for all of the hottest know up. The latest happening in crypto. So let’s go ahead and jump into the charts to get started off with today. So bitcoin has had an awesome day. Nice to see that that big surge coming in, pushing us back over seven thousand dollars. But most importantly, Bitcoin has made a definitive break above the 50-day moving average, which is a really, really great bit of bullish momentum and a great place to be breaking out above. Now, this line has been proving very important for Bitcoin recently with an acting as resistance multiple times over the last few days. So maintaining above this line is a really great indicator of strength returning to the crypto markets. Now, let’s see if we can start testing upwards of that. Two hundred day moving average was coarsest sitting about eight thousand dollars right now. That will be our next very important hurdle to cross over, to really confirm that bullish momentum has indeed come back into the market in a strong way. Now, next up, I have a very interesting chart to share with you from the guys over at Glass. Noted, of course, a famous data firm for crypto. So one of their proprietary indicators is showing a full-blown bullish trend reversal may soon be confirmed. Now, the indicator is called the short term holder net unrealized profit loss. Cool name, guys. Anyway, this indicator is showing that Bitcoin currently does remain in a bear trend. Obviously no surprises there. But what is interesting for us is that this indicator is quickly heading towards a bullish flip over. So you see, once it crosses over that zero lines, it is considered that the market has entered a bullish phase and we are now very close to crossing that line. Of course, being close does not mean being there. We do actually still need to see this confirmed. And of course, there is the risk that the market will simply turn around on us. But historically, when we do cross over that zero lines, this has done well to really flash that signal to investors that the good times are back. So let’s hope that we can see it cross over that line here in the near future. Both all that being said, markets do remain gripped by fear and uncertainty. So stay frosty out there, everyone. A big thank you to crypto dot com for sponsoring today’s episode. So here is all of the latest from the guys over at crypto dot com. So the next syndicate event has been announced. This time they’re going to be selling half a million dollars worth of V Chane at a 50 percent discount on the twenty-eighth of April. Of course, to be eligible to take advantage of these sales, you need to have C R O tokens taking on decrypted up comics change. Now, as an added incentive for staking a C R O the crypto dot com token, they’re actually in running an apple gear giveaway. So up for grabs are MacBooks, iPhones and airports just for staking your CROI tokens. Plus, of course, the staking rates that you get and all the other benefits like getting into syndicate events they get for staking those tokens. Also, a quick reminder, too, that the crypto dot com debit card is now shipping to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and soon all across the E! You didn’t have to 5 percent crypto back rewards every time you swipe your card, as well as sweet perks like free Netflix, free Spotify airport, lounge access and more. Personally, I have been loving this card is absolutely Ossman is a special bonus. You get $50 in free crypto when you use the link down below and you reserve a ruby red tier card or higher. So go ahead and check that out. OK, now on for the first big story of the day. So big, the big news here for Theorem as the value transfer on a theorem has just reached parity with Bitcoin. This is massive. If the theorem is quickly becoming the dominant value transfer layer in crypto and while we are at parity now with bitcoin, a theorem has been on a steady uptrend with this metric. Now, 80 percent of that daily value transfer is attributable to stable coins currently. And stable coins, of course, have been on it absolute terror recently. They’ve added nearly as much market cap in quarter one of 2020 as they did in all of twenty nineteen combined. So it’s no wonder, of course, the stable coins are getting increased scrutiny from the regulators considering how much they’ve been expanding recently. Of course, the most likely outcome from the FSB report which I covered corporative a day probably going to be increased regulations is more KYC, more AML, more oversight. And of course a highly likely possibility of seeing a consolidation of the more regulated stable coins. And of course, with more and more bitcoin being tokenized over on a theory like P BTC Dubie BTC, TBD, C some BTC that BTC this be all the BBC you could possibly imagine. Soon Ethereal will start eating away at actually bitcoins transfer value on chains. It’s only possible to actually transfer bitcoins but tokenized on an area watch out bitcoin. Next up, almost 2 percent of the world’s bitcoin supply is now under the control of greyscale investments in its bitcoin trust. And the reason I’m talking about Greyscale today is that their quarterly report has just come out and it shows that inflows into its various cryptocurrency funds have soared to an all-time high of five hundred and 3.7 million dollars. More than a billion dollars was raised in just last 12 month. And 88 percent of the people who are buying this institution. While Bitcoin, of course, has been the most popular of the cryptocurrencies last few weeks, have actually seen a major increase in its the area and is actually flipped bitcoin in demand from these institutional investors over the last few weeks. And while a lot of institutions did drop crypto short term in March as they moved into cash, it seems that interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and a theorem, has remained very, very high from these institutional players. That’s all. Kinds of different funds here, too, it’s not just crypto NATO funds. Now, another story which actually supports that we see all these institutions coming back in is the story from v.c firm, Andreessen Horowitz or a.z. 16, as you might know, them. Now they are targeting a 450 million dollar raise for their second crypto fund. The good news that this shows us is that the big money investors still want crypto. The bad news is that they are just here for the sick gains, not for the revolution. So they’ll be the first ones out the exits when things get bad. Still, though, fascinating to see what the big money is doing and that they have not lost interest in crypto. Now, moving on to the U.S., a new bill called the Emergency Money for the People Act has been proposed. Now, this bill includes a $2000 monthly payment to every qualifying American over the age of 16 until employment returns to pre-covered 19 levels. Now, it does, of course, remain to be seen if this bill actually has any chance at all of the passing. But at least this bill would be some money printing to bail out the regular people. Then A, hey, you know, money printing is money printing. That figure to print money, at least do it to save regular people and not the corporations. Still, though, you have to just keep in mind, where is this money going to come from? If this bill does get passed, it’s not coming from a government savings account. It’s all debt. It’s all inflation. The economy is just smoke and mirrors. That’s all it is. Smoke and mirrors. Now, for context to $2000 a month to every person above the age of 16 who’s eligible will be around 400 billion dollars a month, which is more than the federal government currently spends on everything else combined. Wowzers. Money, print or go to her brother, her baby. Again, this bill may not go anywhere but just look at the intent. They just can’t drop that helicopter money fast enough. They love it. Money, money, money everywhere. Print to print to print it. But hey, at least so that cash will end up in bitcoin. Check out this tweet from Coinbase is Brian Armstrong. There was a spike in 12 hundred dollar deposits on Coinbase the other day, which happens to be the exact same amount that people received for the first stimulus package in the USA. Pretty funny coincidence, isn’t it? Nice to see people using that free money to buy bitcoin. Good trade. But that free money sure does go quickly with so many people having their hands out to get that free money. Check out this story about the Small Business Administration’s rescue loan program is already here. It’s three hundred and forty-nine billion dollar limit on Thursday and is now out of money. Three hundred and forty-nine billion dollars in loans. Just like that. Gone. I wonder where they’re going to find more money for loans. Because, you know, now they’re going to need more money for more loans. If only there was some way to just click and print more money. Oh, wait, there is. That’s right. The letters go click another three hundred forty-nine billion dollars. It’s crazy, man. Remember, the Federal Reserve has promised infinite liquidity for this crisis. And they meant it no matter how far. No matter how insane they will be printed, they will print the dollar into oblivion. And while the current crisis is particularly crazy, look at these figures for 12 major economies, including the U.S., China, the Eurozone and Japan. It’s shocking. It shows that the aggregate money supply has more than doubled to 80 trillion dollars from before the 2008 2009 financial crisis. These inflation figures, they’re psycho, they’re absolute craziness, Mad Men are running a global economy, massive inflation is already here. They’ve doubled the money supply in 10 years. Now, the only question is whether or not you will sit back and watch as your currency is printed into total irrelevancy or whether you will stack sets and then you will chill. Do not forget the second part. The chilling is very, very important. With untold trillions being dumped into the global economy, this case becomes stronger and stronger and stronger by the day to buy and to hold bitcoin. That’s what I’m doing anyway. But hey, I’m just the dude doc about cryptocurrencies on the Internet. And those are, of course, just my two Sotos, she’s. What do you think? How long until we start seeing this? The inflationary effects of all of this money printing really coming home to roost. Will the dollar face hyperinflation as this money printing gets even more and more out of control every week? There are billions and billions and billions more are being promised and thrown out to the economy. Or this all just part of the program. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. Two plus two equals five. Go back to sleep. You let me know your opinion down below in the comment section. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. Super, super appreciate the time you take to come here and watch these videos to really thank you so much. From the bottom, my heart. None of this is possible without you and your supports. Thank you so much for continuing to support the channel. Of course, if you did, enjoy today’s video. Press, thumbs up button, be super, super awesome, of course, subscribe to the channel. If you’re a new round here. Long live the blockchain. And peace out the next time.


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