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In this video, I’m going to be sharing something absolutely amazing and something very, very secret. This is a trading technique that I have used to make some very, very nice profit trading in the Bitcoin market. And I’m going to explain, guys, exactly how this technique works. And a question that I had the most, is this a bump and run reversal or is something actually different going on? The answer might really surprise you. So definitely. Stay tuned. What’s up, guys? This is a little bit of a different video than I normally do. Normally I only talk about some of my personal technical analysis and where I expect the price to go. But today I’m going to share with you guys a very, very nice trading technique that I have been using to spot reversals and to spot potential pumps and dumps, et cetera, on the bitcoin price chart. Now, as you guys know, mostly all my videos I talk about, for instance, a double bottom pattern or for inside a rising which pattern or a triangle pattern. But behind the scenes, I have a lot a lot of extra technical analysis and a lot of trading techniques that I don’t often share. But today’s the data that I’m going to be sharing. One of my secrets, personal trading techniques, which you guys said, you guys can kind of learn this yourself and maybe even learn to spot reversals as well. So basically right now I’m looking at bitcoin on the four hour timeframe and I go to the RSI indicator right over here. And what you can instantly see is that there’s a lot of channels on the four hour RSI. You can see it like everywhere. Pretty much there are channels and deschanel’s are very, very nice in order to spot reversals. So basically, this is very, very simple. If Bitcoin is in a rising RSI channel, then that means that the bitcoin price is berries and that it’s likely going to get a correction. The moment that it breaks out of the channel and when our side is in a falling channel like that, that means that when it breaks to our side channel to the upside, that’s where it potentially could have a push to the upside. Now, you might be a little bit confused, but let’s get into it very, very simple. So right over here, you can see the Bitcoin was a little bit on a weird pattern. It’s very hard to know where the price is going. If the price is just going sideways like this and it’s very hard to spot a reversal to the upside, but all the RSI you can see, the bitcoin is in a bullish falling channel. And you can see the bitcoin broke out of this channel right over there. So this is very, very nice. For instance, if you are trading and you see decide which action and if you’re just looking at like debts, you have no clue where the price is going. But yet on our side, you can very beautifully see that it is in a bullish falling channel. So let’s actually look how this plays out. So you see that Bitcoin is getting at pump to the upside and then you can see that the RSI of a slow it down a little bit like this. And there you can see that Bitcoin is basically in this channel on the RSI and yet continues to be in a channel. And then eventually it will right over here break this channel out to the upside. So this is where you are potentially going to be looking for a long and yeah, I can just use this over here. And this is so basically what I’m doing, what I’m trading, I’m looking at, for instance, something like this. And then what I do is I put in a long position. Now, maybe it’s like over here and then I maybe take profits over here on the top. I have so I have a risk to reward ratio of 2 percent and 6 percent. So, yeah, right here you can see the price continues to rise and rise to the upside. And then. Yeah. I’m just gonna move my Stop-Loss, for instance, to my entry price and then right over here. That is, for instance, where I take my profits and then I would have earned more bitcoins. So yeah, this is a very, very simple trick. In order to make profits trading the bitcoin market. And this is something that you can do a lot in a lot of times. Right over here. Bitcoin was in a falling much better. And you can as well see that bitcoin was in a falling general. So mostly when you have a falling, which you also want to see bitcoin being in a falling or a side channel. So yeah, right up here you can see that it’s not right now in the end of the falling, which so potentially could be looking here as well into a long position. And yeah then you would put your stop loss somewhere over here pretty tight, maybe 3 percent and then maybe your profits right over there on 10 percent on the previous high right over there. And then you can see again, it breaks out of this general. It breaks out of the rising, which. And that’s where it will have this move to the upside. CNN right over here, you can take your profits. So this is how I often kind of trade to the markets. I use a lot of different techniques, but outside channels on a four hourly is one of the things that I normally look at. And over here, one more example. This was a very nice, long position that I did back in December of last year and Bitcoin as well was overhearing on our side show. And yet you can see very, very beautiful. It was a falling channel. But yeah, if you just looked on the four hour RSI, you can see that it is actually looking very, very bullish. And then right over here somewhere, if I remember, I put my long position after it sets over here that nice double bottom with that bear trap. And I remember this was like a 10x long position. So I think I exited this position on about 90 percent profit over there. So, yeah, this was a very, very nice and very quick threat to the upside right over there. And I think it closed a little bit later, though. But yeah, this was a very, very nice trade for me and I made about 90 percent profit on that as well. These are the kind of things that I look at when I’m trading the market. And right now, if I go back all the way to the current chart, you can see this again playing out very, very beautifully. Yeah, bitcoin over here was in a very, very clear, rising RSI channel. So this was a bearish channel. And you can see the price broke out of the channel right over there. And yeah, if you just look at a price action like this, it is just crazy sideways actions. So you don’t really have a clue what is happening. But yeah, our side channel, it is very, very clear that Bitcoin is likely about to get a correction to the downside. So then if I go again replay, you can see this beautifully playing out where bitcoin isn’t a channel and it is going to the upside right now after setting a little bit of a double bottom over there. So it’s moving to the upside very, very slowly. And then you can see right now Bitcoin is breaking out of this channel right over here. So, yeah. And what you can potentially do is put in a short position right here so short. And then what you do is you put your stop loss above the previous high. So maybe a 3 percent loss and then you take your profits or maybe about 9 percent right over there. And then, yeah, you can see the price has broken out of the channel. So it shoots. Now get a correction to the downside. And right now you can see that the price moving to the downside. And hopefully when the price is moving very, very nicely to the downsides. What I do is I put my stop loss on entry price right over there and then I will just wait it out and then just wait until I can make some nice profits. And yeah, it’s going a little bit sideways going to the upside. OK. And right up here, you might take your profits. And that’s very, very nice nonetheless. Rate that I’ve been doing both as well. A short position right over here. You can see that the bitcoin price was going a little bit sideways and I saw a lot of signs of weakness. And so I started to become quite bearish on bitcoin. And then let me see, the bitcoin price again was inside a rising channel, very small writing channel. As you can see, it broke this channel to the downside right over here. Oh, yeah. What’s very important to talk about swells that sometimes you might have these fake out out of the channel. So that’s something that you also should keep in mind when you are drawn these shells. Sometimes the bitcoin price might go a little bit out of a channel or break at both the channel. So if you want to use this technique, it’s very important that you practice this for at least a couple of weeks or maybe even months before you start trading this, because, yeah, of course it is quite hard to trade. Sometimes you can see over here swell between broke Darci channel to the downside, but then had a random and quick move to the upside over here. There’s a lot of things going on on the chart besides these channels. So you have to take into consideration a lot and a lot of factors when you are trading. But anyhow, between brokers over here to the downside and this is where I put my last short position and I actually expected the price to have. Quite a big move to the downside. So I think I put it somewhere over here. And then I put my stop loss very tightly in about 2 percent and it actually didn’t have any exit yet. But yeah, I actually thought it was going to go much lower. But you can see what Bitcoin did is it did. And to open to the downside of here. And yeah. And then it actually managed to find some support. And then as I said, I moved my Stop-Loss to entry price. So of here, the price went sideways. But yeah, instead of going to the downside, it went to the upside. And so I got stopped out there on entry price. But yeah, what you can see is between setting a double bottom like debts and if I can reverse the price again yet you can see like that it is going to the upside. So yeah, sometimes RSI channels, they’re not always the best thing which you can see this as a very nice example on how you can potentially trade the market’s trading is about minimizing the losses. So every time that I trade to the markets and the price goes in a direction that I want the price to go, I move my stop loss to my entry price. Now, again, there’s a lot of factors and it’s definitely not something that you should just jump into and start trading on. I would say that definitely trading itself is very, very risky and most people lose their money on trading. So be extremely careful. But you can use this as a technique to know where the price potentially will go. There’s a lot of factors involved into trading and I might get into some other trading techniques in the future. Maybe if you guys like this. So yeah, if you really like this kind of video thing, you should definitely like to video. I think this is a lot more in-depth on what I normally talk about in my normal technical analysis video. But yeah, I really love this. Make sure to like this video. But you can see this is a very, very nice technique for trading. And one more time over here. Bitcoin was in a falling watch better. And you can see that the bitcoin broke is falling, which to the downside. And yeah, right up here, it was very hard to spot a reversal, of course, because the price is just going a little bit crazy over here. But if you go on RSI on four hourly, you can see the bitcoin pulse over here in a falling gentle and it broke its to the upside right over there. So, yeah, if you were looking for instant for a nice buy opportunity or a long opportunity, you could potentially have long to bitcoin over here. You might have been stopped out, by the way, by this big and quick weak to the downside. But yeah, this would potentially be a very nice buy opportunity as well. So these are the kind of things that I look at when I’m trading now. Something else that is very, very nice. Trading is, for instance, the falling and the rising west. So what happens on a falling and a rising, which is a bitcoin gets to moves to the upside or to the downside with some sideways action in the middle and then over there at the end, that’s where it has to break out. Well, depending on the which to the upside or to the downside. But wages are probably the most easiest patterns that you can trade because what you do, we should just wait for two moves, one here to the downside and then right over there again to the downside. And then you put your long for instead over there and you put your stop loss maybe on like 3 percent and then you put your take profits for incertain 10 percent. Now you can see this is a very, very nice way to make some profits. I didn’t long this one because it was in the middle of the night. I do remember talking about this in VFP as well. But yeah, I did end up longing bitcoin over there and I closed that position on about 40 percent profit. And yet here that was actually a falling, which this was very, very nasty because I actually thought that this was going to become something that was going to push to the downside. But yet and I stopped going to the upside again. So that wasn’t very, very nice. But yes, sometimes, you know, you can’t always be correct. And this still on the top being a falling, which but let’s see if he also wants to trade this one. You would probably put maybe your end through you right here to breakout and you would put your stop loss maybe close to this low over there at 2 percent and then maybe your take profits on 10 or 8 percent. So, yeah, this is a very, very nice way to trade the markets. And yeah, that is something that I wanted to talk about. A lot of people have been asking me about trading. And I think that it’s maybe more interesting to talk about how I trade the market, how I make profits. Now, one other thing I want to talk about this. Is this a bump and run reversal? So this is a question that I’ve had on my Twitter, on my YouTube channel, et cetera, et cetera. And my answer to that is, no, it is not, because there’s something very, very crucially over here that is lacking. That is that this is a very, very short downtrend. This is not a long downtrend. Normally, when you are talking about a bump and run a reversal, you need to have a downtrend that is at least a couple months or, you know, maybe a year in the making to really get that strong reversal to the upside. You can see a bump and run reversal over here where bitcoin Boston is very, very big downtrend a. You can see that this downtrend, yeah, but about a year in the making and right up here, Bill went broke both feet and that’s where it started. That new bull run. And some people are comparing this over here with both Bitcoin is currently doing. Begaye You can see that this downtrend is very insignificant compared to the downtrend back in 2018 and 2019. So I doubt that this is going to be anything significant to look at. You could have said for answer that this was a bump and run reversal as well. When Bitcoin broke above that right over there. But yeah, you can see that this actually wasn’t a bump and run reversal. And Bitcoin just continued to go to the downside. A couple weeks later, I don’t believe this is something that’s important to look at. Now, this could certainly still cause Bitcoin to have a push to the upside. That is something the Bitcoin did do in the last couple of days. But it’s certainly not something that I believe will play a significant role in the next potential bull markets to the upside. Now, the question, of course, still is, is bitcoin going to move to the upside or the downside? And at this point, I’m a little bit neutral. Right now, Bitcoin did manage to set a very, very nice double bottom over there, and it set a double bottom right over there as well. So you could say it is potentially might be a larger double bottom that will have a push to the upside and break the switch to the upside. Yeah, that is something that you could, of course, say, but I’m not too sure about that. But I really want to see right now is that Bitcoin goes into a falling general, may be over here, a falling or a side channel on for hourly. And then maybe something like this doesn’t be a very bullish sign for me because then Bitcoin might get that refers to to the upside, which would cause it to break out of this, which but the weekend is coming up and normally Bitcoin doesn’t really have a lot of price action going on on the weekends. So, yeah, I think potentially in the coming days it will go a little bit sideways, maybe slightly dump a little bit before it maybe will get a new reversal to the upside. But something very bearish to talk about is this article over here. I will put a link in the description. This was something that a few PE members sent out to me basically basically disappear. The article says to see my Bitcoin futures contract expires every fourth Friday in a given month. In most months, the BTC futures contracts on the exchanges expire on the 24th and 25th. Prior to expiration to bitcoin. Price tends to see a large price movement as traders make one last push towards either direction to benefit their contracts. Long contract holders have an incentive of pushing to bitcoin price up further to maximize their gains from their monthly contracts and visa versa. For short US asset expiration occurs, the bitcoin price typically sees a price movement to the opposite direction from the run up to the expiration. If BTC surges ahead of its, the cryptocurrency is more likely to drop. So this year an article that you can read is one the description. This is something that I got from a PE member, but yet potentially you might be looking at this maybe being that last push to the upside, because as you guys know, I have been quite bearish on bitcoin and this push as well seems to be very fairly random. So you can see as one for our our side that this is quite a weird move to the upside. Could this potentially maybe be something manipulated because people are trying to push the price to the upsides to benefits from their longs? Maybe that is true. Both, of course. I don’t know that. But if I do go for insight over here, you can see that most bitcoin moves to the upside have been caused by these falling watches over there. And yet Bitcoin as well had a falling watch over there. But Bitcoin did not have really a falling watch over here. So, yeah, this was very, very random. And that’s as well why I didn’t expect a price to refers to the upside. A couple of days ago, because Bitcoin really didn’t have any bullish signs for me at that time. But you can see that Bitcoin did manage to have a very nice reversal to the upside. So this was very, very interesting and very unexpected to me as well. But yeah, of course, at this point in time, I still am not sure where the price is going to go. It could still go to the downside. It could still go to the upside, I believe. Right now, I’m a little bit neutral. I want to see where the price goes in the coming days before making a new decision to, for instance, go into a short or a long position. But yet that’s something that I will be looking into in the coming days. Now, very important. If you wants to know how I trade to market and you want to receive some extra private analysis, then you can join my fear P channel the link to the sort of description I share all my trades. My entry, my stop loss whereby and where I sell bitcoin. As so far I have made around 80 percent profits this month. So definitely check that out. And as well, join my free telegram channel. The link is in the description. Now keep in mind I’m not a financial advisor and all the content shared by team on the ground is for entertainment purposes only. Do your own research. That is very, very important. Trading is extremely hard and can cause significant losses. So be very careful when you do decide to get into trading and do your own. Research now Dabbashi, end of the video like and subscribe, if you like, this kind of content. And yeah, I hope to see you guys in my next video. Bye bye.


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