How Low Can Bitcoin Go? XRP Passing Ethereum?


Hello everybody. Welcome back for another video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having a great day. To start things off. First off if I sound a bit cynical. Or ridiculous in this video. It’s because a lot of the stuff that has been happening within the cryptocurrency space over the last three weeks. As me a bit annoyed. But. Without further ado and I don’t mean the price drops I mean the the actions of people in general. During this time period and without further ado let’s jump. Right. Into it. Veteran Wall Street trader. And crypto currency analyst Tony Vaizey a long term Bitcoin bull. Is weighing in on the leading crypto currencies perilous. Rise action. Baz has issued warnings for months. That bitcoin would undergo a major pullback before gearing up for its next long term bull run. However if you all look at it logically I’m pretty sure months ago he didn’t know that what’s happening now was going to happen now. So therefore him saying that the price was going to experience a major pullback. Is just happenstance. Like imagine if I was like oh yeah tomorrow the ozone layer is going to open up and a whole bunch of dinosaurs drop into the earth are eating people on the bitcoin‘s price is going to drop and then something else happen in Bitcoin’s price drops and I’m like. See. Told you so. The former Bear Stearns risk analyst said back in November. Of last year that bitcoin would likely break below 7000 before May of 2020. He had no idea no way of knowing this. And I’m only I’m going over this it’s because. Remember. So. When the cryptocurrency market does extremely well. What happens. People start coming out of the woodwork and say No no overvalued price. Prices are too high. I like the prices. Prices have to go lower and new and we sit there sometimes confuse first of all when prices go up they usually not always always go back down but typically sometimes the price of a little it will have a little bit of a retraction. Nearly all the people who’ve been shouting since 2013. And many from 2017. That the cryptocurrency market was too hot. Prices were too high. They didn’t like where it was going. It has to be some type of a pullback going on there now all coming out of their caves and talking about that bitcoin is going to hit these. Crazy fantastic wonderful new lows. The issue is and in the end just you know here. Hear me out on this one just because of the stuff that’s been happening over the last eight weeks. I am also going to say just based off of pure logic that cryptocurrency prices are also probably going to drop a bit lower. So call me an Oracle now because maybe on Monday prices will drop and then we’ll see what happens and everyone will say oh he was also correct. What’s happening right now is that world markets are not faring very well after World governments stated. That they were going to inject. Billions if not one point five trillion dollars into the market which they just magically found which is wonderful. Markets still did not react very well. A lot of things happened yesterday. Can’t talk about them on the channel because we know why. And then all of a sudden if you’ve been paying attention to anything else it is. Likely. And people believe that on Monday markets may not fare very well when they open once again. And we know what has happened the last three weeks as the markets have opened traditional markets. What has happened to the prices of cryptocurrency the. Just going to say that in his latest video on the state of the markets and what what even gets me more annoyed is the there’s already fear and panic everywhere. Everyone’s kind of losing it. But for some reason. A lot of people feel that it’s now the appropriate time to make other people terrified of their investments. And then we do. When when when when when when we have these situations in these instances when bitcoin‘s price goes from. Sixty five wherever it was to three thousand eight hundred they can then go see. I told you so but you’ve also been telling twenty five thousand people on Twitter for the last two years to be afraid eventually that fear will set and especially if they see a 9 percent drop people will become terrified and also start to sell off. So the. Issue that I have with a lot of the world right now is is that it’s very easy to tell people to be afraid and when people are afraid people act a little out there and then the situation ends up being that if you if if there’s a dip in a market and then your market also dips and you go Well I told you it was going to happen and you start making these wild claims other people who may not understand markets that much start selling off their money and then the problem that we end up having is the same exact problem that we end up having 2000 and 2008 and 2009 is that tons of people sell off their assets they get rid of them out of complete fear because someone else told them. But then they don’t know when to buy back in because they don’t really understand the markets. So it’s so easy to push people out of the market and then go a lot of people left the market maybe something’s wrong with the asset as opposed to being like maybe something maybe actually to stop maybe actually to stop trying to get other people to be completely afraid and is giving these random really weird numbers as to why people should be leaving the market. And then when the market does eventually go down 13 months later you go well. I told all of you the amount of people on Twitter I’m slamming the table the amount of people on Twitter and Reddit and Instagram and every other freaking place out there who’ve been talking about the cryptocurrency place is gone. Of course the prices are probably going to go much lower. What what what a world to live in how can you imagine if I was like well I’m pretty sure the stock market is close to recession territory but you should all be buying a Bitcoin. Bitcoin is gonna hit forty five thousand next week. It would sound insane. Of course the prices are going to go down there. So it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s completely illogical. And the issue once again is by the time by the time when eventually if who knows Bitcoin ends up pushing back to fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen thousand these same exact people will come out once again and go No sorry the market’s too hot it has to pull back when they’ve been saying for the past couple of years how many more times do you think that the market has to pull back until it’s OK for you to buy and for you to tell other people that it’s OK for them to also put their money into the market of course the market is looking like it’s going to go back down. What nonsense. Is flowing through this planet right now. Phase now cautions crypto traders that Bitcoin could sink even lower despite its recent plunge. Is that do you know how I always say the pain has to be felt before the bear market ends. I’m not sure if enough pain was felt. It’s it’s it’s close though. Vaizey is predicting Bitcoin’s next move on the stock market. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow I would have I would’ve never thought that. I mean it’s not like we haven’t seen almost direct correlation for the last couple of weeks but that that to me golf clap because I there was no point where I would have ever thought there was any possible correlation with any other assets that are deemed as risky. It’s not like we haven’t been talking about that for the past eight weeks. Wow. Wow. W w w o o o o o o w. The point is that this is why I apologize in the very beginning sorry. You know the for the for the for these cynical ness and or what’s the other word. Is not an ironic tone you know what kind of tone I have. The point is. This is happening all over the place. Luckily there are other people out there who are like. It’s not all that bad. I will tell you I plan on telling you this later on and in the end the almost of the movie in in the video but why the heck not right now. I myself believe this is not me getting you afraid this is not me telling you we need more pain or anything else ridiculous like that. It is fairly obvious. Based on what’s happening right now. In this current present time era of ours. That prices of the traditional stock market are probably going to pull back even further unless something happens. Within the next 36 hours. I can give you a clear 48 hours from the time of me making this video. To around Monday morning. When U.S. markets open. It is likely and many analysts believe that there’s going to be a further pullback as there was a further pullback a couple of days ago and that this will probably affect the cryptocurrency market. Me and a couple of other friends have already discussed. The probability of this happening. And it’s just. It seems more likely. It seems more likely that prices will decrease by anywhere from 10 to 30 percent over the next three weeks. Then bitcoin going back above ten to fifteen thousand. Just going to. Throw that out there. I think I’m going to try and move on from this one. I I think this page in general is raising my blood pressure. Oh yeah. He also said he’d sell his apartment for bitcoin if that happens. The issue being one he probably won’t. And two we have no way of ever. First of all the the the the sale of an apartment of a flat of any type of real estate doesn’t take 48 seconds. So I’m fairly certain there will be no selling. I mean unless he sells right now. And then waits about a good four weeks and maybe doesn’t quit close and then gets the money for and then in his prediction is waiting for the price of bitcoin to tumble even further then therefore he’d be able to buy a lot more. But like many other analysts out there who have. Either told us that Bitcoin was going to crash to the floor or hit a million dollars per coin this year. A lot of this is looking unlikely and the things that they usually say that they’re going to do. They they just don’t do because time goes forward. We forget what they said and then they end up making wild predictions. I’m I’m going to be so angry. When bitcoin is like forty eight thousand nine hundred and twenty three dollars and 18 cents. And these people start saying. That bitcoin is overbought. Price is too hot. It’s it’s going to annoy me so much because it’s only fear. That causes other people to be afraid. It drives me nuts. Anyway what is this tap say. It says Bitcoin and outgoing support and resistance levels for the next breakout. That doesn’t even matter. A lot of people are trying to figure out exactly where. The bottom of these things could actually be how low of course do they have to go. A lot of people are saying that we’ve already hit. Support levels and resistance levels. We heard that also two or three weeks ago. It wasn’t true because prices kept on falling further because no one knows exactly where any resistance levels are we can see over and over where things like they look like they keep falling over and over where they’re bouncing from Bond we know that it doesn’t always tell us exactly where. Prices will be. The others silver. I mean. It’s a very thin silver lining as it is. But as thin as as to floss. I’m seeing a lot of news now about the usurping of a theory M by SRP. The idea is at the moment SRP is just below 15 cents. A very M is a dollar a dollar one hundred and twenty six dollars and close. And it is. Mm hmm. How do I put this into words. A lot of people are saying it is probably more likely. For ethereal am. I mean. The idea is. If you give him 10 X’s we have the form price that we have before. Give or take a couple of dollars. If SRP goes back to the SRP usually has an easier time moving up and then other coins do especially as they tend to have a much higher. Value dollar wise. I.e.. It’s likely or for a theorem to hit. 1200 again than it is for bitcoin to X. And hit fifty three thousand. Around the same exact time because we’ve seen a twenty thousand dollar Bitcoin hit and a. One thousand three four hundred dollar theorem. And at the same exact time SRP was also three dollars and sixty cents or three dollars and eighty four or three hours whatever price metric you were looking at. And as SRP has taking in and W it’s it’s it’s been beat down one of the most beaten down coins over the last couple of. Months. It could be. That as if the market ends up surging. I think we have at least a March April May June July. I gave a July August. Normal see that a word normality re-enters the world. I’m giving it that timeframe. And I think at that point. If we see any type of good news. You know what I’m talking about. And the stock market starts to go up. I think crypto will surge. However for the time being once again I do expect prices. To continue falling. If you actually want to know where I think prices are going to go. I think we are going to that is is once again this is it. This is my brain. My my brain is inside of my body and my brain tells me to say these things that does not mean that these things are going to happen. Assembly where me and my friends are anticipating prices to go. So that we. Ourselves after having done our own research as you should always do as well are trying to figure out where to buy. Again. I am very close to buying now. Just out of. Sheer greed if you kind of want to say that however I’m anticipating if. Monday ends up being like how I think it will. I think Bitcoin will obviously no wise slide below 5000. If that happens we’re going to see another. Downhill slope and I think I’m going to try and catch Bitcoin anywhere between 35 and four thousand forty four hundred forty two hundred. Somewhere around there it seems logic my mind that it’ll hit around these numbers. I think we’ll see a sub one hundred dollar theorem. Almost almost guaranteed at this point. If the market does go down. And the the the the the the potential golden child. Or me in a couple of my friends. Is SRP. Because. I think. SRP is. Going to be hit the hardest. If a fall does happen. And I’m anticipating if we end up getting to it and eleven send SRP which is highly likely. We are at some point during that week potentially. Going to see a 9 cent SRP if we fall below 10 cent. That’s it. Especially if the markets continue dropping. At that point. I will have my finger on the trigger. Waiting for anywhere from a 1 to 4 cent SRP. It seems incredibly likely I don’t think we’re going to see. A half a cent ex harpy again. I just don’t. Even a 1 cent seems a little rough. At 3 to 4 send SRP. Would be great. I would. I would love. Effects Aki hit 1 cent again. Just for clarity. Effects our p hit 1 cent. And you put a thousand dollars into it. You would have one hundred thousand SRP. SRP hit a dollar. You’d have one hundred thousand dollars. SRP even just. Even over the course of the next two years of X R.P. was a struggling train. And it took two or three years to get back to three dollars and sixty cents you would still have three hundred and sixty thousand U.S. dollars. Or dollars whatever whatever money you’re putting into the market. I don’t think X our people drop that low. I’ve tried wishing upon a star. Not that I want other people to lose money it’s more like a I’m in this for the long long haul. I think when everything is kind of back to normal. You know what I mean. And prices do start going back up and everyone is like oh my gosh prices are moving back up again and that buying frenzy ensues. And then when people realize that the having has taken place and people kind of dismissed it because the prices were still going down. Those are going to be glorious times. So yeah I just have to tell you all what I think is going to happen with me and my friends I’ve been discussing. Bitcoin’s price as it is right now is. Relatively nonsensical. It is cheaper than it actually cost to actually mine a full bitcoin so it is undervalued according to that price metric. I expect big things. That’s just me personally. It’s just more I like sharing my thoughts with all of you because it’s just stuff that flows out of my head. I don’t know if you realize I’m pretty sure you do. If you’ve been here for a while you know. When I ran or when I say something I usually black out and I kind of wake back up when the when the whole topic and conversation are over so I already forgot what I said earlier. I assume a lot of it was just nonsense. But the point is. I am so fired up. By these prices dropping. It’s almost ridiculous. I had dinner last night with a couple of friends and all I could think about the entire time. Was I hope the market. Gives me a little bit more space because there’s so much more stuff I want to buy. I tell you if we hit a two to four send SRP. I will I’m not going to sell my house is not going to sell my flat but I will tell you I will probably dump a large amount of other alt coins I’m holding. And shuffle them exclusively into SRP. The potential gains to be made are too. Good at that point. Anyway. That was a lot of talk about that anyway. That’s the. SRP usurping a theorem 20 20 highly possible at that. I’ll tell you honestly. I don’t care. SRP could be number one. SRP could be number two XO he could be number five. As long as it hits back at 360 who cares. There’s so many coins right now. I think these coins so highly undervalued. That even a move. Back. To where we were in 2017. I’ll just. I’ll just tell you that right now. So. I don’t I honestly don’t care if SRP usurp C theorem. And I’m sure many other people. Who have skin in the game. Don’t care. Because it’s at the end of it’s about money and how much money you can make. Anyway. What does this time say. Is that three reasons why bitcoin‘s price could soon squeeze up now 40 percent crash. Possible. Entirely possible. But I think we have at least. A. Couple more weeks until things. Potentially pick back up. In news that was everywhere news. Edward Snowden and I mean this was on about every every third Web site. Edward Snowden said. This Bitcoin drop was too much. Panic. Oh no they’re wrong. He said this bitcoin drop was too much with too much. Panic. He said this bitcoin dropped was too much panic. And too little reason. Without having to read through the article. He pretty much came out and was like. Why why why did why why why why the price go so low. And he pretty much told people that at these prices. It looks like a steal. No he he he was pretty much telling you no. Why is the price so low. I think I may also put money into it. I believe in the future. These moments will be very. They will be written in the stars in some sort of way. When. Prices previously. Fell not even. This. Let let let let let’s go before 2017. When prices of crypto currencies fell by 90 percent and people flee the market. And then end up going back up and all these people that making money everyone’s like oh I wish I had never sold. If we ever end up getting to a point if. I if. We ever end up getting to a point. Where Bitcoin hits one hundred a thousand dollars one hundred and fifty thousand I don’t even care if it takes ten years. If we ever end up getting to that point. These these drops in price will seem. Obscene to us. I remember years ago before crypto was like really even a major thing. I had friends who were into the stock market and they were like Pan. Only I had a time machine and I could go back in time and buy some Apple stock and I remember those of you who weren’t around. I assume a lot of you were in the 90s. Apple wasn’t in the 80s and 90s. Apple wasn’t. The apple we know today. They were a little janky. And they only came back. I was like ninety six ninety seven when they had those like colorful laptops. That was kind of Apple’s big comeback. Before that you could buy Apple stock for about a good. One to three sentences as everyone discounted them or counted them out. They will I n. Apple. What what what what why are you buying Apple. Now if you had a time machine you could go back and buy that Apple for one. It just all these things that flow through my head like. We see. I see how things look and the outlook for cryptocurrency isn’t just the kind of. We’ve seen bad periods before like this isn’t the first time that that the cryptocurrency market has crashed like this isn’t the first time like oh my gosh like. Did you guys see that this the first time that bitcoin has moved down in eleven years I can’t believe it like what happened like we’ve. We’ve we’ve all seen this before. And it’s like this. Is not a catch me if you can kind of thing it’s like. How much crypto can I get if I can kind of thing. Anyway I’m rambling on. Edward Snowden was apparently important enough to. Warrant everyone to talk about the fact that he would buy Bitcoin. News like this to me is kind of like oh that’s cool. He’s he’s he’s semi famous that’s good for him but it’s the same exact thing when people who hate Bitcoin are like I’m never gonna buy Bitcoin. So I’ll just buy the bitcoin you would have bought like I don’t. I don’t care about what you’re doing like it’s my money I’m the one trying to anyway. Yeah. Snowden was gonna buy some bitcoin because the drop was too much panic. And. Yeah it’s just it’s it’s nonsensical panic at least to me. It gives me chills. To think of the price as being this low and me being able to accumulate more. I need. What what what stops your blood pressure from being high. It’s like a nap or something. Like I need one of those. Anyway. Let’s move on. Also I mean. I’m I assume this is going to spread like. Wildfire. Slow fire. I have no idea. Some members. Of the Libra Association are now backing a rival project called. I think this is. I want to say Cee Lo. I feel like that’s a singer. And I know this wouldn’t be pronounced cello it’s C E L O so I’m gonna say Cee Lo Salo. I’m going to say Cee Lo because it sounds ridiculous which has its own block chain. And cryptocurrency. Over 50 major companies have pledged their support even pursuing a diverse set of use cases the project claims that the combined reach of all members exceeds 400 million people. The. Cee Lo Foundation announced on Wednesday 50 founding members of its Cee Lo Alliance for Prosperity. Is that Cee Lo was an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The project offers a way for developers to build mobile apps based on Cee Lo’s theory and bass block chain with a stable coin. The effort is designed. To deliver humanitarian aid facilitate payments and enable micro lending through a cryptocurrency called the C low dollar. Which is scheduled to launch in April. Bloomberg reported. Chuck Kimball who heads the Alliance for a thief. Who who heads the Alliance for Prosperity. You’ve all seen it’s not game of thrones. What’s the movie with a girl with the bow and arrow. She’s like I’m going to kill you hear evil Hunger Games. The Alliance for Prosperity just sounds like something that exists in zone one where all the. Rich people live he said in a phone interview. The value of the sea low dollar will be pegged to the U.S. dollar and backed by a reserve of other crypto currencies. It will be available in the U.S. but the alliance’s focus is on Latin America Africa. Africa and Southeast Asia so the rest of the planet. Okay makes sense. Citing that today less than point five percent of global citizens benefit from the speed transparency utility and low cost of using block chain technology. The alliance members have a plan to change that and are committed to leveraging the power of Cee Lo’s innovative block chain technology to create solutions that work across devices carriers and countries. Hear the members of the CEE LO alliance is very small and see if I know any of these names Ren. Dally coined plug. Give Directly bison trials. Semicolon cloud walk. Crypto. Crypto buyer. Carbon. Copy brew. O Block chain I know that one moon PEI. Moon. Of course coin bases here why wouldn’t Coinbase be here. Anchorage let in light OK. Ledger. Lock chain. Academy Mexico. Abra. And a 16 Z. That is a 16 ounce. This. These are the members for the Alliance for Prosperity. I assume this looks familiar because this is almost the exact same colors that Labor used the exact same text and they also had their members floating around them in a circle. So. The interesting part being is that people left Libra. To join Cee Lo. Scuse me. And what was the other main point. I assume that this is first of all Libra was expected to launch in June. This is why I assume they’re trying to launch an April. And the fact that is being backed by the US dollar and pegged against cryptos I assume is also the reason why this is being. Expedited so that it can be launched earlier. B Not confused. This is not me talking about my love for Libra. And how dare they copy Libra. It’s more like a. In a world where people do things because they do want to help other people and they want other people to benefit from block chain technology. And many other things and to facilitate payments and micro lending and you know I’m Lalama. We’ve spoken about this before why not just use bitcoin. Why not just use SRP. Why not use an established crypto currency. One that’s been around for a while that has a pretty big name. As opposed to making your own. It usually comes down to money and I I. I assure you. If this does. Get off the ground if this does become relatively popular it’ll just be a Libra clone and a Libra is basically a clone of a banking system anyway so. Yeah. So there is pretty much another. Head in the ring fighter in the ring. There’s someone else who trying to copy someone else and they’re all trying to make money but they’re trying to say that is for the benefit of us. When we already have these centralized cryptocurrency that are ready for the benefit of us. But mid step up and up and up it is. March. Yes. I was like It’s not me it’s March. So we’ll see. I give it three weeks if we hear more news about cello. Cee Lo I have no idea what to call this thing. I mean how many other whatever I feel like there were other names you could have called it. But. Good luck to them. And well what we’ll see what happens with with with Cee Lo if they got. I’m pretty sure cee lo’s a singer. I can hear one of his songs in my head. If they had gotten Cee Lo. As like the face for this. I’d be a bit more inclined to like it. No I wouldn’t. But it was still kind of funny. And to finish things off the state of Rhode Island introduced a bill who on the 11th of March to establish an economic growth block chain act. The aim of the bill is to create a block chain friendly business environment to encourage investors to develop the next generation of digital products and services in the state. What do I always say boys and girls. All the states and all the countries who open their arms to the future. Usually will probably do a lot better than other places in the future. We’ve seen a couple of states I’m pretty sure it was like Wyoming Idaho that a state I Idaho’s a state I’m so stupid. Idaho. Two other states came out with the names right now who are very block chain friendly and I assume they’ve gotten more than one letter in their mailbox saying hey can we open up shop here. To adhere to Rhode Island’s. And one would imagine most. Places. Policy to promote a vigorous and growing economy and encourage job creation. Two Republican lawmakers have come up with a plan. And that plan revolves around block change the state of Rhode Island understands that to compete in the 21st century economy Rhode Island must offer one of its one of the best business environments in the United States with block chain and technology innovators. And should offer a comprehensive regulatory technology sandbox for those innovators to develop the next generation of digital products and services in Rhode Island. The State intends to achieve this by building a robust public private partnership which will develop an immutable inter agency in what. Will develop an immutable inter agency industry operability block chain filing system. Why do they make these words so long just a. Sandbox. The point is without having to read much further because I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it. This is another state another place in the world. Golf clap. That they understand where this could. Potentially all go. And are opening their doors for the potential of all the money just kind of flow through it. If you are friendly to money money will flow to you. If you see that there is a growing industry and you tell them come over here and give us your money and not New York or not in the other states. Can you guess where the money is gonna go. I don’t think I’ve been to Rhode Island but I’m pretty sure it’s not a bad place if you can live in one of these buildings. And make a cryptocurrency I’m sure it’s fine. I’m rambling on right now. The point is here’s the actual. Bill. On legit scan. OK legs scan legit. Oh legislative scan legislative ledger scan. Dot com. Here is the actual bill. Who knows if it’s gonna get passed but the fact that you have people in office at all who were like Hey. Maybe maybe maybe mate maybe we should. Move into the year 2020 with everyone else who goes to them. Happy. Happy days. I don’t know how to end that one. Let’s move forward. And as always a very special thank you. I took in too much air at once a very special thank you to my patreon supporters. Professor Wylie from gun by university Joshua vineyard Martin story Josh Corsica. Jungle low. Jungle low no still Roma Mr Pickles John starts an animal with a baby a phobia bare mining. Todd Mullis Adam greasing Mohammed Oni mathematics Italian braiding NEOs and every night I want a wise Night Owl to work through to the world crypto Joe Penguin now we’re gonna go meet Louisa crypto art is called 3D Nicholas when authorities will love Damian that’s on the can I switch which a third Vlad the Impaler crypto Bishop and Parks’s think modular boarding at any charge I’m gonna Jamie Fox. Minting coins a million is just a wooden caskets like they yes to grip that but I mean what face 87 is my staff art medic 17 bake me a cake ticker remote Johnny so on crypto with Lana Crayola Michelle you are Ellen Hold on I have to sneeze thank you all very very much for your support. At the. Moment. The top five coins are red. Everything else is greenish not a bit green but a little green. PSV has been knocked out of a couple of spots. It was one of the hardest hit coins a couple of days ago. According to reports I didn’t see this happen. I didn’t but apparently people were saying like. Wasn’t like. Yesterday or something like that that apparently tether pushed SRP out of the way because they was just so much movement on tether as the market was being pushed down. I didn’t see it happen is totally believable. I think any coins can move any other coins around. Yeah nothing too crazy theory and classic is up by. Her. DOJ is up. I mean. Doge is up but bitcoin is down. Gotta love the sensibility of the market. And of course the coin that we all use on a daily basis synthetics is up by 28 percent. I’m so glad finally because I use synthetics every day I’ve been I’ve been buying synthetics. Since 1927. I mean it’s just the. Just the coin of the future is the one that we’re all gonna be using. It’s nice to see a bit of relief. Over the weekend. I. Myself. Assume. That prices will dip a bit further. I’m not saying we’re going to see a two thousand dollar bitcoin. Which would be. Wonderful for my bank account but. I do expect further dips. I do not think we are out of the madness yet. I will update you on my journey to trying to acquire a. One two three or four send X harpy. Just simply because. You know. Money anyway. I think that was everything that we had to cover tonight and it as anything else that really needs to be spoken about. Oh Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom. Thank you all very very much for your. Good wishes. As I was coughing and clearing my throat before and everyone else who only had bad things to say. I only wish you the best as well. Because. It’s the internet and internet trolls exist and I know you probably don’t mean it. You may be just. Alone and bored at home but I’m feeling much better. Once again it is winter and people do get sick because that’s how it works. So. I hope you all enjoyed. Hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are. Wherever on this crazy planet you might be. Does try and find a way to enjoy yourself. I mean it’s. Nothing bad lasts forever. That’s the way that I’ll end it. Thank you all once again for watching and or listening. And I will most certainly. Be Talking. To. You all soon. See you.


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