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What’s up, guys? Crepeau savvy here, hope everyone’s having a wonderful day. Welcome to the channel where you subscribe to get daily updates every single day on Bitcoin litecoin a theorem. And I’m the weekdays. We do look at the Dow Jones Industrial to see where the markets are headed. Also, I want to remind you guys there is a link in the description below the video to the free disc or definitely check it out to awesome community and let’s get on with it. All right, guys, as always, this is not financial advice, trading advice, nor is investment adviser, as a disclaimer, scroll down about bottom. Make sure you read it. And let’s take a look at what’s going on and how low we may go. First, we’re going to take a look at the news headlines. Just to get a feel for the sentiment. Bitcoin price suddenly drops below 7 K. Bitcoin garners new users as governments flood the world with fiat bitcoin tanks under 7000 after rallying one hundred percent from the bottom, which is, you know, expected. What’s next for Bitcoin after March’s crash? Profit taking keeps Bitcoin in tight range. Bitcoin price analyst Bears I. Sixty seven. Seventy five. And you’ve been hearing a lot of people say 68. I think we’re gonna go lower, but we’ll take a look at that and let’s see what’s going on. So we’re going to take a look at the monthly first for those of you that watch the channel. You know, we’ve been watching for this. And I want to give another huge shout out. And thanks to everybody that’s been like in the videos and leave in your comments. Please keep it up. You’re really helping YouTube. Get the videos out there. The more you guys hit the like, button and leave comments. The better my videos do. I really appreciate it, guys. Let’s get the info out there. Share them, too, if you can. But we’ve been looking at this falling channel which we popped out of back here in February and came back down in. And we are getting rejected again at the twenty one m.a, which is around the 70 to twenty five on the monthly. I want to remind you guys too, if you want to support the channel and you appreciate the content. Definitely. Check out my wife’s web page N.Korea image dot com. There is a link to that below in the description with a lot of other affiliate links. All of them. You get something back for using them and they help me out. So I’d really appreciate it if you check them out. All right. Looking at the weekly, as you guys know, we talked about it yesterday, getting rejected here at the 13. Around 70, 450 range, which was a pretty big rejection. Now we’re back below the avma on the weekly also, which is about seven thousand fifty range, seven thousand fifty seven thousand sixty. We also have the two hundred EMH down here, about the fifty three eighty two. And that’s leaning towards my target. Also, I want to point out this is my worst case scenario, low twenty five seventy four that we’ve been watching on the channel. I’m not saying it’s going to go there. A lot of people, you know trolls say just stupid ass comments about that. I’m saying it’s possible. I’m not saying we’re going there. That’s why I do daily updates every single day so we can keep in tune with the market. Now let’s look at the RSI. The Weekly. We’ve talked about this for quite some time. This red support and resistance line here, which we capitulated below back in 2014, pop back above in 15, tested support got support and we continued our bull run of 2017. Back here in 18, we capitulated below it, pop back above, tested it for support in 19 and came back, dropped back below it. Now we are above it. I do believe it’s possible we come back down and test this one more time. And let’s take a look at. The daily, there are a lot of people were looking at this as an I’m going to draw in there real quick. See the triangle? A lot of people were looking at this as a. Symmetrical or not as symmetrical, but a ascending triangle. And if you look at it that way, it does look like we could have came down and tested that for support and got to go up. But guys, if you look at the volume, there was no breakout volume. I do believe we are going to get the breakout volume here, as I do believe it’s possible we go lower. But first, the support that we need to break here is this twenty one A.M.A. where we got a perfect bounce off it around the sixty eight. Forty seven right in that range. We do have measured moves going down. If this is a fake out, we would have to pop back above this trend line here, which is around 70, 150 and close above it to be bullish. I don’t see that happening, but I could be wrong. Make sure you do your own due diligence. Let’s take a look at this rising wedge, which I believe it to be in the measured move of that where we broke. And actually, I’m going to raise this up a bit now. And right about to look at about the forty safe forty one 70 range right in that area. That is my measured move from the break down if we continue down. Remember, we have to break the twenty one A.M.A., which is sitting right at round the sixty eight forty range. A break of that. Then I would be looking for the sixty four and we’ll look at the smaller time frames that which also point to the sixty four hundred range, but the sixty four hundred is the point three eight to retracement from when we were going up. So I do see this as being an area of support as you can see it with support back here. So I will be looking for at least a bounce there if we may get down there. If that breaks, my next target is fifty four hundred. And that being another Fibonacci. Right in here. So that the point two, three, six is what it was. I do expect at least a bounce there too. If we break the 64 0 2 edge guys, no last couple of days I’ve been short and telling everyone I was short, so I’m still short and still in that short. So now let’s look at this. If this was a. Bear flag and that being a flag pole, which that’s a little short to be the flag pole. But I’m still gonna use that as a measured move here. And we’ve talked about it before. I’d be around the thirty two thirty three and that would be enough to come down here. Be a stop point. And a stop point is if anyone in white long here, they would have their stops below this week. If we drop down there that would grab their stops, pull them out of their trades and continue up so they would have to buy higher. I guess we could look at it the worst. Let’s see what this measure is out to if we measure this whole thing. Is the flag pole just to see. That would be all the way down to around the nineteen thousand fifty range. I’m not saying that’s going to happen. I mean obviously it’s possible, but I don’t see it going past twenty five hundred. If it does go down. Now if this ends up being a fake out or it was an actual. An actual ascending triangle. Let’s look at what the measured move would be if we continued up from here, that would get us right around the ninety nine hundred to ten thousand dollar range. Is that possible? Sure it’s possible. Do I think it’s going to happen? I do not, but that’s just my opinion. Always remember, this is my opinion, not yours. So anyways, as of right now, I am still bearish, even though on the daily. Here we are getting support on the twenty one. And actually as I’m making this video, we’re getting support on the 13 e-mail which is around sixty nine ten. We’ll see what happens today, but I do see plenty more room for more fall here. Just my opinion as you can see, like I said, the volume still declining. We haven’t had breakout volume here. I do expect to have breakout volume otherwise. Like I said, keep an eye on that. Seventy one twenty five range. If we close daily above that we may turn bullish. Look at the. Let’s look at the e-mail, as you can see, we’re stuck in between the fifty five and the twenty one here, so we could stick around in here for a little while before continuing. But let’s look at the four hours. That’s telling us anything different. So I’ve got the wedge in a four hour. As you guys remember, if you’ve been watching the videos, I do have a rising channel here. And we had a measured move of that rising channel. We broke out right here, would get us right around that. Sixty four that the measured move actually comes a little above the sixty four four. And we oh also we’re talking yesterday about the fifty five crossing the two hundred. And if you look back in my video yesterday, I’d said a lot of times these are fake outs. People think that’ll be super bullish. They go along here, get rekt and it ends up turning around. And as you can see, looking at the smaller e-mails, they have all turned over that actually the 13 is about to cross, the twenty one here with the next four hours, which may be the other push down. We’re going to have huge resistance here, guys, about the sixty nine eighty range to seven thousand dollar range as we have both the fifty five and the 200 DMA here. It will be tough to get over that if we do. I would see a rejection at 72 which would be retesting the bottom of this wedge. But either way, like I said, I’m still looking at these lower targets. I could be wrong, but we looked at the EMH or the RSI yesterday and I’d said we were right here. We had retested the bottom of this rising broadening wedge and that told me that we were going to continue down, which we did. We still have more room to continue down on the RSI. As you can see now, it doesn’t look like a lot of room, but something I want to point out is back here. When we did this drop here, if you look, this was the peak right there and we were all the way down. Little bit higher than we are right now. Not much in it. This. Move here in the RSI was not that big, it didn’t take much pressure to push it down and we could see the same exact thing right over here, guys. So be aware of that. Be careful and let’s look at 0. If you guys are interested in trading, I will leave in prime. SBT link up above. I also have a Biomet links down below. Definitely. Check them out. You get bonuses for both of them for signing up, making a deposit. And there is a promo codes for Primate’s Beatie down there. Prime expertise. Great. If you want to get into equities and, you know, oil, forex, all that using your bitcoin. So depending on what kind of trading you’re doing, check them both out, see which platform you liked best and always be careful. Never put in more money and you’re willing to lose. And yeah, don’t do super high leverage, especially if you’re new to trading and I’m not going to tell anybody not to. I mean, that’s the only way to learn. Trading isn’t for everybody, but if you want to try it, that is your decision. Anyways, let’s take a look at lite coin. The same thing. We have broken out of this wedge in like coin right here, but currently we are back inside it. But the fifty five A.M.A. is right around the forty three twenty. So it would take a close of at least a four hour above that to even, you know, start to look bullish again. But if you look at the e-mails here on the four hour, they are all turned over looking pretty damn bearish. We’ll look at the measured moves here. And the first one just being measuring the wage here that gets us down to that twenty four, eighty nine, twenty five outer range. But guys, we will have some support here at the forty one thirty six OCR racks there if that breaks next supports thirty nine if that breaks. I’m looking for the twenty five dollar range in my opinion. But like I said, if we can close back inside here and get another bounce up, this could all turn around and you know, we could be going to look for the golden retracement zone which would be around 60 to 50 all the way up to the point seven eight six, which is seventy one seventy five. So be aware that. But it would take a close. It would take a daily close above 40 to 50 for me to turn bullish there. And honestly, guys, I don’t see that happening. Everything’s pretty damn bearish now. I know a lot of people are talking about all the people diagram by bay going look at what’s going on in the world. People are broke, guys. There is no money coming in forum. If anybody is going to buy this stuff up and accumulate most of it, it’s gonna be the people that have a lot of money. So keep that in mind. The average Joe, it’s not looking is good for the average Joe here, but I am a long term bull in bitcoin. You guys know that I am a total believer in bitcoin and like coin. Not so much theorem, but we will take a look at a theorem. So looking at a theorem, we have not broken out of the wedge in a theorem. I do have this trend line here. I look at the RSI. I did not like coin, but to show you guys we were looking at this as a rising wedge and like coin. We were down here yesterday and I said we had broken out so most likely would continue down. You can see on the RSI, we still have plenty of room to go down more. It’s going to be a theorem. Same thing in a theory. And we had this rising broadening wedge yesterday. And I remember yesterday we were sitting on the top of this channel, but we had broken out of the wedge and that’s why I was still remained bearish. A theorem has even a little more room on the floor, our RSI to fall down than bitcoin and like coin. So let’s see what happens. We are getting support on the fifty five A.M.A. for a theorem right now and that is being at one fifty six range if that breaks. We could come down to test the bottom of this wedge which would be around one forty seven, one forty eight depending on where it got down here. But ultimately if that breaks your next support is at one thirty seven. Then the measured move comes down to the eighty nine to ninety dollar range and that’s the measured move of the wedge. If we looked at it as a bear flag, which again I don’t believe it to be a bear flag, but let’s take a look at where that would get us right around the forty two dollar range. And if we did like in bitcoin and we made a. Actually, it might have to go up higher if we looked at this as a bear flag from way up here. From this break, where would that take us? Just for shits and giggles. 2 zero theorem to zero anyway is just plain as pie. I got to go to zero, guys. But as you guys know, I really don’t believe too much in the theorem. I’m more of a believer in the real decentralized things like Litecoin and Bitcoin that they’re not just going to be able to make more of. And they actually have a use case where all these other coins use cases are not being used even for daps and that there’s nobody using the crap firdapse. But anyways, guys, that’s just my opinion, not yours. I really appreciate you guys stop by watching. Don’t forget to smash those legs. Leave your comments down below and click the crypto savvy above to get you subscribe to the channel and. Yeah. Thanks a lot for what you guys.


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