How to Earn Free Bitcoins and Altcoins through Binance's Referral Program / Affiliate Program

Earn Free Bitcoins with Binance

I hear a lot of people online asking about or wondering about how to earn free Bitcoin. For the most part the idea of earning free Bitcoin is complete BS. Watch hours worth of videos to maybe earn 0.02 or 0.03 pennies worth of Bitcoin, pretty pointless in my opinion, a huge waste of time and you’re probably spending more on electricity keeping your computer powered on than your even earning.

But here comes along Binance. Binance is probably the hottest up and comming cryptocurrency exchange, especially since Bittrex shut down new user registrations recently.

Binance has more coins that Bittrex doesn’t such as Ethos, Tron, among others. Binance requires no verification, and lets you withdraw 2 Bitcoins per day which at today’s value is about $30,000 per day with no verification. Binance is also out of HongKong and not the USA meaning that coins that could be considered securities Binance will likely still list as they don’t have to deal with the SEC like Bittrex who is in the USA.

Anyhow, Bittrex has a referral program or affiliate program where you earn 50% of trading fees for life of anyone you bring over. The cool thing is they actually pay you out into your account in altcoins as opposed to Bitcoins and there’s no payment threshhold which has to be met.

I’ll give you an example, I tell a friend about Binance and they go setup an account and buy 1000 Cardano (ADA). The commission on that may be 10 Cardano for example and you get to keep 50% of it so out of that 10 Cardano fee, Binance keeps 5 and I get to keep 5.

You also get to continue earning for the lifetime of that customers account so if you bring on a day trader you can actually earn quite a bit of altcoins and Bitcoins in fees. Also as you continue to bring over more and more people this continues to grow.

This is by far my favorite affiliate program on the market right now and the best way to earn crypto.




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