How To Invest During The Crisis of 2020 – Bitcoin? Gold? Stocks? Cash?


In today’s video, I want to discuss how to invest during this crisis, because while there is a world of economic pain happening right now in the markets, there is also a world of incredible opportunity. So want to take a look at the ways that some of these famous investors out there are approaching this crisis. And hopefully to give you some ideas about how you can be successful during this crisis. The crypto LARC, this is where you subscribe for all of the hottest and all of the latest happenings out here in the wild, wildland of crypto. Also, for those of you who are new to investing in cryptocurrencies and you want to take this time during the crisis, actually sit down and to learn more about bitcoin and really just cryptocurrencies overall. Then you need to check out my course. Cryptocurrency explained, which is specifically designed for beginners just like you. And we’ll walk you through all of the things that you need to know with step by step tutorials for topics like buying and sending and storing your bitcoin, as well as things like mining. And Top Tips for success. There is a link down the description where you can learn more. Also, a quick disclaimer before we really jump into this topic. This is only for those of you who can actually afford to be investing right now. Remember, this is a crisis in that food, rent, family. All of that stuff comes first. And for that, you need cash money in your bank. So ensure that you have sufficient funds actually to ride out a prolonged crisis. If your answer is yes to that question, then maybe you can consider investing. But what we are experiencing right now is certainly no joke. And there is a chance that the market will remain irrational a lot longer than you can remain solvent. So keep that in mind. Now, that being said, what are some of the most famous investors doing right now? Well, there is Raoul, Pal. He has said that his portfolio for the next 12 months, we 25 percent Bitcoin, 25 percent gold, 25 percent cash and 25 percent for his trading account. Bitcoin bold Tim Draper said that he exited the stock market late last summer and that he now has a significant amount of his portfolio sitting in Bitcoin. Max Keizer has said that he is in Bitcoin, he is in gold and that he is in silver. Robert Kiyosaki, rich dad, poor dad author he is advocating for gold, silver and bitcoin right now. Matthew, give more examples, but you get the idea. Yes, obviously I am cherry-picking here says there are other famous investors out there like Warren Buffett, who is a renowned technophobe and hates bitcoin. But as a bitcoin bubble myself, I give a lot of weight to the guys who can actually see this big picture. People like Max Kaiser and Raoul Pal, who really understand these macroeconomic events in a very deep way. And all those guys also are pessimistic on the long term future of the dollar. You have quantitative easing rate cuts and corporate bailouts and unimaginable debt levels. Of course, all of the corruption that we see between the Federal Reserve, Wall Street. All that factors into their reasons for long term dollar pessimism. So what are some options that you may want to consider as the crisis unfolds? Well. The obvious place to start is Bitcoin, of course, we can talk about Bitcoin. My opinion is that Bitcoin should be the cornerstone of any investor’s portfolio. You can just buy the dips or you can dollar cost average and then just long term hold. There is no telling how the equity markets are going to play out in the coming months. So for those of you who are hoping for some cheap bitcoin, you may still get a chance to buy some mighty dips in the coming months. Since Bitcoin has largest and following along with the stock market’s least over the last few weeks, it’s been higher correlation levels than we’ve seen previously, but it’s still relatively lowly correlated to these markets. But that won’t last forever. But that is what is happening now. However, if you are a dip buyer and you didn’t buy the dip in March, then I don’t know what to tell you. Prior not going to buy the next dip either if you were afraid to buy that dip. Also, watch post having for a dip. Historically we have had big dips following the bitcoin having so some to keep in mind. Otherwise, just dollar-cost averaging the both like low-stress way to do it by $50 in bitcoin and whatever your number happens to be every week or every two weeks, every month, whatever it is, and just chill. Many people make bitcoin investing just way more difficult than these b stack sats and chill. Play the long game easy. OK, next, we have a lot of investors that are flocking into metals right now, which obviously makes sense. They are, of course, the most established and most trusted safe-haven assets with literally thousands of years of history. Personally, I do not have any metals, although I do actually really, really like gold. I will add that my portfolio at some point the Fuser made when things cooled down a little bit. I’ll get a nice little bit of physical gold. And of course, if you are investing in gold or you are investing in silver, then do try and get a hold of the real stuff because of paper gold. It’s just that it’s just paper. And much of that paper gold has been read. Hypothecated bullion dealers around the world are seeing a massive demand for physical gold right now for a reason. But if you can’t get your hands on real gold, then maybe you can consider gold-backed cryptocurrency coins, things like Paxos gold or even digits gold so you can hold these fully backed and fully audited gold crypto coins in your ID wallets. You get exposure to gold without having to run out and get out of the bullion dealer and get some. But the great thing about these coins that you can actually even redeem them for physical gold to be delivered to your house. That is very nice as well. Now, outside of the two big boys, bitcoin and gold bitcoin course being digital gold and gold being actual metal gold, there is a world of opportunity. Well, I am not in gold and continue to stack bitcoin on the regular. They’re actually a lot of all coins out there too, which have attracted my investment and some of them have really really good fundamentals. Now a few that are in my long term portfolio, which I have been buying recently, are a theorem course. The ethereal ecosystem is insane and the innovation on a THEORY AND right now is absolutely leading the cryptocurrency field. So I’m accumulating a theory for Saiki awards in the future as well as just as an asset to hold because I believe in the future of that asset. The other one is more narrow now. Monaro is one of the most powerful privacy coins on the market, and for me, it serves a very clear and definitive use case. Then there are some other altcoins like Kibre Network with his coming staking awards. I think that Kibre is going to be a real moneymaker in the coming years for those who are acquiring it now. Synthetics Token also pays out weekly and has a good future in store for it if they continue the momentum they have going right now. Of course, the other one is kava. Kava will be the epicentre of basically multi-chain de-centralized finance, the stable KOIN. This can be backed by either ex Sarpy bitcoin Cosmo’s or buying NANCE coin. Now I give you these examples of cryptos that I believe have very strong fundamentals and either will provide a passive income or which will serve a very specific use case. That being said. The majority of my crypto portfolio remains in Bitcoin and for potential altcoin investors, please understand that most all coins, they are total garbage and they are highly unlikely to make your money quite the opposite. They’re highly likely to lose lots of money for you. So for throwing away any of your money. Please take a lot of time to research and understand how and even if this coin will make your money. But you don’t have to invest in all coins. You can just buy bitcoin and keep it simple. Next up, a word about dollars. Long term, I’m not a fan of the fate of the dollar. But right now, we live in a world dominated by dollars and thus I maintain a decent cash position at any time. In fact, most major investors do. It gives you the ability, of course, to buy the dips. You can’t buy a dip if you don’t have any chips. And it also allows you to remain in investments without needing to sell them to, you know, cover rent or to put food on the table, which is obviously very important if you’re holding these assets for long term. But I personally don’t like leaving my dollars, just sitting around really doing nothing. I lend out a decent percentage of them using both crypto dot com and block. Find out for those you who want to try lending block fi is a great place to start. Currently, they’re running a special signup promo so you can get fifty dollars in free bitcoin if you sign up using the link down below in the description and you deposit $250 or more in either bitcoin ethereal or dollars and then you just sit and hold it in your account for three months. Now of course, during that three month period, you will also be earning interest on your assets so it can be 6 percent for bitcoin, 4.5 percent for a theory of an 8.6 percent for dollars, and then you get your fifty-dollar bonus on top of that. And finally, a word about the stock markets. No one really knows how bad this economic crisis could be. It could blow over sooner than later, could be multi-year pain. But one thing is for sure that the equity markets. If it gets worse, they are going to be the ones that are bearing the brunt of the damage. Mass unemployment and huge drops in consumer spending will hit some industries very, very hard. Just because the markets are down right now, that does not mean that they cannot go down even further like way, way further. If you are looking to buy the stock dip, then watch what really, really big investors like Warren Buffet are doing. He still has not deployed his hundred and twenty-five billion dollars in cash to buy the dip. Watch for him to do that. But even though you have, you know, the airlines and the cruise lines and other industries which are absolutely getting hammered right now, there will always be companies that do well during a crisis. For example, food and alcohol companies, they’re doing okay as well as a lot of technology companies. But one thing is clear from looking at some of the industry’s most successful investors, hard assets like Bitcoin and like gold, they are in fashion during a crisis like this. Anyway, those are just my two Cito. She’s I would love to know what are you doing right now? How are you investing during this crisis? Has your strategy even changed? I know a lot of you out there, you just stack SATs and then you chill, which is a great strategy, by the way. But I’m super curious. Are you buying bitcoin now or are you still stacking ZATZ John at these prices? Maybe you’re buying gold. Are you buying silver? He got into metals. Are you buying any old coins at the moment? If so, which all coins and why? What about your cash positions? Are you lending it out or are you just sitting on it and your bank getting 0.01 percent interest? And are you buying any stocks at the moment? Are you waiting for the markets to potentially go lower? Let me know what you’re doing down below in the comments section. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I hope that your stay in safe out there, that you’re enjoying your lockdown if you happen to be in lockdown. Taken that time to learn new skills and reconnect with family members and all that great stuff. So, anyway, thank you for watching. Please have the thumbs up video. If he didn’t join today’s video and of course, make sure to subscribe to the channel. If you are new around here, long live blockchain. And peace out the next step.


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