How, When, and Why To Use Opendime v4 – A Bitcoin Piggybank

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What is Opendime? It is:
– Bitcoin on a stick.
– A Bitcoin piggybank.
– Not another hardware wallet since it has no PIN or password
– It’s not like other “physical” bitcoin because nobody knows the private key until you physically alter the device.
– A disposable hardware wallet that can be used as cash.

What’s new with V4?
It’s an incremental (and not a radical) upgrade from v3. Coinkite has improved Opendime’s:

– Form factor.
– Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
– Speed
– Recoverability in case of damage
– Blockchain viewing options (it added

Why use it?
Gift: each Opendime costs about $17 and you can load it up with as much BTC as you want. Graduation present. Help someone buy a car or a house. Birthday gift for over $100.
You want to buy something expensive in a hurry.
Sell Opendimes with BTC.
Anonymous transaction: it’s almost impossible to know who spent the Opendime.
It’s better than a paper wallet because it has the upsides but also generates the private key safely.
Emergency money when you’re traveling – it’s like a traveler’s check that works in the most repressive regimes. Wear it as a necklace under your shirt so that even if they steal your wallet and bags, you’ll still have money. All you need a computer or a smartphone (with a USB-adapter).

See it in action:




Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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