HUUUUGE!!! BULLISH BITCOIN NEWS!!! Miners are selling less Bitcoin now!!!

Multiple very good news for Bitcoin just showed up recently. More and more onramps for retail investors but also institutional investors are getting built. On top of that miners are clearly selling less Bitcoin than previously which leads to less sell pressure.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Bitcoin Fractal
04:37 Miners selling less Bitcoin
05:42 Greyscale
06:29 Bitcoin ETP/ETC


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  1. Whenever I am feeling that Bitcoin is going f^%$g nowhere I like to listen to Sunny who is the ever eternal optimist. I watch these videos and come away feeling that Bitcoin is going to the moon, I am going to be rich and all the worlds problems are going to solved by lunchtime – however by tea time Bitcoin always seems to stay at the same miserable level.

  2. 4:48 – Why would a Minor send bitcoin to an exchange? Simple, to buy some candies, he is a Minor and they like sweets.
    By the way, how come a Minor can pass the KYC? Where are their parents i ask.

  3. All this bullish news over the last two weeks and all btc can do is bounce from 9.3k to 9.8k with some scam wicks in between to rekt over lev traders… btc is really in a limbo state. Whales are trying to play mind games but the holders have become strong hands.. i expect ligit moves to happen in the next 10days no later.

  4. Been in the BTC game for many years here. In 2017/2018 I definitely felt the 18k-20k range was the peak and sold a good % of my stack. I began to buy back in the 8k range. In the next bull run, where do you see it peaking, where will you sell, and at what price will you begin to buy back? Thanks,

  5. Sunny, if wall street/grayscale/hedge funds/ETC group jump in via OTC this will never reflect in price. All these institutions are still waiting for average Joe to start pressing green buttons on spot market. Do you agree?

  6. The volatility will come back into BTC any day (or week). This news only proves it's becoming easier than ever for both Institutional and retail investors to take advantage of the opportunity and take the risk before it's too late. Everyone knows where this thing will be EOY. Keep up the good work Sunny.

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