In this video I go over why I bought into Bitcoin as well as my mindset shift from the historical run back in 2017-18, to now in 2020. I also share how you can buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, as well as how to navigate the platform. Buying Bitcoin now is a way you can hedge against the current financial system. It is also considered a non-correlated asset, which could be great for diversification in any portfolio. Let me know your thoughts on Bitcoin in the comments!

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Disclaimer: These videos that I create on YouTube shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. I am not a licensed financial professional. Nothing I mention in these videos is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, etf, index, or future. Please consult with your financial professional for your financial advice. I am not liable for any loss that you may experience from watching these videos. Do your own research when it comes to investing and trading to take 100% responsibility for your financial decisions and future.




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  1. risky entry here on BTC. big resistance at 10,400 possible pullback to 8k or lower at this point. Hope you entered at 9k at least. Buying LTC at 300$ was crazy man. look at its value now. Always a good idea to buy BTC tho. Check LINK and ENJ if you have spare money. Best

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