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All right. Welcome back, everybody, to altcoin Daily units Austin. This is a big update. I am changing my Bitcoin strategy for 2020. Now keep in mind, I can’t see the future. Always do your own research. But to me, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me from where we are on a global macroeconomic level. The ever increasing global debt, the nonstop money printing from the Fed. Right? Trillions of dollars printing money from thin air. How the Fed reduces your purchasing power and makes you poor. Because remember, remember when your grandpa told you that Houston able to buy a coke a can of coke for a nickel? Now that Coke is $2. Well, guess what? That coke isn’t worth 40 times more than nickel is worth 40 times less. And it continues to grow weaker every day. This is our reality. This reality combined with Bitcoin’s fundamentals, meaning combined with the fact that Bitcoin’s network continues to grow more decentralized, more secure. And the fact that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin ever, ever. Because of that, I’ve updated my strategy. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and realize that I missed the boat on stacking as many Satoshi as possible. That’s me. So I’ve downloaded the full DAP as well as signed up and joined the waitlist for folds. All new bitcoin rewards debit card. There’s a link down below in the description. Check it out. But both of these allow me to earn bitcoin passively just by making daily purchases by retailers that I already shop at. Now, for those of you who subscribe to the channel, you already know that I use foaled that I like to fold. You may have even already joined the waitlist. But for those of you that haven’t. Let me explain. Basically, foaled was created for the everyman or every woman. The app is available. IOW as well as on Android. You can download it now. I like fold because you really don’t even have to take any risk in terms of you don’t have to spend your money on bitcoin. You earn bitcoin passively by spending your money on purchases on retail shops that you already shop at anyway. Here it is. Now the way the Fold app works is that you linked your credit, your debit card with the folding app. You choose a retailer, whatever you like. You choose a denomination that you want to purchase. Maybe it’s 25, $50, whatever it is, you buy a gift card and then you earn bitcoin back. Do we get it? Am I beating a dead horse? If it sounds that way, it’s just because when I first saw this, I really liked it. I think this could really help onboard a lot of new people into bitcoin, really help with mass adoption because with this, it’s no risk. You don’t have to necessarily understand Bitcoin and you don’t even have to do anything differently than you normally do in everyday life. You just keep shopping, whatever you normally do, and earn bitcoin rewards if you have a different opinion. Let me know down below in the comments. But fold just came out with their all-new bitcoin rewards debit card. First of its kind. Watch this. A brave new world deserves a brave new card. Introducing the world’s first bitcoin rewards card from full spend dollars bitcoin on every purchase you meet the full cost of the full app to supercharge the experience, protect your privacy and keep your personal data safe. Toll puts you in control, not the things. Welcome to the Bitcoin Privacy-Preserving Card of the future. Welcome to FULL. Yes. Again, link down below if you want to join the waitlist. Do your own research. This stuff just works for me because with this unlike other cards, you were in bitcoin, not points. Every time you swipe the folded card, you get a percentage of your purchase back in bitcoin. It’s real bitcoin that goes right into your fold account, which then you can transfer into your wallet. Hey, by the way, foaled teamed up with Visa to issue these cards. So you do have that security, whether you’re paying bills, shopping online, whatever it is, you can earn some bitcoin back. And if you’re asking me, hey, Austin, sounds like all positives. What about the negatives? Because foaled did hit us up to make this video, introduce this information to you and to me when it comes to Bitcoin, to me, it’s all positive again, based on where we are on a global macroeconomic level. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and wish I would’ve stacked more sets when bitcoin was cheap. That’s the video for today. My name is Austin. If you have a referral code, feel free to drop it below in the comments. Let’s all use each other. But for those of you who do want to stick around, one more cool thing that I do want to show you. For those of you who have downloaded the app is something called Spin Wheel. It’s pretty simple. It’s just it’s a fun game. It’s a roulette wheel where you spin a once per day. That’s all you get. And depending on how lucky you are, you win. You know, extra stats on your next purchase. Free stats, even bigger amount of resets. It’s a fun game. You spin the wheel every day like this. All right. Anyway, pretty cool. That is foaled and let me know what you think. See tomorrow.


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