I See Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Confiscation Coming!

This will be my final video until June 6th. I will be taking a break from social media and only answering questions in Pandora’s Wallet Telegram group.
I see financial asset nationalization via a bank holiday where all financial assets are purchased by governments to be repriced higher.

I believe this will happen so I will be working on protecting my assets and the assets of Pandora’s Wallet Subs.

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  1. Thanks for the great content!
    – Do you think this will just happen in the States, or also in Europe?
    – Do you think this will happen for Bitcoin or for other Cryptos?

  2. Well the thing is it's not 1933… They can try to confiscate but it's not gonna fly very smoothly this time around. I think people will bring Fed to the Supreme Court for doing so. I hope they are not that stupid to repeat what was done back during the Great Depression times.

  3. Brain link with google and your 19 fix. No one with resist, keep working for that pretty paper. I want my stimulus govee , you are my master reps. I no needy think for me self. I want more blue pills.

  4. I don’t follow you at all. You’re going against everything which is bitcoin. Don’t spread FUD brother that’s not your style. Maybe you’re talking about Chile.

  5. On reading comments… Many say this is not possible, ain't happening, etc. D said, "I don't know if this is going to happen but something BIG is going to happen." He theorizes that there may be confiscation. Could never happen..? Look at what just happened with the lock down. Who ever, ever thought that would happen….? It sure solved a lot of problems for "them" in one fell swoop….! I agree with D. Not sure "what is going to happen" but I know something is coming as well. And, quite probably it will be very painful for many, many people…!!

  6. Just say you don’t want to do videos anymore. That would have been better. Take it easy. I’ve enjoyed your content over the years. I’ve learned a ton. Peace.

  7. if I was the FED, I would try to buy all BTC up quietly. Even at $100,000 and 15 – 17 million BTC still around,, we are speaking of 1.5 – 1.7 billion, which is peanuts – compared to all the money that is floating around now.
    Instead of creating panic with a bank holiday, which will undoubtly shake up the markets. It's a lot cheaper and cleaner – and it will be the end for Bitcoin. With 80-90% of available BTC in your hands, you can set the price at – let's say – $5000 or $10000 forever
    With a bit of careful planning and a decent position of BTC, they can even let BTC crash at a time where everyone is watching multiyear trendlines and support levels.
    And load up BTC at a bottom price.
    They are masters in playing TA – buying up everything in sight when the S&P or Dow crashes to critical support – like the 200 day EMA. Thus creating a reversal day

  8. I watched this and went through a lot of #Davincij15 comments. He is not a sellout or any of that. If you as ppl being negative about it look how #mmcrypto put out a video today that I didn't get to see as it was already taken down prior to seeing it. Then he posted it again for the people. Like for you me everyone in general to see and it was taken down again by UTube and basically lost his channel. Which I'm sure ppl know they work together alot. Personally it drives me nuts with the smash the likes so many times but I get it and understand why. So now obviously ##Davincij15 knows his friend/partners channel got shut down twice which I wasn't able to see either video but I or you can still see the names of the videos which I wish I saw what was on it. But due to that fact what #Davincij15 is doing is basically trying to put this information out here still but if he doesn't word it exactly perfectly it will be taken down as well and this information that is smart information is a risk he is taking wording things how he is. I even see a few comments that say they might take this down etc. Well that why he says what he says at the end of it how not watching utube etc blah blah so it stays up. So if anything at all you should be thanking him for putting this information out in general otherwise why even watch it if you don't care. So personally I will probably still delete this comment because things are being CENSORED so much on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. I'm not being paid or anything to say this and I honestly wish I could see the other video that was posted through somewhere to find out what they shut down and CENSORED so fact because when things get CENSORED its because its basically the truth being told that they don't want ppl to know about. Just like HERTZ claiming bankruptcy a few days ago… Well who owns it now? The FED owns it as a asset. Which you can even check into. This is the highest unemployment rate ever so the fact that the stock market is pumping up is obviously cuz money is being dumped into it and once that stops their will be a big red drop to zero if that happens. That's your money my money everyone's money. Gone… It won't matter if u own .01BTC or 50BTC due to the fact everyone's would freak out. I mean look up videos on how certain things are deploying around the US right now. (Not on the news… No no no but you can find out online if it isn't cut off yet) So anyways hes not a sell out and what he said and how he said it was for everyone and of it wasn't done that way then nobody would know any of what he says. Thats all and yea I'm gonna delete this soon just so his video doesn't get shut down by me breaking it down completely right now for the ppl who don't get why he is wording things how he is… So thanks and have a great day.

  9. Last week this idiot was MEGA BULLISH and even going to sell his house to go ALL IN ON BTC. A week later he is not selling his house, he is MEGA BEARISH and going to ground. SCHIZOPHRENIA? Should I have any faith in anything a schizo says? Off his meds again?

  10. yo davinci, im right there with you man. listening to you guys while doing odd jobs. classic, youre watching crypto in the sauna! I will be doing that one day too! ahhahah

  11. What good will confiscating bitcoin be by govs if you know how to deal with those gov courts?
    The real fight is in the courts right?
    Here's the link to a short 10 min court matter showing you how to win in courts without laywers/attorneys:
    If you're someone trying to do some great things for the people – first learn how to deal with courts because that's where the real fight is and there will the resistance be.
    Once you learn how courts work, you won't be afraid of "legal notices/threats" being sent to you.

  12. First they have to find the keys. Off exchange, they're almost impossible to confiscate. It'll be too expensive to track each and every one of them. The first target would be the whales and they're probably the smartest of the HODLers.

  13. They will definitely take IRAs and retirement accounts. The only bitcoin they can take is the ones on exchanges. The ones in the grey market will be instantly more valuable.

  14. Whatever happens to the price of bitcoin, We all should just be ready for a change and on the other hand learn to increase your Crypto by trading than hope on this fluctuating prices.

  15. absolutley not DJ15 , have no fear my man Blake Zodoq the Galatical Hero is Here!!! ! The people run this world! stop talking crazy my dude….

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