Today, for the bitcoin price, Bitcoin is right now running here and testing one specific price level. I will refer to as the most important price level in the Bitcoin history if we will significantly and decisively break through this price level and even confirm it. We will talk about one specific target here which will be imminent for the bitcoin price. Guys, you do not want to miss out on that because especially in the second part of this video, we will talk about one tweet here from Plan-B, which kind of went under the radar because this guy is amazing. But he missed out to point one specific fact here from this picture, which proves, according to the stock to flow, model, that bitcoin is right now the most undervalued asset in the world. We will tell you exactly according to this price at which price level Bitcoin should be right now to be fairly valued. Guys, you do not want to miss out on that. Want to take a seat. You want to smash up the like button on that video to at least two thousand, let’s say two thousand five hundred likes. And that being said, welcome to defence and welcome back to I Am crypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight to the content. OK. First things first. We are here on the to–we candles for the big comprise. And before we go into the serious undervaluation of bitcoin compared to gold, silver, diamonds and all the other hot assets in the world, I want to talk about the big countries, because right now we are testing one specific price level here, which is, in our opinion, the most important one in the history of Bitcoin. And we will tell you exactly what we think, what it means for the bitcoin price. Here on the right-hand side, you can see the VIP v.r, the volume per volume range. And of course, this one measures the volume here on the horizontal axis for the specific price level. So all the volumes accumulated within this time period are measured by this candle here on the right-hand side. Most of you guys will already know that. And one specific thing here, because this VIP VR is more important and actually more important than ever in the history of Bitcoin, because what we can see with that recent dump here, two, three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, is that we actually found the bottom yet exactly at the point of control. The point of control is this price level that we are most of the volume was accumulated given the period of time which I’m showing to you here. So it was accumulated here also right here. And of course, here at this specific dip. And what is very important to understand right now, that the second-highest volume all the way back from 2017 is exactly. He had six thousand four hundred U.S. dollars. Because remember, guys, during the whole bear market of 2018, we tested this price level right here, right there. And also throughout these multiple amounts of money like throughout the whole year, throughout the whole of 2018. And of course, we accumulated a lot of volume and significant in the Bitcoin price history. But what happened here in May, June 2019? The problem was and we were all excited. I even have to point to myself. We are all too much excited. The problem was, however, that when she talked about it, that we run and we shot through this price level here without even testing it. I mean, this was not healthy for the big comprise in the long run. So what we saw actually was big Konya skyrocketing to fourteen thousand US dollars with our testing hit this most important and significant price level before. And then, of course, after what we saw, the big compromise dumping and bouncing at this exact level, which we actually caught at that moment, the local bottom, because we thought there’s just too much significant. However, guys. The problem right now is we are testing it once again. Bitcoin is struggling a little bit. So in case we get rejected and remember on the two weeks Kendal’s and we close in a two, we can read below this. This is not considered to be a bullish sign. But on the flip side, if we close here on the two weekends and this is in like one and a half weeks above this specific price level of six thousand four hundred ish U.S. dollars, right now we are above very slightly in this case that would be very bullish. And according to the V.P., we are the next price level would be approximately here at 8000 U.S. dollars. Of course, what we are also taking into consideration here, if you draw the Fibonacci retracement, that right now this price level here on the V.P. V.R. coincides perfectly with the thirty-eight point two Fibonacci retracement level. So, of course, furthermore, if we are able to close above, then the next price target will be eight thousand U.S. dollars. Only if we close above on the two cannot. But also this coincides once again perfect. You look at this with the golden pocket here, guys. And this furthermore gives us confidence for this specific price level. This is the big Kon-Tiki for the short and mid-run. First of all, I want to know from you guys, do you think we can break this level decisively and close the two? We can do it above six thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. Let us know in the poll, which is. Popping up on top of the screen right now. Yes or no? In case you say no. You think that we are getting rejected. And, of course, find lower price levels. In case you say yes, you think the two weeks we close above and your eight thousand US dollars will be the next price target. However, guys, my favourite part of this episode is, of course, the tweet of Plan-B. And this guy is truly amazing. You know, he bought out this stock to floor model, which derives the value of an asset. Of course, besides the demand part from the supply, from the scarcity of the underlying asset. And this one shows you actually for gold, silver, bitcoin, diamonds, platinum and platinum. How much and the specific assets should be valued. And this red line here. This is the regression line and this is the fair value according to the stock, the flow model. So whenever something is below like here, silver is below the regression line. Then the difference, the deviation from the red line is the amount of undervaluation of the specific underlying asset. Whenever it’s above right here, for example, for diamonds, the white one, you have an implied overvaluation of the underlying asset here in case of diamonds. I’m actually very sure about that. It is not a valuable asset at all. It’s a whole marketing gig. Obviously we know if you put in US dollars, the scarcity would be approximately here on the bottom left corner at zero because Fiat has no intrinsic value at all. Because so of course, all these commodities, all these real assets are much, much more valuable than US dollar, especially gold, silver and bitcoin, however. Guys, look at this. And this is what Plan-B actually missed out on talking about. And I was very, very surprised about that. I was also surprised if you go through the comments here that no one is talking about it. It was a popular tweet, but no one got the most important point of their tweet, because if you make that bigger, you can see that the deviation of bitcoin is much higher than the deviation of silver. Also, platinum, which is also undervalued. So you can see that the deviation from bitcoins, from the from this read regression line, the fair value is the highest, which means reverse engineering here, that bitcoin is the most undervalued asset in the whole world when it comes to the scarcity when it comes to the value derived from the scarcity. We should not forget that there is a demand point of view. We should also calculate the demand when it comes to your value in an asset. But this is the supply side and from the supply side, from the scarcity. Bitcoin is the most undervalued asset in the world. And the most important thing you guys look at this, the stock to flow ratio is actually right now at 27. But now, guys, think about it. What happens in one month of time? Approximately one month? Let me check that out here. 38 days between 38 and 43 days. This is Bitcoin sensor’s big, big shout out to these guys. I mean, this count on this, the most accurate right now. And what happens when this happens? What happens when the halving is gonna go down? This stock to floor model here goes from 27 to forty. So if you go here to the bottom, excessive, if you go to the y-axis and you see that bitcoin is right now at 27 and then you just go to 45, which is approximately right here, then you have to go up and you’ll see that the fair value of Bitcoin within the next five years after the halving will be approximately there at 5 trillion US dollars. But the point which is made clear here, whenever we see the halfling bitcoin will be even more scarce because the future inflation is getting cut in half. Think about that. Everyone knows that already. But this specific mechanism which is hardcoded in the become blockchain will inevitably make bitcoin more scarce. And according to this model, will make bitcoin more valuable. We will be here and the deviation to the red line will be even higher. Thus, at the given prices right now, the undervaluation of bitcoin right here, the deviation between the big comprise and here at the stock to flow red, a value of forty-five will be even bigger a year to the fair value of the stock to flow model. Think about that, guys. And now I want to tell you, is it a good time to buy bitcoin today? We talked about that on Twitter. Then I will show you this specifically and you’ll let us know in the comments section on Molo if you agreed with that statement, because this one actually carries a very interesting thought experience. Please, guys, stick it to the end of the video. I really want to show that. And I want to see what you guys think about that. Make sure you subscribe to Adam and Krypto on Twitter. First of all, I also want to let you know if you go down here if you want to support us if you want to get 200, $2 for free and also number three, if you’re an experienced trader, you can get a free account on buying it. And on Phoenix within like 2 times 20 seconds, you have both accounts. And with zero top until bitcoin deposit on buy that, you get $90 for free with zero points two a bitcoin deposit on by an on Phoenix you’ll get one hundred twelve dollars for free. And yet this is actually also a very easy to use the platform we are using bit by bit. And also Phoenix on Biomed, you consume longs and shorts and you’re on fee mix. You can do longs and shorts on different leverages as well. So we are subscribed on both websites. Both of them are our affiliate partners. Of course, big disclaimer here, be an experienced trader and you are supporting us by using that link, but also you are getting a very nice bonus on the sidelines. And right now, guys, I want to show you this specific video here. Make sure you take a seat and you watch this thing go through it. It’s only 90 seconds and let us afterwards know in the comments section what you think about that. A lot of people are asking right now whether to buy bitcoin or wait for the financial crisis to bring the prices down even more. I usually always go out and give one example. Imagine yourself going into a store and you want to buy some shoes and these fools out, let’s say 100 bucks. Right. And you think, OK. Let me think about it one night, whether I should buy it or not. So you go home, you sleep, and the next day you’ll go into the store and they are 60 percent off. There are suddenly 40 bucks. Right. So if you consider buying them at 100 bucks, you might as well just go them and buy it at the discount because the food doesn’t change since then. Right. And the bitcoin didn’t change ever since it was at 20000. The hash rate went up, the number of developers went up. The monetary system got even more flawed. So Bitcoin fundamentally is even better rather than at prices of twenty thousand. You might as well just go out and dollar cost average at these prices. It is completely irrational to be fearful right now when everyone else is fearful. This is the time you should stop being greedy. So think about that when you consider buying bitcoin. Of course, it can be at 4000 tomorrow, but it might not. So whenever the big trip comes, you want to be in. And the best thing is dollar-cost averaging in. And yet if you want to do your friends a favour just to share this video with your friend‘s comments, your thoughts down below and smash up the like button or this little Twitter hop on that video, that would be great. And you would have a lot of other people as well. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other. The next one of them crypto smash up the until two thousand five hundred likes click the subscription box right here and also watch the by to Teatro, which is popping up right there. And that being said, we will see each other very soon at the Nixon of M M trip. Dennis, always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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