The volume indicates that we’ve seen the bottom of Bitcoin and now it’s blue skies ahead. I see for the last quarter of this year I’ve been on a monetary reset. Bitcoin is going to explode now today for the Bitcoin price. Da Vinci Jeff 15 we will be talking about bitcoin because right now according to Da Vinci Jeff 15 we have massive evidence in the charts that this year three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars for bitcoin was most certainly the bottom. And guys what would surprise you, even more, is what according to the vintage 15 is the short term outlook for the big comprise right now. Guys this episode will be jampacked because we will also be talking about the virus and the financial crisis and what is most likely to happen to the broader economy within this year. Guys, you want to take a seat. You want to be ready for this episode. You want to smash up the Like button to at least 3000 to 4000 likes and that being said you want to come to the most important question of the day. Devin T.J. 15 How are you doing today. I mean I’m going to Cannes not tickled pink but you know we’re going to get there one day. Yes yes yes. As you remember we talked about in case we close above a certain price of a which enter close would be after the Sunday. He would be tickled pink and I would be tickled yellow I at least put on a yellow T-shirt for you guys. But yeah we will have more of these fun things coming up. But for a note I mean she thanks for joining us at these very late hours in Chile. Let’s pull up the charts and let’s see what you have to share with us because I can already tell everyone this would be most certainly very very surprising. Sure. So let’s see here what we got here. We’ve got like the long term. All right. Got it two weeks up to and I was hoping we were you would have liked some sort of like railroad tracks where it had it up both here. But that’s not happening. So we have to deal with what’s actually happening and it’s positive. Right. Once we close this two-week chart out with the green candle this would be awesome be considered a Hiromi. So what we have to do obviously in the next two weeks pass this high which is probably around what is a high a C here. I hate it when people do that when I watch videos. Not tell you the price it’s seven thousand three one hundred thirty-nine if we pass that high in the next two weeks. That is a positive sign for us forgo a lot higher. I really think that this is the bottom here because we can see volume is finally coming in. And until we chart here you can see that we have a rounding bottom here. And if we go back in the past. Right. Whenever we have a rounding bottom of volume that shows that hey you know what. We’re gonna go a lot higher. So that’s this is very positive in a sense where you can see that even though with this little uptick rate you see this rounded out. And then we went on higher and you go back and you can go back into history and see the same thing. But I’m not gonna go off there. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah looking at the short term. Right. I’m thinking that we’re going to have probably a little bit of a scare here happening very sure shortly with the price and I mean it’s bleak. I don’t know why it’s not showing up to the levels but I mean here let me just add take and take your time. I want to make everyone aware. Think about it guys. We had a big volume in the breakdown and then people lost interest over time. But when the prices really went bearish the volume increased again. So actually right no da Vinci and we saw this very nice rounding bottom and according to you, this is a bullish sign for bitcoin in case we close above seven thousand one hundred forty U.S. dollars within the next one or two weeks you would say this was most certainly the bottom and we see much more bullish price action within the next few weeks and months. Is that correct? Exactly. So I’m thinking I’m thinking. Before we do I think we have a little bit more downside. Not much though I think they point to will hold us here if you wanted to take some trade-off of this. I would suggest to you that you know to set your boss at the bottom of a lot of these words here. Maybe have this out that way down here and set it by order. If you can get. If we come down more at thirty-eight point two because I would do reliably thirty-eight point two is going to hold and you can see if you wanted to take this like just you know to do even just a two to one. All right. I mean that’s right back where. Right. Right back where we are pretty much. And so it’s a very good risk-reward ratio and you could actually just take half prophecies and let’s see where the rest runs. Right. And that would be you know painted to take you to hold on for you know bitcoin at 100k. Actually not so if you want to take a big risk here it’s not even a big risk. So because like really you as you can see it’s like seven point three percent difference here. So if you need the most you could lose a seven-point cent of your money that you put down on this trade and you can always just you know reduce that amount that you’re going to lose in total dollar value, of course, sure you want to. And then you let the rest ride all the way to 100k. I think that would be an amazing trade. First of all, thank you, Devon, she and I want to know from everyone watching right now please guys take part at the polls. This is the first part of this video we will make to poll and pose for this video. Do you think three thousand eight hundred ish three thousand eight hundred fifty was the bottom for bitcoin? Yes or no click the poll which is popping up on top of the screen right now and say yes or no whether this was the bottom. So don’t you, first of all, thank you so much for this kind of bullish outlook even though we have in the immediate short term most probably some more downwards price action the mid and long run looks extremely bullish for bitcoin right now. However, that’s the second thing you want to talk about and this is one specific confirmation here on your specific bid contract. Can you tell us a little bit more about that what has to happen for us to go bullish on this specific chart which you are showing you right now? Well, this is the Mac DRM right. And this is the Mac the histogram here. And as you can see great we have created all a very long candle down. But this is on the green candle up. So this means that momentum is going to actually turn down. And once we actually confirm this we can see this thing go up up and away. I think that will be the beginning of our bull run higher will happen in the next 2 1 or 2 months. And right. And guess what. Look at that are. What’s happening in one or two months to have any that’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? Yes. So guys think about it. We have one two two months for this confirmation and the coughing is in one point five months which is exactly in between this time frame. You can see it actually right here. It’s big consensus dot com pretty interesting. They are doing one count one based on the 10-minute average and one count on based on the unchanged. BLOCK time right now which is ten points four minutes and not 10 minutes and you can see between the next forty-five to forty-seven days we will approximately of course. Things can change a little bit. We will see the bitcoin laughing coming down. And if this, in fact, coincides with the confirmation on the Mac deal guys I mean we can probably talk about serious fireworks coming. And of course, it’s the moon by talking Neil right now. But let us know in the comment section or below if you think that this is actually a probability according to me. And also dove into aged 15. It is. And thanks Devin she for sharing that. However, there is a second thing which certainly is very very important for us and this is of course not only the bitcoin outlook but also the outlook for the financial markets. And I mean we have been screaming about that for the last couple of years. And right now it really seems that this going to go down. And with that virus coming up maybe let me show you quickly this is statistics. It’s already set the six hundred sixty-three thousand confirmed cases. The curve is still going parabolic on the linear scale not flattening out at all. So DaVinci she can you maybe share with us your thoughts on this whole situation the financial markets and what can we expect. I’ve been talking on Twitter about hyperinflation coming off deflation. What are your thoughts about that? You actually talked about it prior to the recording that things might be much much much worse than we all predicted it because this virus is unprecedented. Yes. Like like I’ve said Chris I really believe that we have a very high probability that goes into hyperinflation sometime this year probably into the last quarter of this year. And the reason why is because of this is this virus and money printing that the Federal Reserve and the world have embarked on when there is lower economic activity. We’re going to see a lot of people not being able to purchase different goods like they used to. Like for example, it’s going to be harder and harder to produce phones cars and all that come to a stop and you’re not much of money and not be able to buy anything except what you’re going to really need. And I even I think about how I want a new MacBook Pro the next new 16 inch MacBook and then I realized you know what I rather hold back and wait for things to change to calm down before I go and spend that money. But now I’m going to spend that money and only what I absolutely need. And so a lot of people are going to have that same thing and then they’re going to purchase all those goods that they absolutely need and there’s only a few of them left because you know nobody is going to work everybody’s staying at home and they’re getting checks from the government and so yeah that’s going to bid the price up of different goods until the point where people realize wait a second you know what. If I don’t buy something I want the paper money I’m going to lose its value. So that could turn into hyperinflation very very fast. And the biggest problem of that is it’s something like a negative feedback loop which is making things worse and worse and the simple fact that things are getting worse making things even worse when people are sitting on a bunch of currency which is actually right now happening and then they see that much of spending the money very quickly because the prices rise so fast they spend it more quickly and this drives the prices even more up. And this drives the urgency of buying things faster even more up as well. The problem is what we have been seeing all of these economists. If you want to call them like this they are like Keynesians or monetarists. And what they should have been doing within the last 10 years when the economy was going up and up and the financial markets were going up they should have contracted the money supply. So they have some room to grow and to do to expand the monetary supply right now. But what they’ve been doing is just expanding and expanding and expanding and right now that things are getting worse. They have to expand it even more. And this is the biggest problem these economists are in my opinion they are a big job because they have contradicted their own philosophy of contracting and expanding the monetary supply. So what we are seeing right now is just what is inevitable in the first place and things are getting much much worse as they are right now. So thank you so much for sharing that knowledge with us DaVinci and. Yeah, I can just be very very happy that everyone who is watching right now will be most properly prepared because we’ve been talking about that for the last couple of years and I want to urge everyone please, first of all, go down to the video and this is very important and go down and not only smash the like button two three to four thousand likes for this video but also I’ve seen that 50 percent of the viewers are not subscribe to or channel. So please click the subscribe button tick tick this little belt and press on all because otherwise, you will be missing out on time-sensitive content when things get very very bad. Scroll down hit the Like button hit the subscribe button on our channel and on Dove J 15s channel. This is very important and I also want to know do you guys think that the hype inflation might start already towards the end of 2020 click the second poll on top of the screen right now and say yes or no. That would be very interesting. And yet of interest do you have maybe any concluding thoughts about this whole situation how people can prepare. I mean it should be obvious to most of them. But I want to to make it very obvious for every single one. Yes well, obviously you should purchase hard assets like gold silver and obviously Bitcoin is a hard asset to save for after this. This monetary reset that we’re going to be going through. I really think that that’s one of the best ways that you can protect against hyperinflation but you can also purchase ISIS that you know that you can sell. Liquidate for cash easily. That also works as well. So anything that you can sell. Exactly. Thank you so much for that da Vinci. And guys stick here until the end of the video because the Vinci has a massive massive update for Pandora’s wallet. Also, guys, I want to watch you go down to the pink comment and in case you are an experienced trader, there is massive volatility coming up. Take advantage of the massive volatility if you own experience trader because you know we have a collaboration with babies and females and added together you can get two hundred two dollars for free for zero point two Bitcoin deposit on buy bit and zero point two Bitcoin deposit on fee mix added together it’s one hundred two hundred and two dollars. By clicking this link and clicking this link you can get an account within 30 seconds and get two hundred two dollars in total for free for zero points two Bitcoin deposit. And that being said I mean you already said it. That’s a very important update for Pandora’s well. Can you introduce us to that update some people already know about it? But some people don’t. How can they take advantage of that offer? Yes. Well, I and a lot of response great response from people taking up the offer of access to my telegram group my private telegram group and it’s growing really fast. We’ve gotten quite a few people and interesting people and now I’m helping everybody. And you know you get a to all my trades is something that you get to see my portfolio and so forth. And there are a lot of people are excited about that and this is actually for a short time until the end of actually April. We are new access to that that group were forever basically. So you will have access that telegram group for forever. And on top of that, I’m going to be publishing a white paper that gives you access to the coin that I’m going to be making sometime soon so by purchasing any of these subscriptions you’ll be getting some of those coins as well. And will probably be the only way Americans can actually participate in my and this coin offering that I might be doing in the future. No guarantees right but that’s. If we do do the coin offering I will be giving it to anyone of their subscribers. Between now and the end of March. Right so you’ll be having you’ll have access to those coins as an airdrop if you help support. Pen self supports DaVinci codes and us as well. Thank you very much and guys do you know how to find that scrawled on pin comment take on more and press Pandora’s wallet dot com and you might be you can actually it’s your own decision take part of that. So thank you so much DaVinci for that. Thanks, everyone for smashing up the like button. Thanks, everyone for subscribing torch until we actually just passed fifty thousand subscribers. So thanks to everyone who was joining you. Thanks, everyone who is joining right now by scrolling down pressing subscribe and join in before we were hit 100k. So that being said should you have anything to share before wrap up today’s episode. Yeah. Always a position of strength. And don’t get wrecked. Thank you so much. I mean she does not get raped guys and that being said we will see each other very soon at the next one of em crypto. Click the subscription box right here and click to buy the story which is popping up right there and that being said we will see each other maybe soon at the next one of M.M. trip the wall I’m talking so fast and has always guys as always. Bye-bye.


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