The ocean, the largest economic playground for would-be moon boys out here in the cold, cruel depths of the sea. Many, sadly, get completely wrecked. However, quietly lurking below the surface. A remarkable turn of events. It’s whale breeding season unperturbed by Coronavirus and its uncertainty for the global economy. The world population has been spotted to be increasing rapidly. This, as they say, is definitely good for Bitcoin. I think David Attenborough has done a great job moving on with the Times and staying relevant with his commentary. If more nature documentaries were like this, then I’d probably watch some. What he’s referring to, of course, is market research conducted by glass notes showcasing entities holding a thousand Bitcoin or more, a.k.a. Bitcoin. Whales are increasing as visualized by this spiking blue line. Two very interesting takeaways from this chart for myself. Our number one, the rates of increasing whales only briefly halted despite a 45 percent crash in Bitcoin’s price earlier in March. And number two, practically this entire year. Whales have been breeding, growing. This analysis is further corroborated by studying what’s going on with the Bitcoin balance on exchanges, which has currently faced its sharpest decline in all of Bitcoin history. More people are withdrawing from exchanges to store their Bitcoin themselves as they should. Promoting, holding. And as Mr Asim Breath tests, definitely good for Bitcoin. That’s just the greatest audio snippet of all time. I want a button that I compress that just plays it when I hit it. Bitcoin is possibly the scarcest asset known to humanity. But let’s put that all aside for a moment. Yes, I know it’s mildly interesting information, perhaps even comforting for those who are maybe buying Bitcoin regularly or have been long term holders of the coin. But what we really want to see is crypto daily trade. You talk the talk, but now let’s see you walk the walk. Well, to be fair, I have been holding you talk about trading, so let’s see you trade, bruh. Okay. Sheesh. I have never had so many Dems about anything I’ve ever talked about, even as I did when I first mentioned that I wanted to do something like this late last year. Sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s finally time now to be fair. I was busy in the interim cofounding exchange, one that does not trade against its customers. But with this whole coronavirus going on, fundraising was postponed indefinitely, shall we say. So now I’ve got the time to focus on trading. Silver lining. The rules are very simple. I take one bitcoin and I try and trade it into two or see if I can hold on to the one. The USD value will, of course, be important. However, that will be secondary to the primary goal of stacking Satz because I have a long term belief in bitcoin and just want to accumulate as much as I can. The second rule, every win or loss will be a matter of public record, as I think some cryptocurrency activity should be. Yes, I believe in privacy, but I also believe in no openness and verifiable openness where appropriate. So I will be opening a fund on literally the most ethical exchange I could find in the industry, prime expertise, funding it with one Bitcoin, calling it crypto daily and have my activity visible by anyone anytime. The third rule will be no exit scene of my position. I don’t want to be trading into USD or in my case, TBP and exiting my positions. I will be staying in Bitcoin leveraged trading. So that’s longs and shorts for those that don’t know. But I will probably never go beyond five X leverage. Yeah, I know it’s kind of boring, but I also think it’s not really appropriate to ever really go beyond that Mark. Now, I hear some of your concerns, but Krypto daily, you’re an idiot and you’re not a pro trader. And to that, I say I’m well aware of these concerns. To compensate, late last year, I completed reading a bunch of highly recommended books on trading. I’ll show you them now. So we’ve got how to take profits, cut losses and benefit from price declines. Pretty relevant with Bitcoin over the last two years. Trends following how to make a fortune in bull-bear and black swan markets may be also very relevant right now. Paul Hollywoods 100 Great Breads Always relevant. Well, I actually recommend that book, by the way. Not very good. I also have done pretty well for myself trading historically. I swing trade where I take large positions two or three times a year. Basically only when I think it’s very overbought or very oversold. As an example, I can proudly say I bought to the absolute bitcoin bottom in twenty eighteen, which I did make videos about at the time. But I must admit, this trading challenge is definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done with my bitcoin, probably even my channel where you get to laugh at me if I lose it all and I get to claim your praise. If I actually win, there is definitely going to be some added pressure on myself to perform because no one likes to look silly. But one of the things that these books tend to reference is the need, the importance of a training mentor. One, you can discuss your trades with bounce ideas off of. To that end, I have sought out a pro trader friend of mine who has actually been living off of his trading ability, a rarity in crypto, I’ll tell you that. It’s on Twitter app block, chain blitz. Give him a follow. Also, just as an aside, if you’re not following me, why I put out highlights from videos in case you missed him. I also recently shared the greatest moment to have ever happened in my life. There is an Easter egg somewhere in the photo. You’ll have to find it. But looking at the charts again for a moment, I could definitely talk about the holiest of Bitcoin indicators, the gold and cross. This is where the 50 days in the 200 days moving average cross and it heralds in a bull market. The last one occurred in mid-February to not much fanfare, almost an immediate dump, and then eventually followed by a death cross. But this time. Things are very, very different because can you believe this, guys? I would be literally shaking if I was cold. So I think this is another reason I need to do the trading challenge because I just think it a little bit disingenuous to talk about trading like primarily orce or a lot and not actually do any kind of. See, the problem with that and I’m not taking shots at influences here. If you’re offended, I don’t really care. It’s not aimed at anyone specifically. There are some interesting tidbits of information to be gleaned from a chart and make a video on like I do that as well. But I just think you as the viewers deserve better, honestly. I. I’m only burning my half. All you care about is money. This town deserves a better class. I’m going to give it up. So if you want to see me burn all my money away or potentially turn it into more. Make sure to subscribe with notifications. I never asked for that before. I feel dirty. Now, interestingly, you can join my fund by going into prime SBT, hitting co vesting, looking for Krypto daily and hitting invest once you put like ten bucks there. There are fees applied when you withdraw. But these fees are only applied on top of profits if any. Don’t make any guarantees. I’d get a portion of those fees. The platform gets a portion. Majority of it comes back to you. Again, only if we’re in profit. I don’t make any money from training fees. I don’t make any money from liquidations, literally. Only if I first make you more money, which I think is a great situation. It’s a situation I’d like to see more influencers in, but it is what it is. So hopefully this is the start of something amazing. I am somewhat terrified, but I’m also very excited if I am able to help you make money and get paid for doing it. That’s the best job in the world. That’s literally one of the main reasons I started YouTube. So maybe you wait first. See how I do. I’ll even link Downbelow if you do want to support the idea of throw five or ten bucks into it. No guarantees though. I will never, ever make any guarantees. But let’s find out. Wish me luck. Blinded by the touch./otw_shortcode_content_toggle]


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