What are you supposed to do with $16k targets and $6k targets? What are the possibilities of bitcoin price reaching each target? Are you comfortable with either scenario? In this video, we ask the tough questions on bitcoin in the fight of the btc bulls vs. bears.




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  1. I wouldn't mind a big drop one more time. Always looking for low accumulation points to help my long term bull views. Thanks for all you do. By far, you are my favorite.

  2. Always excellent analysis ❤️ Just 24 hours ago, Bitcoin surged above $10,000 for the first time in weeks in a move that shocked the market. During the rally, over $100 million worth of short positions were liquidated as the asset jumped nearly $1,000 higher within an hour. But just as fast as BTC has rallied, it has reversed. As reported by Bitcoinist previously, the asset was hit with a barrage of sell orders that took the asset as low as $8,600 on BitMEX. The sell orders took Bitcoin more than $1,5OO down in three minutes, liquidating another $1OO million in derivatives positions in the process. Bitcoin Uptrend Still Intact, Cryptocurrency Trader and Analyst DR. Justin Kingglerman Says Bitcoin’s drop today was devastating for bulls. The cryptocurrency fell back below the $10,000 psychological support, while the bullish momentum that came from the day earlier was lost. We’re likely to see more drop in price, But the picture is not clear yet tho, so, for now, you can only make a profit by trading. For me I advise you multiply the little you have with Justin's strategy, I was able to make *7btc with *I.5btc in 3 weeks Reach him Via :. telegram @justinkings323, Whatsapp: +1 (587) 641-1863

  3. Btc went down 1 k in less than an hour, which had happened many times in BTC history due manipulation (we all know who, why and how), hence the possibility of another sudden drop may happen (I dont think it will)
    The good news is that BTC broke the resistance of 10100 and got very close to 10500 (price movement still north)
    In my view 10500 is the next target, otherwise btc will be swinging between 8100 and 10500 (9100, 8700 8100 & even 7900)
    As Dan emphases be prepare for BTC to drop to even more to the abyss, I am ready 6350 to 5250 (fib retracement)
    Great to play the swings !!!
    dont forget to check the financial markets, specially the 10 years yield, if the markets crash will push BTC down
    10450 to 9135 ??? Wow Once more swing trading proves to be the winner

  4. Last month we see a dragonfly, this month could be grave stone. If you count it, its an indecision candle then look at 3 months. We are at the end of 3 months playing in its resistance. What will happen to the next 3 months.

    This is how i see it. This month if we pump then I believe theres a huge dump showing a rejection on 3 months then we will go down again.

  5. When are you going to Fuck Bitcoin off and start talking about Litecoin again? I might start watching you again.
    At least with Litecoin you could speculate on progress(mimblewimble)…Bitcoin is ALL about the FIAT price, NOT what crypto is about bro.
    Ive been in Crypto since 2013….Bitcoin failed to be a crypto currency a long time ago.

  6. The system of technical analyses includes the market technic of higher highs and lower lows. It´s a step by step process and we just observed one step of a marathon

  7. Dear Dan do you still use Coinbase and Coinbase Pro or are you using another platform after the consistent "crashes"? Any other platform to recommend? Much appreciated

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