In this video today, we will see the third Bitcoin having. This is a very, very bullish event which is going to take the Bitcoin prize way above one hundred thousand dollars, according to this stock to flow ratio model. I’m going to show you exactly what happened after the first having and what happened after the second having and the fact that most likely the exact same thing is going to happen after this, having that we’re going to see today. And also look at this today, Bitcoin created the biggest Bitcoin see me futures gap in Bitcoin history. And will Bitcoin be able to get supported by this key moving average, or is Bitcoin destined to go even lower here in a big having dump? I want to take a look at the different scenarios. I want to show you exactly what I believe is going to happen. And if you think that that sounds interesting, that I think that you should diffuse. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl, and I’m here to bring you this cryptic, crazy video. And ever since we saw this bearish divergence, we have seen Bitcoin come down. And this bearish divergence comes from the fact that we have a high in the knee-high behind the price, but a high and then a lower high in the RSI. So a divergence. They are not agreeing with each other. And of course, the question is, will this trend continue to the downside? Because usually these bearish and bullish divergences, they mark the end of a trend. And we have seen a bull trend. Is it plausible that we might be entering into a bear trend here? Well, let’s take a look at some key support here because I want to bring out the V.P. R.. That’s what I want to do first. We can see here, if we zoom out, that Bitcoin did run into some resistance up here to ten thousand dollars. And currently, Bitcoin is running into a big chunk of support here in the V.P. The R and this support area are between eight point nine K down to forty-eight point six K approximately. So Bitcoin is literally exactly testing the support currently. And we can see that if Bitcoin were to break the support area, then there is a big hole here where there is no or less volume traded. And the next major chunk of the volume is down here starting at approximately seven point three thousand. So Bitcoin, if we fail to find support here, I think that we might see Bitcoin come down all the way down to seven points three. And that would be another, let’s see, another 17 percent from where we are currently. Another level I want to take a look at is the on the daily timeframe. I want to show you the daily moving averages because Bitcoin is currently trying to get supported by this purple line, which is the 20 daily. And let me first just take away all of the other lines, because they are not relevant to what I’m saying now. We can see in a bull trend, usually, this is moving average hold support. And usually, in a bear trend, this moving average provides resistance. And we did see support right here. The question is, will Bitcoin get supported by it right now? I think Bitcoin has a great chance of getting supporters here. There is a lot of demand for Bitcoin currently. I mean, we can see the search volume for the Bitcoin having to go completely parabolic. Now it’s even 500 percent higher than back at the peak of the previous having. So there’s a lot of people looking at Bitcoin currently, and that is a key factor here. But let’s also go out to the weekly timeframe, because the most important moving average is the 20-week moving average. That’s my opinion. I think that if I were to get a gun to my head and I had to choose one moving average, one EMEA or an indicator overall on Bitcoin, I would choose the 20-week moving average. You can see how perfectly it provides support in a bull run like this. And it also perfectly provides resistance in a bear trend. Right? Rattier When we broke it to the upside. So a huge bull run when we broke it there, we did see a bear trend. And when we broke it here, we saw a bull run and we broke it here. We saw a big plunge. We can see that this clearly holds a lot of significance now. Well, this is currently sitting down at approximately seven point nine thousand or eight thousand dollars. So a retracement all the way down to 8000 would still be considered very healthy and still in a bull run. And actually, Bitcoin already came down to eight points one and this big dump we saw. But I would say that as long as Bitcoin is a holding above eight thousand dollars, Bitcoin is still in a bull trend in the short term here. And Bitcoin is still looking healthy for the having it leading into the next few months. But if we do see Bitcoin break down below the 20, just like we saw there and just like we saw there and just as we saw there, well, then we can see that usually, this leads to very, very bearish price action. So let’s keep a close eye on the eight thousand dollar level. But, guys, there is one very bullish sign in the charts right now, and this can be fine on the sea meet futures chart because Bitcoin just created the biggest Bitcoin seems futures gap in Bitcoin history. You can see that we have seen big gaps before and all of these gaps on the daily timeframe. They always, always fill sooner rather than later. It’s just very obvious that these gaps hold a lot of significance. And many people ask me, what about these gaps? Why are they getting filled? Well, no one knows exactly why this works so well as it does. But the theory goes that gaps they tend to get filled sooner rather than later. And yeah. And essentially now we can see that this gap is all the way up here at ten thousand dollars. And this means that from where Bitcoin is currently to close the gap before it has to go up all the way here to approximately 15 percent. And this is a bullish sign because, as I said, they tend to feel sooner rather than later. And of course, there is nothing stopping Bitcoin from going a little bit lower before coming up and filling the gap. But there is some kind of magnetism to these gaps and price action tends to get pulled towards these caps. And by the way, guys, thank you so much for liking my video yesterday. I appreciate all of your engagement and the fact that so many of you actually really enjoy watching these videos. And if you are an experienced trader and if you’re looking for an alternative to bit makes, then I recommend BYB it and Fee makes. Both of these exchanges are very, very good. And you can get these bonuses here if you use mine link in the description here. But a big disclaimer, this is only for experienced traders. And also these are affiliate links, which means that I receive commissions whenever someone clicks on my links. And guys, do you remember when I said that Peter Schiff has been very quiet lately when Bitcoin is going up? Well, as soon as Bitcoin had a big fifteen percent dump, Peter Schiff came out and said so bearish stuff about Bitcoin. I’m not even gonna bother reading these tweets, but it is funny here. And I said to him that you only tweet about Bitcoin when it’s going down. That’s very, very convenient, of course. But he’s not the only one. Even Nouriel Roubini came out as Bitcoin dumped. And just a few minutes later tweeted bearish things about Bitcoin, calling it a scam. It will be so interesting to see what these people will be tweeting about when Bitcoin goes above twenty thousand dollars. It will be very hard to call it a scam at that point. And it will be very hard to be bearish on Bitcoin, especially because of the fact that we’re going to see a massive financial crisis and we’re going to see most assets deflate and go down and Bitcoin will go up and there will be very, very few arguments that have any kind of solidity at that point. And actually, assure, they can call Bitcoin a scam. But the fact is that Bitcoin has been profitable for most of the time. And basically this is the base comprised. And whenever this line is green, that means that Bitcoin is at a profit. And essentially, this just takes the current price. And of course, everyone who bought above this price is in red. They are at a loss, but very, very few people comparably bought at these high numbers. And personally, I think that all of these people that were in red are probably the weekends and they probably got shaken out in this big dump. We got down to three-point eight K. That’s my opinion. I think that now the weekends they have left this game. We are now ready for a huge Bitcoin bull run leading into twenty, twenty-one. So let’s talk about the big having pumped that everyone is expecting. First of all, having recorded this is coming up in 12 hours or eighty-two blocks. This is very, very, very exciting, guys. And this is the most accurate measurement, of course, the blocks. If you go to this website here, Bitcoin senses dot com having count on. You can follow this in real-time when there’s no here blocks until having reaches zero. At that point, we will have the bitcoin having officially everything else here is just an estimate, but it’s approximately 12 hours from now. And also, we can see here that the current block generation time is a little bit faster, which means that maybe the bitcoin having will happen sooner than people are expecting. Most people are looking at this metric. That’s 12 hours. All of the other big Bitcoin have encountered. They only have this measurement based on the average block generation time. But you have to look at the fact that block generation time goes up and down and currently blocks are getting added much faster. And this means that we might get this having a little bit sooner than people expected or no. And here we have the famous stock or ratio model. Currently, Bitcoin is perfectly aligning with this sort of cell ratio model. We can see how this purple line behind here, that’s the start to flow ratio. And yeah, Bitcoin has been following this perfectly for the past 11 years and is still on track. If Bitcoin were to come down all the way out to maybe, say, three thousand, two thousand, one thousand, then this would mean that Bitcoin is not sticking to the model. But currently, we’re perfectly on par. And if Bitcoin were to do the exact same as Bitcoin did after the first having and after the second having, basically coming up and meeting the next ratio, then Bitcoin has to come up all the. Up here, and this would mean that Bitcoin has to go up all the way to approximately one hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin. But the interesting part is that you can see that here we have to stop the flow. But Bitcoin comes way, way above makes a huge overshoot. Also here, a big overshoot way above the ratio, which is all the way down here, this purple line. And if the beta is going to do the same. Well, that’s most likely right. And this means that Bitcoins probably going to go way higher than one hundred thousand. And the author and the creator of this is Dr Phil Rasiah model. He says that Bitcoin will go to two hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars within the next two years. And he says that that’s just the average. He says that it can go much higher than that, probably 400000. And here we can see on trading you’ve plotted the previous Bitcoin heavies here. This was they had back in 2012. And from the having Bitcoin went up. Look at this. Nine thousand percent in just fifty-five weeks. And this other having we saw in 2016, the second having Bitcoin went up approximately 3000 percent in sixty-six weeks. Well, let’s say Bitcoin goes up only a thousand percent in 70 weeks. Just to be a little bit conservative here. This would mean that Bitcoin would go to one hundred thousand dollars in September 2021. Now, that’s just a very, very rough estimate. And there’s no way we can predict the future price. There is. That’s not possible. But just look at the trend. All traders know that the trend is your friend. And this trend is clearly going to the upside. And I really believe that Bitcoin is going to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next couple of years and millions of dollars in the next decades. And by the way, here’s a side note. Here is the actual code that gives us the Bitcoin having. But I think it’s very, very cool to just take a quick look at the actual code that gives us the having. And here you have the block reward. The subsidize is cut in half. Every two hundred and ten thousand blocks, which will occur approximately every four years. And yeah, so a big shout out to Satoshi Nakamoto for creating this beautiful creation, this new monetary revolution. And yeah, so I believe the bitcoin will go to millions of dollars. And the opposite is true for the U.S. dollar. This statistic shows us that it’s not very smart to hold all U.S. dollars the value of one hundred dollars if you’re huddled since 1913. Well, you can see that you lost basically all of your value. It would be worth approximately four dollars. Now, this begs the question, if you hold one hundred dollars today, how much will that be worth in two decades? Well, maybe ten dollars. Who knows? Maybe even if it’s 50 dollars, that’s still in the wrong direction. Of course, you want your savings to grow over time. And if you are holding U.S. dollars as your savings, then you’re doing it wrong. And especially now that we’re seeing massive amounts of quantitative easing and money printing from governments. This is not the time to be holding Fiat. I would only hold Fiat enough so so that I can stay liquid during the crash and during daily living. But I would never hold more field in a bank than I personally can afford to lose because you never know when the bank is just gonna shut down, close you out and tell you that you cannot access your currency. That would be a problem. This cannot happen with Bitcoin. And speaking of printing massive amounts of money, this is a ridiculous article from CNBC. Don’t fight the Fed. Join them with this ETF. The central bank could be buying. So the backstory here is that the Fed has been starting to buy stuff that they’ve never been buying before with newly created currency, and now they will be starting to buy ETF. And well, the ridiculous part here is that people are starting to realize that a good way to make money now is just to try to buy whatever the Fed will buy later. But you want to buy it before the Fed comes in because when the Fed comes in with their money printers, they can just print unlimited currency and buy these things. So it creates this weird moral hazard where people are buying things, not because of the fundamental value, but because they believe that the Fed will throw a bunch of currency at these assets. And it’s just a very, very weird environment. And of course, this is a great argument for Bitcoin. And honestly, the environment we’re seeing today is just a perfect setup for a massive Bitcoin bull run when people realize the flaws of the current monetary system and the. Floors of the banking system, I believe that soon people will be demanding an alternative. And it is my belief, my honest belief that people will eventually wake up to the power of Bitcoin, the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, the fact that it is digital. We can never go about 21 million bitcoins. These things are just so powerful and so few people know about this. Most people have a very, very vague understanding of what Bitcoin is. But as soon as Bitcoin Brixham of twenty thousand dollars, I believe that’s the point where the mainstream will start to flood in. More people will research Bitcoin. And that’s where we’re going to see the biggest bull run in bacon history to date. Please go down and leave it. Thumbs up if you agree with what I just said. And if you haven’t seen my Bible tutorial, then you can click right there right now and I will see you guys tomorrow.


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