Today for the Bitcoin price, is Bitcoin right now entering a massive danger zone here directly before the laughing. And after this rejection, we covered in the last video here. Are we going to expect lower price targets to what’s the half you with this sell the news event? Well, guys, there’s not only here, this glass, no charge, the unchained metrics, which indicate an all-time high for the hash rate, which might be very dangerous in combination with the halfling, which is about to be expected to in seven days. We will also show you this specific charger, which is brand new and plots, the bitcoin price against the hash rate and the time, and shows us clearly, clearly what to expect right now in the immediate short term. And until the end of the year, no, guys, we will also pull out here their hash ribbon’s the very famous hash roads, which always indicated perfect buying opportunities and also in the bitcoin price is going to retrace heavily. We will pull it out and connect all the dots for you and tell you exactly what we are expecting for the big comprise here in the immediate short term to what’s the half. So make sure you stick around, make sure you take a seat and make sure you smash up the like button to at least two thousand five hundred three thousand likes once again. And that being said, guys, welcome, friends. And welcome back Drummond Crypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. All right, guys, so we are here on the Fall Candles for the Bitcoin price. And before we go into this crazy chat, which reached an all-time high end, is indicating now that we are entering a danger zone for Bitcoin before the laughing. We, of course, want to go here into the t.a and look what the immediate short term has to provide for us here for Bitcoin. And as you can remember here, two days back in this video here where we talked about know Muskan also T8 was recorded approximately here. We actually said if Bitcoin goes back above and test this level here, once again, we have to stay above to say that we can with a very high degree of confidence, search for higher price targets. You know what, guys? Let me play you this clip very shortly before we go on to your back. Exactly. But pretty much exactly the sixty-one point eight levels. And this is the key level we are watching right now because if the big come price goes up once again, we do not want to see a double top. But if we are going to be rejected on the Barasch flip side, this would be a sign for us that this golden pocket right now is too strong and that we need to higher retracement here for Bitcoin. So as you can see, guys, we were actually rejected right here and had to fake out here at the price target we mentioned went below. And of course, guys, we find the higher retracement right now. Well, the question is now, how low can we go? And we actually think with that recent retracement here, it is not out of the room here that we can actually retest this specific price target here at the golden pocket around the 8000 U.S. dollar level. This is not out of the woods yet, guys. And we actually think that after this specific rejection, you as we mentioned before, this is a very, very highly probable scenario, guys. Of course, not 100 percent. But still, we have in these price levels here the perfect alignment off there. Let me go to the daily Kandal if you remember correctly, guys, we have the 100 days moving average. We have the 200-day moving average, perfectly converging here at these price targets. We have the weekly M.A ribbon also perfectly supporting this price target. So, guys, it will be extremely, extremely important for Bitcoin to bounce at these specific price targets here, whether it is before the halving or after the hafen. And in case this happens, we will remain bullish guys and we will go into the specific data. You’re in very, very big guys, but I want to mention something before. Remember, guys, the big con laughing is gonna go down in either six days. If you missed a measure here at the current block time or in seven days and one week if you measure at the approximate block to an average block time here of 10 minutes. And guys, you probably know what happens when the halfling is going to go down. The future inflation is being cut in half and the minor reward is being cut in half as well. That means that the minor profitability is also being cut in half if the prices stay the same. So this is very important to consider before we go here into this specific chart, which just reached an all-time high. And of course, guys, we don’t want to leave you here alone with any specific price targets. So, guys, in case we are going down and we find support at the 8000 U.S. dollar level and rebounds, there was significant volume. We can tell you guys we will still stick to our price target of ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars only if we are closing below a daily kind of below the eight thousand dollar level. We will lookout for a higher retracement for Bitcoin. But other than that, we will stick with the bump and run reverse. The pattern, which was perfectly on point so far after we broke down and we, yeah, we confirmed the break out here, but guys, it would be also very, very important here to remember that we are still here in this downwards trend. And in case we are going above here, this specific price target we mentioned, we, of course, also have to break the nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollar level, in this case, maybe the eight thousand three hundred U.S. dollar level to say, well, guys, we are going after the half-Finished into a new area. Breaking the key market structure and setting in for higher highs, which is, in fact, guys, still our most likely scenario here. So don’t freak out, guys, even though we are saying we are entering this severe danger zone right now and we will come to it right now. Why is it a danger zone? And before we do that, very quickly, just for a few seconds, guys, stick around here, because this chart here we are about to show you is actually very important to understand, especially in the light of the up and coming Bitcoin laughing. So before we do that, we want to thank our sponsors, two guy Dave guys. And you probably know that we haven’t had any sponsors for four or five months or so. 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And you make sure you use that one if you want to open an account there. It is very, very quick. And you can dollar-cost average. They are with fiat currencies. And now that being said, guys, let’s go into the next one because this is our favourite party. As you know, we talk about unchained metrics every single day. And before I’m going to show you this on Trend Metric, you on Glassman, I want to show you this. I want to bring this to your attention. This is a very, very interesting chart here, by the way, guys. Credits to Benjamin Cohen. This is a very nice and humble guy. We are chatting every now and then. And he is focusing a lot on data and deriving price predictions from data. And what he was doing here is he was promoting the Bitcoin price on the left-hand side in a logarithmic scale against the hash rate here on the bottom. Access also on a logarithmic scale. And he on the right-hand side, you can see the years, the year 2009, the year 2010, 2012, 2013. So what’s very interesting to see here is and this shouldn’t come with any surprise that you have a direct correlation here between the Bitcoin price and the hash rate. And what’s very important to mention is that this correlation usually does not go when you are talking about the causation from the hash rate to the big countries. So it’s not the hash rate determining the Bitcoin price. It is more the big comprise determining the hash rate. With that having disclosed, we have to understand that still, in the long run, the hash rate tends to go up in the long run. The big comprise tends to go up and we can see this contracting channel here actually going steeper and steeper. And right now we can probably see the bitcoin price may be levelling off a little bit there towards the halving until the end of the year. Maybe not going too crazy, not going above the levels of twenty thousand dollars, not going below the levels of six thousand dollars. But this one here clearly indicates us that even though we are entering the danger zone and even though we are entering this possible minus capitulation, which is which I am about to cover here directly afterwards with the on-trend rhetoric. Last note, and with the hash ribbons that in the long run, we will probably see still here, the hairshirt corresponding with the Bitcoin price, indicating that we will see much higher prices, at least in the year 2021, and most probably be way above twenty thousand U.S. dollars, most probably going towards one hundred thousand U.S. dollars. As crazy as this sounds, we did not change our opinion that on that. So this one here shows us perfectly here. The longer-term picture for Bitcoin and that we shouldn’t freak out, especially right now, even though we are entering this short term danger zone. And you can see the Bitcoin hash rate. Actually, this is on the glass. Now we have the professional account. As you know, there is another link here for glass not on below. You can click on this link and you will get a free account. This one we are having is paid, but you can also have a free account and check out the basic metrics. And you can see here right now the Bitcoin hash rate on the 24 moving average. You on the one hour chart was reaching an all-time high here yesterday. And the funny thing here is that it is reaching an all-time high on the hash rate before the halfling is gonna go down. All the miners, of course, already know that the block reward of twelve point five Bitcoin is being cut in half to six-point to five Bitcoin. So they know that they will not be that profitable anymore after the halfling is gone or don’t go down here in six, seven days. And we have to keep in mind that whenever this happens and let me pull out here the Bitcoin hash ribbon’s, we all saw our very, very popular video afterwards. Everyone talked about it here about the hash ribbon’s here. And to these hash ribbon’s, they always flash a capitulation signal when the hash rate is collapsing. And then when the hash rate recovers, we see the buy signal. And we actually mentioned in that video two weeks ago that we are expecting a probable new capitulation signal after the halving. This prediction did not change yet. But you can see actually the hash ribbon’s expanding with a hash rate going up. So what we are expecting right now, and this is the danger zone after the halving the future, inflation is being cut in half the Minori what is being cut in half. And we will probably see this moving average share going down, creating a new red area here and also creating a new capitulations signal on the hash ribbons. And one Barasch thing is, of course, the miners are going to dump, the miners are being gone to shut down their equipment and the hash rate is going to dump. This is actually not 100 percent certain, but almost certain, even under a certain Apollos said that he is expecting some kind of minus capitulation after the half in. So even though we are going to see that, guys, and this is the bullish flip side, we will probably see this minus capitulation going to go down. But remember what we said back in the days, eight times so far, this has to have been flashed this signal. If you go back in time, you can see it eight times. It flashed the signal. But every single time we saw the minus capitulation, it was an amazing, amazing buying opportunity for Bitcoin. Also here, the last time we actually saw the capitulation right here, guys, we call it in our video. It was an amazing buying indicator here for outsized returns. And we are expecting the same thing to happen again. The only thing we don’t know so far, guys, and this remains to be seen, is what will be the specific price target when we are going to see this capitulation to go down. We can only hope it will be above 8000, but only the time will show, guys. But this is the flip side. We are entering the danger zone. But this danger zone will create most certainly in the immediate short term at the halfling or after the half. An amazing buying opportunity for Bitcoin. Most probably going into that parabolic bull run 2020, 2021. Let us know what you think about that, guys. Do you think we will see a massive halving dump here at the half-hour after the huffing? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Right now, yes or no to what’s the halfling? Because as a quick ending note, guys, I want to remind you, we are talking about Bitcoin. And if one thing is for sure, for Bitcoin, you have to expect the unexpected guys. And it’s not that I want to cover you all possible scenarios, but of course, guys, even though it’s unlikely, we have to expect the unexpected. Guys, make sure you’re prepared for that because we didn’t sell any Bitcoin yet, even though we can’t see a dump here in the immediate future. We are not selling it because we want to be here when the big moonshot comes, guys, and it will be on you to do the same or to do something else. Let us know in the comments section below. And thank you so much for liking the video. Thank you so much for tuning in once again, guys. The last few years have been crazy. We are always crashing 30000 views yet. So thank you so much for watching all our video smashing up the like button towards two thousand five hundred three thousand. Always. And we will see each other very soon in the next one. Imam Krypto with the Binchy fifteen already to mind. That being said, guys, as always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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