Today for the big compromise red card from the moon. We will be talking about Bitcoin, namely the price of Bitcoin, but today we will do it based on technicals and based on fundamentals. All in light of the financial crisis and what is happening right now in the world. Guys, this would be extremely interesting because we have interesting data points to talk about with our special guest, Todd from the Moon. So first off, our guys, what do you have to do is just take a seat, take a cup of coffee, water, also smash up the like button to at least 3000 likes, if you like, this type of content. And now we want to come to the most important question of the day card from the moon. How are you doing today? I’m doing very well. Thailand is treating as amazing, as nice weather. Of course, we have the curfew going on. And, yeah, I mean, the big fear of this outbreak is happening here also. But then again, I think this is maybe the best place to be quarantined that right now. So I’m doing very well. How are you? I’m also doing well, of course, all this curfew thing, it just gives us some more opportunity to put our focus into content for you guys. So if you appreciate that for sure, make sure you switch up the light button. Now, let’s get straight into it because certainly, we have very important stuff to talk about. Of course, Karl, I mean, we can see it on all these hopping Web sites like the Hafen is coming up in 31, 32 days or so. And everyone is asking right now, well, why is big console oversold? What can we expect from the next month or so for the bitcoin price? Can we expect the price to rise, to decline? Maybe we start with some fundamentals, some technicals and tried to predict the become price. No knowledge in the mid-run. Yes. So that’s an interesting point because. Yes, the bitcoin having is coming up in, I think 31 or 30 days. And this is a. So usually what I say is that we see the Federal Reserve do this quantitative easing. As we’ve seen for the past few months, even the past decade, they’ve been engaging in policy easing, where they expand the monetary base, they expand the number of dollars in circulation to inject into the system and get things going again. And it’s, of course, not good for the value of the dollar and all the other fiat currencies because they are backed up by the dollar. So they doing quantitative easing. And this is happening simultaneously, as in 30 days roughly, you will see Bitcoin do a quantitative hardening. So we’re doing the exact opposite happening in Bitcoin. And this is unique. We don’t see that anywhere else. Even gold, which is a very scarce asset, has a very controlled low inflation. But you never see any having in the gold supply increases. You don’t see that it doesn’t happen anywhere else. And it is unique for Bitcoin. And I think there’s a big divergence between Bitcoin and the Fiat. Curtis system is going to be something that people will it will be undeniable to people looking for these alternative places to hide their wealth. And I’m very, very bullish for Bitcoin now in the financial crisis, because obviously Bitcoin has never had to have any financial crises before. So this is a unique setup. And this makes me very, very excited, actually. Yes. Yes. And people seem to forget, especially in the traditional markets, that the financial markets are not a perfect mirror of the reality. What you can see right now is that we have like 60 million people losing their jobs in the United States. And the DOJ on still had the best week since, like, I don’t know, 80 years or so since 1938. And this is crazy that people are irrational and they are also irrational in the Bitcoin market. What you can do is just exclude the price and look at the fundamentals. If you do that, you should be right now more bullish than ever for the bitcoin price, more bullish than in 2017, 16 and so on, because the fundamentals are all at an All-Time High and something else which has sent an all-time high, at least for the last two or three years, is the number of waves holding bitcoin. Because right now we can see the number of ways people or entities holding more than 1000 bitcoin in their addresses is at its highest since 2016. And I think we all know what happened after 2016. And we all know that the winners are usually considered the smart money. Think about that, guys, when you’re panicking about Bitcoin when you’re thinking about selling off your position on Bitcoin. And one other thing before I come for the next question to you is I want to mention something, guys. Remember that? Of course, they did. Deflation is maybe not the best thing for Bitcoin in the immediate short term. But if you look at what is happening right now in the markets, you talked about the quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve printing money like crazy. And if you look at all of that and right now having this crisis, the people are not spending that much money. So the velocity of money is very low, whereas the quantity of currency is getting higher and higher. What happens if this crisis set in stone and the people are more confident in the market? Again, they start spending, the velocity will increase and all this currency into circulation will start to circulate. And whenever this happens, the prices will rise, but they will not rise as we have seen it before. They will rise in the. Scenario, even like we saw it in the way Mullery probably died 100 years ago in Germany. So whenever this happens, this will be extremely beneficial for gold, silver and all the low inflatable assets. It will be also beneficiary for Bitcoin. And no, I have some questions for you from the technical point of view. You’re doing a lot of T-A, just as we are doing it every now and then. What do you think is your outlook for the big prize right now that we Broca, which also, as you talked about it just two days ago yesterday. And what does he offer for bitcoin right now from the technical point of view? Yeah. So, yeah, just like you mentioned this writing words that theming liberal down is something that we talked about for the past few days. And I’m not really too sure about the fact that this is going to lead to a bigger sell-off in this moment because we didn’t see a big vols. bike at the point of the breakout. And that is a key thing that you want to see. When price breaks out of a pattern, even if it’s up or down, it doesn’t matter. You need to see volumes spike at the point where it breaks out. This gives significance to the pattern and to the breakout. And basically we didn’t see a big volume spike. If you look at the year, then one day or for our real timeframe, which could mean two things either. This was not a rising wedge and we are maybe in an in it in another pattern like a bear flat. And we did not break out yet. And I think that maybe the likely scenario the other scenario is that it was a rising wedge and we did break out, but we should not expect a larger selloff because the bigger the volume at the breakup, the more you can expect from the breakup, then the more powerful it will be. But I’m leaning more towards the fact that maybe it wasn’t in writing, which may be actually maybe we’re still in a bigger bear flyboy, wider rising wedge. And that is the thing about technical analysis. You cannot always have all the answers before things happen and sometimes have to readjust. You have to adapt to the market. And maybe that is what we have to do. But current down, I’m watching this as a potential bear flag. But whenever bitcoin does move in an in a big way, make sure to go into the volume. Take a look at it and see if there’s a big spike in the volume. Because if there is a big spike in volume, then you can trust this movement. But you have to see volume follow the price because when you have no volume, then you shouldn’t really trust. It’s not very trustable. Trusted. Price action. Yes, that’s a very good point. Also, this was the breakdown before we had one break out of the ascending triangle if it was one. And also there we didn’t see the significant volume and yet we just spiked up like a few hundred dollars. We have it around and we broke down eventually. Maybe this time it will be the same, actually. Also the only the future can tell. So it would be very interesting to see if we see follow through on that raising rates. The volume suggests no. But it remains to see before we go to the next one. Yeah. I want to know from you guys, do you think we will see further down what’s or upwards price action until the halfling, which is coming up in approximately one month upwards or Don, what clicks the poll which is popping up right there somewhere in the poll and I’d say upwards ordan was that that would be very interesting to know. And right now you’re coming to the ending point. Carl, I would like to know from you, what is your personal prediction if someone points a gun to your head? Of course, we don’t know. But putting all of that together up until the halfling and maybe for 2024 to become a price for the having. I must say, I don’t know. I think that the fundamentals of the economy and everything is just so, so unpredictable and it’s just off the charts. And I feel like all bets are off in terms of it’s just very, very it’s a very weird environment, seeing Corona seeing as a crisis. Everything is like a big mix of factors that are very, very unpredictable. So it’s hard to say where we’re going in the immediate future. I mean, you can look at the technicals, you can see the patterns. And that’s, of course, predictable. But in the medium timeframe, I think it’s very hard to say. But like I always say, though I am very bullish for Bitcoin long term and I really believe that. Of course, the mid-term we’ve already seen saw which sell-off. So we’re selling pressure. I don’t CLB thinking go much lower than this. I think that the two one is weekly moving average will hold just like it has done for eleven years. We have never seen bitcoin decisively break the lords and hold below it, so we would basically just see people bounce off of it. And I believe this is going to continue. Remember, the trend is your friend and the trend has been to the upside. The trend is still to the upside. If you look at a bigger timeframe and if the 200 weekly is the trend you’re following, then the trend is your friend. You should expect people to continue to hold above it. And this means that we should be bullish or we are very close to the bottom right now. All right, guys, remember that whenever there is the next selloff. Always during the next few days, remember, all the fundamentals we talked about tried to take the long term view and you don’t just sell all your Bitcoin, that’s for sure. Guys, we are holding our Bitcoin long term position no matter what happens. And we have a small position we are trading with. We are speculating within the shorter timeframes. Don’t forget that, guys. And also, before I wrap up today’s episode, I wanted to say something which is certainly very important for me. You know that we are t-mat and I’m crypto and I also have a co-founder. This name is Arnold. I have another whole phone as well. But Arnold, right now, he’s set up his own young T-A channel and it’s actually right now very, very successful. Make sure to check it out. It’s crypto portrayed. He will do a lot of podcasts in the future as well. But he’s doing T-A also just go to the pin common clique that one and subscribe to a check of the last videos he has been actually calling. I’m calling this breakdown here as well with some very, very interesting t._a. So make sure to check it out. The people love it so far. And your big shot or to your honour. Thanks, everyone, for watching Menchu smash up the like button at the second step, guys. Cast link is also in the zavod pin comment down below. If you’re not subscribed already, Kik also on that thing and subscribe to cost channel. From the moon. Very nice day over the micro-economics financial crisis and all of that. Good stuff. So thank you so much for watching. Guys, do you have anything to show me for a wrap up for this episode? No. I think this was an amazing episode. And I think your co-founder is doing a great job. I also check a few videos of them. Make sure to go with the crap to that guy. Amazing stuff. Yes. And also dream, of course. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Next up, smash up like up to 2.3 trillion likes. Then the amount of U.S. dollars being printed by the Federal Reserve recently. So thank you so much for watching. And reserves are the reason at the next one of the crypto and it’s always the case, by the way, tomorrow. And as always, bye by.


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