So, guys, welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, I’m going to be talking about one specific thing that Bitcoin did previously, and it actually pumped over 300 percent. And that signal is flashing again right now. I’m going to be talking about that in today’s video. We’re also going to be talking about this pump up and this correction. Back to this eighty-five hundred dollar level, which I called in yesterday’s video if you want to go back and check it. We’re going to be taking a look at the Bitcoin price where it may be going in the short term. We’re also going to be taking a look at the hovering, which is now around 10 to 11 days, depending on your look. If you’re looking at the current blog generation or the average blog generation, the Crypto Fear and Greed Index will also take a look at. Also, guys, the Federal Reserve chair says we won’t run out of money. We’re going to be taking a more in-depth look at that in today’s video, following up with a final article of the day, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs advised clients to not buy Bitcoin. This is a huge article and it promotes the reason why you should buy Bitcoin even more. So all that good stuff and some great Bitcoin price analysis coming up in today’s video. Make sure you sit back. Make sure you relax and get ready for the video. Our guys, what’s up? Welcome back to another video. Thank you for joining me again today. I hope you are all well. Of course, guys, if we haven’t already if we can smash that one K like Target, which we did in yesterday’s video, that will be absolutely amazing. Also, if you do enjoy my content and you’re not subscribed, what are you doing? Just subscribe and take that notification, Bill. So you get notified about my upcoming videos. Also, guys, drop your comments down below. If you want to be entered to win this Tresa storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin, you can literally common anything and be entered into the giveaway. It takes two seconds. So without any further ado, let’s get onto some Bitcoin price analysis, guys. So as I’m sure you all know, we had this lovely pump up to around ninety-five hundred. Yesterday’s video. I made a roundabout on this for our candlestick. And I did actually say, just be careful because we could be pulling back to around the eighty-five hundred dollar level and look exactly where we pulled back to yesterday’s video. I said eighty-five hundred, which is this white line here. We did in fact go a little bit below it and bounce into around eighty-four hundred give or take. So it was a fairly reasonable call on my behalf and which was nice. We immediately pump back up, got rejected around this eighty-nine hundred dollar level and came back down again. Now we found a little bit of support around this eighty-six hundred dollar level which is quite nice. And we are coming most likely going to go back up and test this eighty-nine hundred dollar level. Now what happens at this eighty-nine hundred dollar level will be very, very important for Bitcoin if we can in fact break it, break above it and test new highs above that ninety-five hundred dollar level. They’ll be really, really interesting for the bitcoin price and I’ll be very, very bullish. However, I do want to keep one thing in mind as we are pumping up here if we cannot meet this level of resistance. Guys, keep in mind that the previous of work up to this eighty-nine hundred dollar level. So if we cannot even walk up here, that would show a lower low from here to here. So that would potentially be bearish in the short term for Bitcoin in this time scale. So do keep that in mind when you are looking at the Bitcoin price. Overall, though, guys, we’re doing really, really well. The price is very nice. Eighty-eight hundred dollars as of filming this. And we are showing steady improvements in the price on the for our chart, looking like we could be going to test this. Eighty-nine hundred dollar range even if we stayed in this range for a little while. I wouldn’t honestly be surprised and I wouldn’t actually be too annoyed if we did. I think it’s good for Bitcoin to go sideways a little bit before we in fact gain momentum and break out of this and go ahead and test that ninety-five hundred dollar level again and potentially go upwards to 10K mark, which we all want to see. Of course, guys are going to be getting into exactly what I was talking about in the intro. Right now, if we go over to the weekly chart, something incredible is actually happening. If we look here one, two, three, four, five, six and seven, that is seven green candlesticks on the weekly chart, guys. That is so, so, so bullish. You wouldn’t even believe it if we go back to the last time that happened. That was actually down here. And look at what happened to the Bitcoin price from the bottom. We pumped around just over 300 percent, about 315 per cent in around 168 days, which is crazy down here. We had this nice, very nice candle action here on the weekly chart and we had multiple, multiple green candlesticks. Again, we saw more again, right now we are currently seeing a nice seven in a row, green candlesticks on the weekly chart. And this could be very, very bullish for Bitcoin. I cannot wait for the next weekly candlestick to form. Of course, the next weekly candlestick, most likely. And we’ll be very, very close to the halving which is coming ever so soon, guys. So that is really nice news and I hope we can form another bullish weekly candlestick. So, guys, if you did want to go ahead and trade the Bitcoin Bitcoin right now, I personally recommend theme X is pretty much the best platform out there. And if you deposit zero points to Bitcoin, you actually get 112 dollars for free. Similarly, deposit that zero point two into your trading account. And then the bonus will be granted to you within 24 hours. And that is only if you use my link below if you use the normal link on the Web site. You will only get seventy-two dollars using mine. You’ll get 112 dollar bonus. So, of course, leverage trading is risky. It’s only for the more advanced traders. But if you were interested in links with that will be down below. So, guys, let’s look at the Bitcoin halving. This is pretty much the best website to use if you are interested in looking at the Bitcoin halving. You can go ahead and find it here. So basically, this shows the current Blong Generation time and the average blog generation time. And it shows how they differ. A lot of sites don’t actually offer that. So we can see here on the current blog generation time. We actually have 10 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes. On average, we have a lot of just over 11 days. So anyway, you look at it, the bitcoin holding is coming very, very soon. And I cannot wait for that to happen. Right now, the Crypto Fear and Greed Index is actually a 40, which is a fairly nice considering we had this massive pump over the past few weeks. It’s fairly nice. I remember covering this back down here when it was maybe seven or six or eight on the Krypto Fear and Greed Index. So now we’re showing a solid 40, which is nice. It’s not the best. Last month we saw extreme fear at 12. So is steadily growing without a shadow of a doubt. So, guys, let’s get into the first article of the day. The Federal Reserve chair says we won’t run out of money. This is going off a not something I covered in yesterday’s video. I just wanted to add a little bit more detail to it. So on Thursday, the Federal Reserve issued a press release regarding the current economic state around the 30-minute mark. They asked the chair about the concerns over the increased fiscal spending. Powell responded to the following. And the second thing is, we won’t run out of money. There was a strange thing in my voice then, but yes, we won’t run out of money. And, you know, it’s not a limited pot. This is absolutely crazy, guys. And it’s pretty much the Fed admitting that they. We already knew it anyway. But it’s just them further backing the point that they’re not going to stop printing money. They’re not going to stop propping up the economy. And this is exactly why we need Bitcoin. But I’m sure all you guys know that already. And this comes as the paycheck to paycheck program PDP runs out of money just two weeks after launching. Of course. What are they going to do? Well, they’re going to go ahead and add more money to it. We have not been on such a path for some time, which means that the debt is growing faster than the economy. This is extremely scary, knowing that the US debt is at an all-time high and that is not a good thing right now. This is not the time to act on those concerns. Well, yeah, I somewhat disagree on that. This is a time to use the great fiscal power of the United States to do what we can to support the economy and tried to get through this. Was it with as little damage to the long run, the longer-term productive capacity of the economy as possible? This is really interesting. It goes on to say, furthermore, as the Fed Reserve chair says, we won’t run out of money. U.S. inflation rates continue to rise. However, post bitcoins, the annual inflation rate will have halved to one point eight percent per annum. This is less than the current inflation rate of the U.S. dollar. And I covered this in a previous video, and that is really, really nice. So let me know your thoughts and opinions down below what you guys think about the Fed printing money. Will they eventually stop? Will inflation set on like hyperinflation soon? It’s absolutely crazy. Guys, let me know what you think. Downbelow low end due to a nut tree, a storage device. You can literally comment anything. So let’s move on to the last article now. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs advise clients not to buy Bitcoin. And this is exactly why you should be buying Bitcoin. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are advertising their clients against purchasing Bitcoin. This is something that we it’s not really new, to be honest, but it’s nice to see a covered dime. A California based digital asset wealth manager alleged that it risked long losing a vital client upon the intervention of the two financial moguls. The firm claimed that it has an institutional player who is ready to invest in Bitcoin, but changed his mind after speaking to advisers at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. He goes on to say, I have a client who is ready to buy Bitcoin. After talking with his advisor advisors at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, he told me he’s not interested anymore. So they basically persuaded him not to. I asked why. I asked why and what they said. Instead of answering, he asked me to explain in one sentence the benefits are to buying Bitcoin. And now in terms of proven results. Well, just look at it. It’s pretty much the best-performing asset in history. And even yet today, it’s still the best performing asset. So, yeah, even if you don’t agree with it simply as a standby and making money, you should still have a little bit of your wealth in Bitcoin. And this is absolutely crazy. He goes on to talk about the trust gap, showing that even if basically what I just said, even if people don’t understand Bitcoin, don’t like it, they should still hold a small amount. And I can almost guarantee that these executives at JP Morgan and Chase are holding a small amount of Bitcoin because they’re very smart people. They, of course, they want to be included in a lot of the biggest investments and the kind of most profitable ones. Of course, they’re going to be holding Bitcoin behind the scenes. Let me know what you think about that. Downbelow, do you think? JP Morgan, Jamie Diamond and Goldman Sachs are actually holding a little bit of Bitcoin secretly, of course. I pretty much know that they are just really interesting auto guys and that pretty much rounds off today’s video. As I said before, really nice bullish candlesticks on the weekly chaffer Bitcoin. If we go back over to the four-hour chart and quickly round off this video, we can see that we could be testing this eighty-nine hundred dollar range any in the next few hours. And it’s gonna be very, very interesting to see if we do, in fact, break up of this form, a new high or high. And in fact, eradicating this high here and show that we are still bullish. If we don’t and we only wake up to around about 88, 50, something like that will have formed a lower high. And that is definitely not good. Then we could come into some kind of triangle like this and maybe bounce here and break. I don’t know. That’s just me brainstorming. But definitely I’m really excited about the Bitcoin price in the coming weeks as the harvesting is coming. And it’s a very, very bullish for Bitcoin. So, as always, guys, if you do want to join Phoenix untradeable to leverage zero points to Bitcoin deposit, we’ll get you one hundred and twelve dollars bonus using my link Downbelow in the description. If you don’t use my link, you won’t get that bonus. But that is entirely up to you. Thanks for watching this video, guys, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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