Jim Rogers: NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Bitcoin Prediction by Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers: NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Bitcoin Prediction by Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is one of the world’s largest investors who like to talk about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, real estate, and ways to make money. In this interview, Jim Rogers expresses his opinion on the world crisis and economy collapse. In this video, you can also hear about bitcoin price predictions, bitcoin news, and whether cryptocurrencies will touch zero. Jim gives advice and suggests what to do and where to invest in times of crisis and trauma when people are looking for a safe heaven.

00:11 – This economic crisis never happened before
00:41 – Governments like to use computer money
01:43 – The US dollar is overpriced and many currencies will disappear
02:39 – All of you guys in the crypto world are smarter than the bank and government
03:08 – People will use those currencies that the bank determines
03:50 – Jim Rogers: “I would buy gold, why would I buy Bitcoin?”
04:56 – Anything is possible, but the bitcoin price can drop to zero
05:42 – Many cryptocurrencies have already disappeared and dropped to zero, I expect that to happen to bitcoin as well
06:25 – Silver is much cheaper than gold right now
07:32 – There are always opportunities, especially in the world of investing

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Jim Rogers: “Markets overbought – debt is skyrocking – US dollar bubble – Bitcoin will disappear”

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