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Is my berries prediction coming true is bitcoin going to go to these lower levels back in that six thousand dollar area I’m gonna tell you guys what I am expecting bits going to do in the coming days and weeks and I’m also going to tell you guys how I expected this possible dump to play out definitely stay tuned. Okay so in the last couple days you might have already seen that bitcoin good quite a decent dump to the downside and that’s what I have been talking about in the last couple of my fios where I was quite bullish when a bitcoin turned over here too D. up sites but after I saw the rejections that bitcoin was getting over here and over here I kind of thought yet this is not looking like bitcoin is ready to make a full reversal to the upside in stats I saw this as a very very berry sign I also told you guys that potentially you are looking at these becoming a double talk now so far that is exactly playing out but there’s a big catch and this is a very very big catch a rise of bitcoin gold days resistance threat line and it touched its over there over there over there and then over there it gold‘s resistance over there and it broke above it now it got a very very weak break out of the straight line this is a very very major trendline at once bitcoin breaks out of a truck landed is this important you want to see a big spike in volume you want to see a big spike in the price and yes bitcoin really did it did it actually it actually kind of went sideways the moment that it broke out and I was instantly falling back over the straight line is it a bully sign or is that a very sign well that is in my opinion a very very berry sign let’s look at this very very logical all rights Bituin breaks above an important trait line there’s not a lot of reaction from the bulls and then when the price gets near the previous high that’s where you can see it doesn’t there’s clearly not a lot of strength from the bulls and so the bears take it over and then I can take the price easily back to the downside which is indicating to me that there is that right now not a lot of demand for bitcoin yeah right now it does look like between is.

Is it breaking back on the district line it does seem to have quite a little bit of a bounce to the upside I believe you know could go a little bit higher but eventually I believe bitcoin will at again back to the downside now it might already have actually had a move to the downside once videos uploads of course I don’t know that but yeah this is looking to me like a short term bounce and if it’s going to fall back for a second time then that is in my opinion going to be appointed to straight line is going to be broken and that would be a major sign for me as well dance between is going to go and have lower into that six thousand dollar area yeah this is a very very important trait line if it’s gets broken that prepare for potentially bitcoin having that large dump to the dump site now this is well very very major a right now developments going on all the stock markets so this is the Dow Jones and in one of my videos I said that it looks like the Dow Jones is going to top out at this zero point five one of the few minutes she retracement level and you can see it right now it does look like the stock market has stopped out on that level and also seems to have broken out over eight bearish rising wedge so it looks like the stock markets are also heading down again and you can see that there has been quite a decent cell of already quite a decent break out it’s getting a little bit of a pull back back to job sites but I believe that this is going to result in under a large move to the downside yeah and especially affected between as well as right now sitting at the double top pattern you could be looking at bitcoin as well similar to for instance the Doug Jones having a large correction to the downside now let’s say the bitcoin is going to go and have a crash to the downside let’s say that is going to break this trend line and this is going to be a bull trap like I said it’s and that’s a big one is gonna go down to let’s see that’s five point seven K. area that’ll be quite a significant down. To the downsides and the question that I’ve had in the last couple of days is where are you predicting a price to go if you get bit what is going to get a new dump to the dump site and I thought it was a little bit before visit to gold sharks might being able to give some clues about where bitcoin might go so anyway this is very simple this is a gold chart back old twenty five April in two thousand thirteen you can look it back of course and study it yourself but yeah you can see that the goal has quite a big dump to the dump sites and then it’s set a little bit all of these bull trap before continuing to dump March and much further to the downside and is it possible to bit torrent is maybe going to do something similar now this is of course going to be the super super bearish scenario but I do want to show you guys that there is a potential for days to play out this is going to be the most bearish now you’re going to play out but yeah you can see that’s especially if if one is going to get that new correction to the downside this would roll over very quickly into a dump that is going to become very very massive similarly to what gold date you conceded goals at a fairly large crested downsides and then it’s heads a bull trap to the upsides followed by sideways action and then it has an equally powerful dump again to the downsides and then it goes support adds dad’s last previous low and then it’s set a little bit off a rising wedge pattern right over there and when does broke to the downside that’s when all hell broke loose and yeah golds had quite a decent dump to the downside now the question is can be to achieve something similar well this one I really have a significant jump from ten K. all the way to four K. in the last couple of months and yet this was an absolute significant dump to the dump sites you can see similar to gold bitcoin is now moving to the upside but as of right now going sideways indicating to me that. It is very unlikely for bits going to magically continue to the upside like that’s it as well said a double top right over there and goals over here said a very clear triple top seed there’s quite a bit off the similarities as well you might ask how much are we going to see prices as low as one thousand dollar or two thousand dollar and to that answer I would say there’s quite a big possibility that a question of course is is there a bullish scenario now I am going to be very sad but you I don’t see a bullish scenario now that doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be bullish scenario that doesn’t mean that they can’t be able to should I feel better every morning that I open the chart the first thing to do is draw out as much scenarios as possible and then I talk about some of the scenarios that I’ve been drawing out well in the future channel and yeah that’s basically how I make my fios that’s how I do my TA but in the last couple of days I’ve open the charts and I have really not seen any reason to be bullish on bitcoin in the last couple of days I just really had no goods a bullish scenario for bitcoin now again there might be a bullish scenario but I’m not seeing it I’m really not seeing it I’m really not seeing how this is going to go higher this structure looks so incredibly bearish to me and especially the fact that this breakout was so incredibly weak and a bit on this right now just falling back into the traveling if this one is going to move back to the job site then what is going to happen is it grammatically mood like that’s I don’t I I do not see that happening I mean I I don’t think that the Montes initially going to spike now what could of course happen that the federal reserve is printing you know a lot of money and that that will be good for bitcoin that’s would potentially cost B. it’s going to spike in demand but if nothing crazy is going to go happen then yeah I don’t think this is the month for bitcoin is easily just and simply going to increase and bitcoin is just going to moan like that yeah I do believe that this is going to fall back for the downsides in the coming days if it does manage to make. Take a significant move to the upside and go above the previous high right over there then you might be looking at this being some kind of a double bottom like debts but I don’t expect that scenario to play out but yeah I do know that there’s quite a lot of police people right now and if you are a police person look I would love to have your opinion I would love to have some bully scenarios right now because this is not good for my technical analysis as well because yeah if I don’t have any bullish scenario then there’s going to be no way that I’m going to be able to be prepared for a possible reversal to the upside conclusion I am berries that’s it really I’m bearish I think this is going to go lower and I mean at this point if it’s gonna go break that’s redline it can go super low it might be able to get a quick bounce again to the upside it can go either way but I believe especially right now in the short term between is going to get a correction to the downside and that’s really all everything that I can share right now now if you enjoyed this video make sure to press the like button and subscribe and join the free telegram the links in the description it’s completely free so you just click the link and you were in just like that it’s very very simple thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys in my next video bye bye.


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