Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions, Gold Vs Bitcoin, 25 Million Unemployed & Block.One EOS Votes


Hello, everybody. Welcome back. For another. Video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having a great day to start things off. The Bitcoin price slipped below 7000 U.S. dollars yesterday after failing to surmount these seven thousand five hundred dollar level for the third time since the crash of the 12th and 13th of March, which is a date or dates that we continuously popping up over and over again. The unprecedented correction in the crypto markets at this time said Bitcoin plummets to three thousand seven hundred dollars and hours. Peculiar, literally not a word you see often peculiarly peculiar. This came as a traditional stock. Markets also experience an equal and painful drop in the near term. It mecs CEO author hase expected the top cryptocurrency to revisit the three thousand dollar levels again as crypto markets puke again in face of 19, governments are unveiling several stimulus packages to cushion these slowly weakening global economy. The U.S. in particular has launched trillion dollar bailouts, which even include checks to citizens. In a recent blog blog post blog post, Arthur Hayes notes that all these solutions will eventually favor Bitcoin in the long run as it is the hardest form of digital money. The U.S. dollar, on the other hand, will face an inevitable collapse due to the unending money printing. Hayes reiterates the widely known fact that as the U.S. prints a lot of money in an effort to monetize the government’s debt, the dollar will collapse and inflation will be prevalent at the moment. The number of above but dub dub, dub dub chopped NASA all about a lot of gloom and doom. The point is, for some reason, I wonder why the last couple of weeks as we’ve seen a declining global economy. A lot of people are trying to or rather have set their gaze directly upon Bitcoin, not even that they’re trying to do something else. They have tunnel vision focusing directly on Bitcoin and exactly where it’s going to go. What do we see now? And the pattern that I am seeing is that apparently after we have been unable to pass by the I think a seventy to seventy three hundred was also a very big number. For some reason we couldn’t stay above this. We kept on going down, up, up, up, up, up, over and over and as we could not get by seventy five hundred and of course logically also not seventy seven hundred and bitcoin has fallen below 7000 that it appears. What’s the guy’s name. Arthur Hayes. Almost as something else was a singer. I’m pretty sure that was a singer. It sounds like a singer. Apparently a lot of people, and not just Mr. Hayes here all believe that bitcoin is poised for a drop of the kind of drops I’m hearing are anywhere between five thousand three thousand thirty five hundred sixty two hundred. Give or take. But then apparently afterwards there will be a a bump back up, if you will. This is kind of news all over the place. I guess Arthur Hayes has become rich enough within the cryptocurrency space that when you say something, millions of other people write articles about you because they take your word for a law. No one knows how realistic a drop back to 3000 is or nonetheless a five thousand or fifty five hundred or even directly a six thousand dollar price of bitcoin is once again. It’s more like a.. And remember I said this before in other videos as well. Not to discount or count out these people, it’s more of a you can say whatever predictions you want. And if they end up coming true, you can then go see. See, I told you that would happen. But when they don’t happen, especially around the specified time and or date, I. This this this drop is supposed to be happening within the next. Or weeks the. The predictions that we’re seeing. And if they don’t end up happening, you can simply just make a new prediction and people will have forgotten about the other prediction because that’s how predictions worked. He also predicted. That after the dip that bitcoin will push back above or to twenty thousand dollars this year. This is something that we’ve also heard fairly often amongst. Not professionals and big, big, big, big money people within the cryptocurrency space that there may be a dip or it looks like a dip could be coming or prices could be going down, which could also just simply be something inside of their heads that’s telling them that the Bitcoin price has to drop alongside the traditional stock market as we know that we’re going to see a further drop in the stock markets. And if we don’t, I mean, listen, we won’t know that the stock market is manipulated. So that’s kind of neither here nor there. The point being, the one thing that kind of holds true amongst all of these predictions is it’s everyone likes everyone. Every prediction thus far has noted that Bitcoin will slide down a bit, which is kind of nonsensical, because at some point Bitcoin is going to fall down in price, whatever the second point being. Is that during the rest of this year, Bitcoin will make a move above ten thousand fifteen and then subsequently hit back to twenty thousand. I’m not so sure about that fifty thousand dollar bitcoin this year. Who knows? Weirder things have happened within the bitcoin space. That would be a 10 x from where we currently are. Ish. 9 X when? In 2017 we had a. Twenty point five X. Anyway, we’ll see as time ends up going on and tying directly, they are tied at the foot with all of this. Peter Schiff, a well-known economist and renowned author, I wouldn’t say that renowned author has taken another stab at Bitcoin as he commonly compares a digital asset with gold, outlining its intrinsic lack of value or lack of intrinsic value. The expert now says that the precious metal will outperform Bitcoin as the latter will simply crash. Bitcoin is commonly compared to gold and its property to serve as a store of value. In fact, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, refer to it as a speculative store of value, just like gold. This doesn’t seem to be the opinion of Peter Schiff, though, as he’s been known for refuting bitcoins by this. Peter Schiff, for those of you who don’t know, has nothing better to do with his time. I am certain if I had billions of dollars, I would not even care about what what a bitcoin was almost cast. But for some reason, Peter Schiff sitting in his home alone, I assume this is one of his major fascinations. He reiterated his views today once again, saying that Bitcoin will ultimately crash back to Earth. He said over the past several years, bitcoin holders or I wrote Hodler is good for him. Bitcoin Hodler is poked fun at gold. All his he’s he’s insecure. Bitcoin Hodler is poked fun at gold investors because bitcoin gained so much more than gold. Over the next several years, those roles will reverse, but not because gold rises more than bitcoin, because we all know that won’t happen. But because gold moons as bitcoin crashes back to earth. All that sweet we all. So first of all, for those of you who don’t know Bitcoin over the last 10 years has this is not a fake number. I think it has risen more than 9 million percent. You can Google it like Google it right now. It’s the actual real number. Bitcoin has outperformed every other possible asset that has ever existed ever. One of the main things that Mr. Schiff has had a problem with is that since around 2012, 2013, people started getting into bitcoin. And this was around the time when markets started recovering around the world. I think gold also performed relatively well around this time. Remember if gold was around twelve hundred thirteen hundred eleven hundred kenmare with the exact number. And over the last year or two, gold has risen from twelve hundred to sixteen hundred. Well, during that same time period time, Bitcoin went from nothing to one cent to twenty thousand dollars. Even if you go back to the seven thousand six hundred eight thousand, brbut everywhere we are right now. The point being, without having to lollygag any longer. I for some reason, Peter Schiff just doesn’t understand. That’s so there was even a news article a couple of weeks ago, there was a guy I think he was fleeing some country now like a bad flea, not like an illegal flea, but he was you know, I don’t want to stay in that terrible country anymore. I think he had a bag of gold or something like that. I’m not joking. I mean. Sure. And I think as he landed, as he was trying to go through the airport, he was stopped. I think they confiscated all of his gold. And people are like, well, listen, you know, if you land with a USB drive or a ledger or something in your pocket and has your bitcoin on it, they’re probably not going to stop you because they won’t. You have to go through the entire thing or the DVD. Also, the point being, you don’t have to flee with your bitcoin. You can simply just hold it on a ledger or just put it onto the blockchain or have your password, I guess is a million to one things you can do that don’t require you to. Have a bag full of kilos worth of of gold to try and swap back into dollars, because once again, you can’t go into it again. There’s there are not many stores or any stores you’re gonna go into. Take out a hunk of gold, take out a chisel, take off a piece of it and go. I want that couch. Here’s my gold. They’re gonna look at you like you’re completely insane because they also have to be able to make sure that the gold is actually real, which they can’t do because they are a furniture store. So a lot of people especially I mean, we’ve we we’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve heard this. I’ve seen a slowdown in the amount of people who have. Talked down to about Bitcoin over the last several years, I assume they’ve just learned their place. I don’t mean to be, you know, but it’s more like it is. Just stop talking about it if you don’t care about it. Don’t talk about it for some reason. Peter Schiff is adamant that Bitcoin is going to go to zero. You can find articles from around 2014. Fifteen of sixteen. Peter Schiff heatedly said over and over that Bitcoin was heading down to zero. And I think he says it once a year. Maybe it’s just his thing. Maybe he has like. Anyway, the point is he commonly or consistently I think he doesn’t realize that there are a set amount of bitcoin and that’s what makes bitcoin special. It’s because we know logically that there’s more gold in the earth and there’s more than twenty one million pieces of gold. If there had been a point where there were only twenty one million pieces of gold that we could ever find is out of the earth, and six million of them had been lost the same exact way with bitcoin, then gold would react relatively differently. However. Yeah. The the the price predictions just keep on coming. And apparently he’s also shorted Bitcoin. I mean. Well, I. Don’t wish ill economically on anyone. However, I will say the amount of people who are shorting and or betting against the Bitcoin. I would love to see where they are in four years. Can you imagine a scenario where Bitcoin. Goes above one hundred and fifty thousand over the next four years, and all these people who shorted it just don’t have any when they could have had like 10, 15, 20 bitcoin anyway. I wish the. Good luck, Mr. Schiff, and everyone else out there who is betting against Bitcoin, even many people within the cryptocurrency space just don’t own any Bitcoin. I want to know how that goes in a couple of years. But I mean, we’ll have that discussion when the time rolls around anyway. Those are the price predictions. If you want to call them that for the last day, we have them quite often. I know a lot of people don’t really care for price predictions because they are predictions and not. Real addiction’s of what’s. That’s not a word of what exactly is going to happen, but you kind of get what I’m saying. I find some of them quite fascinating. Next up, J.P. Morgan predicts that the number 19 situation will continue to worsen, the economy would get a lot worse before it gets a chance to get a lot better or a few weeks now. The effect of a number 19 has been biting on financial markets. These effects, unsurprisingly, have hit the economy so hard that the U.S. Federal Reserve recently printed a few trillion dollars to support the economy, even though the government is doing its best to prevent a total plunge. Multinational financial services company JP Morgan as a grim forecast for the economy. A while ago, JP Morgan economist announced the economy would suffer a bit. At the time, they forecasted that the country’s GDP or gross domestic product in the second quarter would crash by about 25 percent. The team has now changed that figure announcing a 40 percent dip in GDP. In addition to this, they also predict that this dip will affect unemployment and rates will drop to around 20 percent. J.P. Morgan says job losses will hit twenty five million. The economists also wrote that in less than a month, less than a month, less than the 30 days, there have been sixteen point eight individual applications for unemployment benefits one month. One, remember, we were talking about the actual numbers of how much longer this could go on in one month. Nearly so it’s probably realistically since I made that video is probably over 17 million people who have put in applications or going to. I’m in I’m sure I’m sure there are more people who are putting them in or more people who are just trying to access these Web sites on reaching these conclusions. JP Morgan says it’s been difficult to figure out specifics on how exactly number 19 has affected the economy. Many other firms trying to make predictions have also face the same problems. Wow. As we are right and have been repeatedly changing their figures in the forecast, the economists said over the last few weeks, forecasters have been operating in a fog because they have no idea what what we have going on. No one was prepared for. No one. And that’s why whenever we. What was the thing that we had? I like about about about about a week or two ago when the when when the. Oh, so. That’s what was I think it was a CNBC article or something like it was somewhere and they were referring to the fact that the global economy had fallen. And it was like. The economy is in turmoil. This is so and so this is falling apart. But the what? But the gold bugs knew this was going to happen is like no. People who like gold or who like crypto had no idea that any of this was going to happen. A lot of the predictions for this year before we got into this year were actually quite positive because we were on a multi-year bull run and a lot of people thought that this would kind of continue. So the idea that gold was going to go up or move up any direction because like no one no one predicted this, no one knew that this was going to happen since I got it. So. Listen, listen, listen, listen. This is very, very important. This is why predictions are bull hockey. If I can kind of say that I got into crypto in drought 2012 this year on the same exact time when the U.S. economy was just slightly. Beginning to recover, and I remember people have asked me before if I was ever into gold and silver and precious metals. Yes and no. I started getting into it, and I remember I think I was gonna make some purchases and I was like, yeah, this sounds really cool. And I remember I did as much research as I possibly could because I knew nothing about it. I just wasn’t gonna go into a storm like get me some gold. So I remember doing tons of research and it was there was a couple of channels that I was actually following and I found the really cool they would they would like show how much they had and how much. So and so and the price of them, blah, blah, blah. But every cent that they were there was one constant theme over and over. They kept on talking about the price. They kept on saying, yeah, I got an ounce of gold. It’s currently this price. But I’m expecting in about a year to the price because of the economy is going to collapse. There were a lot of fruit for those of you who forgot the the olden times in 2012. A lot of people thought that the economy was going to re crash in 2012 and 2013. This is when I was talking about it’s called Homes Under the Hammer. I think that was a show. Thank you to that person who wrote it in the in the comment section. I just sort of rewatching those again. They’re so good. A lot of people around that time were actually afraid to buy real estate because they expected another huge dramatic drop in the markets. One of the main things that kept on popping up through all of these bullion, gold and silver channels was that everyone kept on saying they expected the price of gold to go from twelve hundred to four thousand. Silver was expected to go, I think it was 12, 13, 14, announced 15 items, the exact number they expected it to go up to around I think one hundred and eighty per ounce or at some point be one fourth of the price of gold. That was all these little numbers and stuff that were kind of floating around. And I remember being like, wow, that’s crazy. As I remember doing the calculations and talking to my friends. And I was like, if we get in now, we cash out around this point. We can make X amount of money. We can put that into where they say we had all these figures floating around. And I think I was watching channels for about a month and it’s the same predictions kept on coming up. And I was I well, the market hasn’t really moved. And I was like, nothing’s really happening. All the doom and gloom situations is kind of didn’t really take effect. So I started going through people’s YouTube channels like to see like where they had come from. Some of these people had YouTube channels for like three, four, five, six, seven years. And I was scroll back about a year and their videos said the exact same thing as they did before they were still predicting. That the price of gold was going to go from this to this, and it was kind of the. So the point to be made after all of my long stories is that no one knew that any of this was going to happen. I bet my bottom dollar on the 1st of January, there wasn’t one economist anywhere on this planet who was like number 19 is going to destroy the world’s economy. It just wasn’t a thing. There was no one who knew that this was going to take place. And this is why whenever we see these movements downwards, especially, I see sometimes people talking really fast. I see a lot of people in the comment section asking me where I think things are gonna go or how this could have happened or so and so and so that I foresee this is like, no, no one no one knew this was going to happen. No one knew this was going to take place whenever we see any drops in the cryptocurrency market. I just have to at some point attribute it to two basic human fear because no one really knows what’s going to take place. The entire rhetoric that we had for this year is that these the stock market may have crashed. For those of you who didn’t pay attention during 2018 and 2019, something weird started taking place because before it was just kind of normal. People like me saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Talking about the global economy, 2018, end of 2018, 2019. Tons of economists are going onto the news, multiple from JP Morgan, Bloomberg, everywhere. And they were like, yeah, we foresee something really bad happening to the economy. It can’t hold up its legs anymore, yada, yada, yada. And then you pile 19 on top of that. And this is kind of where we get the situation that we kind of have right now. So the entire idea for the cryptocurrency space was the having having was the main focal point for this year. So even if we do at some point end up having a drop in Bitcoin’s price as we get closer to the having or after the having, I think it’s just logical that it could kind of take place. Not saying that it’s going to, but you have to understand what we have is. Reminiscent a remnant. It feels similar to two thousand seven, eight and nine. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. People were very shocked that the economy dropped as much in 2008 and 2009, and no one knows exactly how far this is going to go in 2008 2009. We did not see unemployment. Around sixteen point eight million people were still allowed to go to work there. This is completely unprecedented. We have no idea what’s going to happen or how far this is going to go or how long this is going to last. The point being that was just for the entire prediction thing, because I keep seeing a lot of them and even even even Peter Schiff talking like, shut up, dude, like you have no idea what you’re talking about. He’s he’s giddy because the world economy is plunging after for the past 15 years, he was saying that it was going to plunge at some point. You had to be correct. This is how markets work. We know that around every 7 to 10 years, stock markets crash. So at some point, if you keep screaming the same thing over and over, you’re gonna be correct. Just at some point, like it’s like, I’m OK. My prediction, Bitcoin Bitcoin is going to go down and then I’m at my head. And then at some point Bitcoin is going to go back up. I can I can see it. So clearly Bitcoin Bitcoin’s going to hit ten thousand. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. And I don’t know because of who. But it’s going to hit ten thousand when it hits ten thousand. It might it might go below 10000 or talking to the spirits is rough man. I mean it’s just very, very difficult. The point being. After all of that. No one knows where any of this is going to go. Expect further crashes, expect the market to continue to go down. I always say this, these numbers. It just said it’s somewhere around here as well. They go banks and institutions go through these numbers months ahead of all of us. So the numbers that they had, like I said, that they they predicted a forecast in the first quarter. Twenty five percent drop. Now it’s 40. ET cetera, et cetera. They’ve been doing these numbers for months. And I’m pretty sure they have prediction projections of exactly how far this is going to go over the next couple of months. And they probably see a very grim future. So just assume, right? No, no, no. The the point to be had is, is when they finally say these things out loud, this is when is usually actually very bad because they usually kind of keep these things for themselves. You’ve all seen the before when they have projections for like a lower GDP or a lower earnings, so and so. But at the end of the year, they go, yeah, we had a we had some projections, but we actually didn’t. We never hit those numbers. So we did pretty well this year. It’s always a. You tell people that you’re doing well after you thought you were going to do bad, just kind of like boost yourself up kind of thing. But now that we’re getting these numbers and where we are, we are where we are. I promise you, we are going to pass by. Twenty five million jobless just within the U.S. I promise you, it’s all but certain or weeks to have sixteen point eight million. This isn’t. And this is I bet you this is not going away in the next week or the next two weeks or the next three weeks. So one can only assume there’s going to be a further dip, as it were. But yeah, that was just my thought, even a rant. I just I just see so much nonsense all over the place. It is kind of like, yeah, we we we knew that. Yeah. All right. All right. We got it. OK. Sure. Anyway. Just as a as a clarification, I can even go through this entire thing. Bank of America executives have confirmed their partnership, partnership, partnership with exampIe parent company REPL. It says it’s somewhere around here. Apparently someone named X Stewart or Stewart SRP. Does it matter? Found the actual transcript from the people from Bank of America. And then apparently Julie Harris B O F A head of global banking, digital security, commented on the bank’s partner with REPL saying these are fintechs they were partnering with. They’ve come through all of our rigour of legal and compliance and we’re able to leverage our banking as a platform to deliver that to you. So apparently the news that we had about two days ago was that the rumor was that Bank of America had partnered with REPL. And now apparently it’s been clarified and confirmed. So go, team. Why did that. Let’s move on. Next up, BLOCK One plans to actively start voting for iOS block producers sometime next month. The Cayman Islands bits. Why is it there in the Cayman Islands? The Cayman Islands based developer house announced on Wednesday that having watched iOS develop over the past two years and now thinks that it’s time right for it to come off the sidelines, it began actively contributing to the network. Hundreds of block producers have contributed a tremendous amount of code knowledge and leadership. Initially, in the coming weeks, we plan to use our voting stake to begin highlighting and voting for many of the candidates potentially even in rotation to showcase these organizations achievements, values and network contributions, the Post said, referring to block producers and stand-by block producers. That’s actually I’ll get back to that and actually I can tell you, but right now this is actually quite interesting. So a lot of the controversy, as it were, surrounding this situation has to do with the fact that in the beginning, when iOS had still has the 21 block producers, the people who validate the transactions on the network. Apparently, a lot of people the rumor was that they were paying for themselves to be able to do so. The more iOS you had air quotes, the more power you had on the network. So the fact that the people who created iOS BLOCK 1 are now planning to also start voting themselves for block producers. You wonder if they’ll do some type of like a favoritism thing, i.e. block one has an enormous amount of iOS, a kind of a clip’s everyone else in them. The amount of iOS that they have and therefore they’d be able to vote for whoever they wanted. So the idea that they’d be able to do this in rotation is actually quite interesting because you have the 21 block producers, there’s like a list and they’ll show you who’s number. Twenty two. Twenty three, twenty four. Twenty five. You know who’s in the DVD. Stand by if you will, to actually be rotated. Should they gain enough vote during the next voting round. But if I think I think would be interesting to see a rotation so that it’s not just the same people being voted to be the twenty one every single time over and over. I mean it doesn’t sound very significant if you aren’t into iOS and you haven’t really paid attention to it, but it does sound kind of nice. It would kind of anyway. BLOCK One has been looking to participate since a month after the network launched in June. Has it been that long? Oh, gosh. The network launched in June 2018. In a July post that year, the company said it would vote for block producers. Though this did not happen, I assume this had to do with everyone. For those of you who didn’t follow the launch of iOS, I mean immediately after when all the blog producers were like a sign and stuff like that, and when it took the network like four days to finally get off the ground. You remember all that. Remember the time that it took for the network to finally, like, activate and the for all the people to finally vote and all the people to, like, stake their coins in the network. Interesting times BLOCK One announces its intention to begin participating in governance in November at the time, the company said it wanted to play a proportional role and suggesting new proposals, as well as supporting projects and teams contributing to the overall health of the network. Following the four billion dollar ICAO block, one allocated 10 percent of the total iOS tokens apply. But its share has slowly declined as new iOS tokens have entered the ecosystem from block producers validating new blocks. Eighteen months after the ICAO in November 2019, the company’s share was down to about 9.5 percent. Oh, wow, that’s that’s so low. The point is, yet iOS is now. I mean, block one is not going to start voting on iOS. And I wonder exactly what that will do to the entire situation because block one has their own ideas. I’m sure of how the network should be run, how things should be allocated, who should be running things, who should be shown this show and show. So and so I can I talk this morning? That’s the major iOS news. Here’s the actual blog post, if you will. BLOCK one’s public blockchain engagement expands plans to begin iOS voting in May 2020 ie. Does this coincide with the launch of a voice? By any chance, I guess that would make a bit more sense. They kinda want to make sure that this is. Good, who goes off without a hitch? But yeah, that’s the iOS news. BLOCK one plans on voting on their network that they created, which I guess kind of makes sense because they created it is just a matter of what will come of this as time ends up going on. Yeah. Next up. 3 I queue a Canadian crypto asset portfolio manager listed the first Bitcoin fund on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the Winklevoss is Gemini as a custodian? The fund allows Canadians to invest in Bitcoin through their regulated investment managers without the hassles of self custody and with some incentives. I hate I hate self customizing it, so it’s so difficult just putting stuff onto a ledger. Tyler said the bitcoin fund just launched in the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is the first public bitcoin fund listed on a major global stock exchange. Proud that Jemini was selected as the custodian for this fund. Congrats to 3 IQ for making history. 90 percent plus of Canada’s wealth is held in a Canadian regulated investment dealer. 3 IQ President and why? 3 IQ? I wonder what that means. 3 IQ president and CEO Fred Pae told Decrypt and Investment Advisor cannot open up a bitcoin while therefore its client. Now what the Bitcoin Fund PI said investment investor investors investors can put bitcoin on their regular statement with their other investments. Investors should be looking at a diversified portfolio at this and this should be part of it. While seasoned investors stand to benefit from the fund, pie. said millennials should also consider it as they begin investing in tax free serv savings accounts as part of their retirement plan. I keep wanting to say fund, retirement fund, retirement plan because it eliminates the tax burden that comes with buying and selling bitcoin through a private exchange. All this was this was news kind of all over the place, news, I guess the big part is that Bitcoin continues to expand and adoption that the Winkel Vyse were used as the custodian. And I guess that Bitcoin is on a major world stock exchange and that people can now buy into it to get Bitcoin or invest in Bitcoin. I wonder how how directed that is, I have a very. Strange feeling, it’s it’s a you invest in it, but you don’t actually own it. Should the fund go belly up? You will not be able to withdraw your bitcoin, probably only fiat equivalent of the bitcoin you had inside of it. But I mean, silver lining and I always like things like this. This is yet another fund who has accumulated, been accumulating and will continue to accumulate bitcoin. And as time goes on, these numbers will come out publicly and we’ll see exactly how little bitcoin there actually is floating around out there, because it’s not as much as people think. I still believe that there’s lesson only a million Bitcoin actually floating around the numbers maybe I don’t know, used were inflated. They look larger because a lot of people trade daily. So we kind of see these numbers fluctuating up and down. But I think the actual amount of bitcoin that’s actually being circulating around is not it’s not more than a million. I honestly don’t think so, especially after all these rich people have been buying up for the last couple of years. Six million is lost. Not getting into the numbers again anyway. Yeah. There’s a. Bitcoin fund. In Toronto. So you’re in? No, I wouldn’t even recommend this, not that that’s a complete lie. I was going say, if you’re in Toronto. Look into it. But just just by physical bitcoin, I’d rather you buy actual bitcoin and even keep it on Coinbase. And I know that’s a lot of you were shocked. I’d rather you keep it on Coinbase because it’s still in some way. Is it still your bitcoin? So. Anyway, let’s move on. And to finish things off the crypto cash back app, Fold is launching a new visa card that allows users to earn Bitcoin rewards instead of conventional points or cash. The announcement highlights visas, increasing integration with leading companies in the cryptocurrency space that are using traditional credit and debit cards as a bridge to reach new customers interested in acquiring, storing or spending Bitcoin and other digital assets, Fold has joined Visa’s FinTech Fast Track program, which will allow the San Francisco based crypto startup to offer a co-branded visa card. A new fold card will enable consumers to earn Bitcoin back on every purchase made with the card. Will Reeves, foaled CEO, says the game note the card is a game changer as consumers will have the chance to accrue and hold Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency. He said People are not interested in spending bitcoin right now, nope, but are interested in accumulating it. If people don’t understand bitcoin as a money yet, they certainly will understand it as a better reward. Okay, that was smart of him. Reeves argues that foaled customers will have a distinct advantage by racking up bitcoin instead of airline miles. Loyalty points and other reward programs, he says, since bitcoin has no expiration date. Wow, that’s okay. The rewards can be used to offset the cost of consumers. Naches purchases saved or withdrawn, giving consumers freedom. And this is kind of cool. There’s actually kind of cool. And I thought that I had already gone over this. But I think this mimics. There was another company who just had their own visa card. And also we had news last week that there was also I think bilats also is going to have a debit visa, something card as well. We got a lot of news like this. I think that kind of all blend and mesh together, if you will. I like the idea of this kind of I mean. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good. He’s right. No one’s spending their bitcoin when you listen around, if you listen to a podcast revolving around cryptocurrency and our bitcoin. No one has any intentions of actually spending their bitcoin. But the issue is that they need bitcoin volumes actually end up going down if no one’s it’s it’s cool as a store value, but there needs to be volume actually passing through the system for it to be recognized as something that people would use are using. What have you. So there are a lot of companies and I think I said this about a year ago, I was wondering how they would kind of fit this into their entire thing. They’re going to start using Bitcoin in the back end. So same exact thing with backthe as far as them trading bitcoin futures with the actual bitcoin being sloshed back and forth. A lot of other companies are going to do the exact same thing as far as giving you rewards or instead of getting airline points or whatever. So and so you get it back in bitcoin so that the bitcoin is still kind of flowing because we need to see that bitcoin is actually moving. If no one’s using bitcoin, then no one’s using bitcoin. It has no value. So expect to see this as well. I think the major movements will be. I’m expecting some time in the next. Five years hyper prediction. We’re going to start seeing institutions or banks sending Bitcoin as like an in just one big chunk during the day to actually send transactions and stuff back, back and forth. It could also be something that we’ve also seen a major uptick in the amount of. Like Tasos Bitcoin and wrapped bitcoin like coins at a based off of Bitcoin. But the Bitcoin itself is not actually being sent back and forth, but the value of Bitcoin is still being said back and forth. So yeah, that’s the visa. News old card app for news for the day. It’s kind of cool. I mean, if people are going to be using the cards anyway to pay for stuff and you can get money back. Why not get bitcoin back? This is not an endorsement or an advertisment four-fold or any company. I don’t do those on the channel. It’s more like a. Yeah, I mean, it logically makes sense if you’re gonna be spending your money anyway and you can get some cash back. Why not get it back in Bitcoin? It just contributes further to you trying to accumulate an entire bitcoin, which is the goal of many a person on this on this planet. As always. A very special thank you to my Patreon and supporters. Professor Wiley from Gun by University. Out a moon man. Ex R.P.. Joshua Vinyard. Martin Story. Josh Gorcyca Tongala. An Old Song. Golo A Biblio Phobia. The Atama Reader. John Sarre said Mr Pickles Nostromo Bare Bones Mining Town Mullis Adam gracing Mohammed Ronee Mass Scimitars in Thailand. Brady Nields Jarro Schnieder Wise Night Owl to fortune to the world’s Krypto Joe Bank. Run that we’re good. Obote Wo. Adobo Male Louisa. Krypto Art is Goldie. Nicholas onEarth one-piece. One Love. Damien setsuna. Nick Cannon drishti. Bridge to Third Laddie Impeller. kripp Membership May PARC’s Cesnik manja Lavonia than Aetiology. I’m going to Jimmy Fox. Menton Coyne’s Miller Hachette’s Everyday Caskets Leg They Yes to Krypto Body McBeath face any Finn is most-wanted Staff Artomatic 17 Baking a cake Tigger A Much OLISA on Krypto with Lino Crayola. Michelle, you are l. Hold on, I have to sneeze. It really funny. I had to sneeze so bad during the video. Enough you heard me like bulbul making noises. I had to sneeze so bad it took the strength of the heavens to hold it back. I don’t know how I managed to do it was ridiculous. Thank you all very, very much for your support. And thank you to everyone who is a supporter of the channel and has hit the little join button below. At the moment the market’s down, but it’s not a big down. Bitcoin is currently at sixty eight thirty six. We keep having these really weird dips and the kind of these movements upward, I say. Anticipate a drop. It’s looking like the market wants to drop. It’s looking like whales keep trying to get it to drop as we’re having these huge moves downward every couple of hours. I think the most important thing will be to look towards the stock futures. Yeah. Yeah. The market should be open tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. The stock futures, just because that may dictate how fearful other people are in other markets and if the prices of the cryptocurrency market will also all in tandem. Yeah. What else would I have to say. I don’t remember. No, no, no. Remember to remember to remember. Yeah. I guess that was it. Hope you all enjoyed. Hope you all are having have had to continue to have one to have a great day. Great morning. A great afternoon. A great evening. Wherever you are, wherever you might be. I do hope that is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all. Once again, we’re watching and or listening. And I will most certainly be talking to you all soon. See you.


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