BITCOIN $15,000 IN LEBANON!! Hyperinflation, Bitcoin Safe Haven – Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Cryptology, you’re on your own, Ivan. Don’t take Wheel or of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we’ll do this show each and every day at 8:00 a.m. Central. Be on time, but on weekends, you know, on weekends we do at 11:00. So today’s Saturday. So it’s 11:00 a.m. today, we’re going to discuss the fact that Bitcoin is at fifteen thousand dollars already in Lebanon. It is trading at 15k in Lebanon because we do have a strategy in Lebanon, a human strategy of hyperinflation. We’re going to discuss that as well and focus really on what’s going on over there, because you know that they do have a peg to the dollar, which is approximately 1.5 Lebanese dollars to US dollars. So that is the official rate. But right now on unofficial markets, we’re seeing this rate completely collapse and we’re seeing a 50 percent weaker currency, a Lebanese currency, because right now is trading at 3.3 K on unofficial markets. And the Lebanese premier slams central bank chief over currency. Gaels basically saying that there is a dilemma in the suspicious and mysterious way the central bank governor is dealing with the debt, the creation of the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound. So you see, this is not at all pretty. And these guys are going to fight with each other. The Lebanese premier is going to attack the central banker. But at the end of the day, the people are in the middle. The people are getting affected the most. They are the real losers here. And it’s so important to discuss who’s going to be the first topic of the day. And you see Bitcoin truly, truly, truly shining, truly shining in these times because you know that there are different ways to look on the safe haven asset. And the simplest way is simply to look at the year of 2020. Are we up or down? If you bought bitcoin on January 1st, would you gain money or lose money today? Well, in Bitcoin, is this clear you would gain. Bitcoin is up since first of January. Most assets are down. And so that really confirms the importance of bitcoin in the stands, especially when you look at the currency collapses that are right now going on across the world, because we do see weak economies shattering and really, really crumbling right now. And we’re going to discuss as well in this episode different facts about hyperinflation that you probably did not know. For example, the fact that we’ve had 56 different hyperinflation since the beginning of the last century. Fifty six different hyperinflation events. It’s absolutely insane. So, guys, as you can see, a juicy knowledge backed episode coming up here on Ivan. I’ll take that com slash alive. 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So black coffee, no milk, no sugar involved. First and foremost, we do have some interesting developments in Asia in regards with North Korea right now, because there are rumors that the leader of North Korea, the dictator, passed away. And look, it’s it’s not something that we can take lightly right now. We’re going to see what’s going to happen. It is still just a rumor, but it is getting huge is getting a lot of attention. So just keep an eye on this, because this is going to affect markets a lot in Asia. Asian markets are going to be very, very affected by this. So for now, it’s still a rumor is still not verified, but this rumor is getting bigger, bigger and bigger. So make what you want out of this. But it’s better to know the rumor than to not know the rumors. So there you go. Let me know what you think in the a chat right now and in the compensation as well. If you’re watching on YouTube, looking at the crypto markets, we have Bitcoin plus 0.3 percent Web EIF plus 3.1% with extra fees, 0.06. Nothing really has happened in the top 10. To be honest with you, quite the bullish day, but quite the column day as well. We’re looking at the top gainers. We’re seeing Hyperion Junior, Braith Kosmos, Engine, KOIN Ave and cable network. And the biggest losers today are synthetics, numerator made safe quant and GW1. So quite a few loser. But looking at the big picture, not significant at all, at all, at all, at all. Now, remember, very soon. Next week we do have our long awaited webinar, how to stack massive, absolutely huge amounts of SATs in this bull market. Completely free webinar. Coming up on Wednesday, or is it Wednesday, April the twenty ninth? I think it’s Wednesday. Sign up right now. It’s one of the last days for you to sign name, guys. 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This is the course that the crypto hawk is talking about. This one right here, defi one the one it’s one of the most important courses right now in that kazimir Ave.. I must admit, I didn’t like you very much in the beginning two years ago. But you have all my attention, sir. Quality, content, all the best. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Avey We’ve had this stories many times before. People come to me, say, hey, Ivan, your dialect, your accent. What the hell is this? Hey, Ivan, can you make your English better? But then it grows on you. I don’t know. It grows on you, this show. It always grows on everyone. I’ve had several people tell me, hey, Ivan, I thought I would never watch you. Now I watch you every day. I’m addicted. I’m a complete evangelist right now. And they fully commit you commit to watching every day. It’s very interesting. Birak he if he’s truly dead. Oh, you mean Kim? Either we’re going to have a power grab or or it’s going to go down. Yeah. We’re going to see. We’re going to see. We’re going to see now. Moving on to the most important topic of Lebanese pound to Lebanese pound. You know the pound. Look, if you zoom out, you see that it’s always at one point five pounds to one dollar to one dollar. And by the way, I see I see more people donating Birak. Thank you so much. It’s always been quite stable, but sometimes it’s crashes. And so right now, when you convert to one U.S. dollar, to Lebanese pound, you still see that it’s one point five thousand one point five thousand. But this is the official rate. And the unofficial rate right now is at three thousand. So basically, the currency has lost 50 percent of its value very quickly. Basically, it’s a matter of days that we’re seeing this unfold and this is why everyone is now rushing into Bitcoin. There is not a lot of people who actually sell bitcoin lot, but it’s not easy to get bitcoin. So that’s why you’re also seeing 15k prices, at least now temporarily on local bitcoin. People are charging 15k and it might be just temporarily, it might go down tomorrow or in the week. But you’re seeing this fear and this flight right now because the country has a shortage of dollars and there is a lot of debt that they have to pay denominated in dollars. This is something we’re seeing all across the world. As the dollar becomes more valuable compared to other currencies worldwide, many economies cannot handle it. Many economies have debt denominated in dollars. Now see their debts increase because it’s the nominal in the currency that is appreciating. And right now, with the liquidity crunch we’re seeing, the dollar is temporarily appreciating against other currencies. Justin, thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I see. Justin, thank you so much. And so this means that there is an imbalance, an imbalance when it comes to the state finances and especially when it comes to the central bank. And they cannot back their currency. They cannot keep the peg to the dollar so starved of hard currency. I love how they say that the dollar is a hard currency because the dollar is in no way a hard currency. But in this article, they called the dollar a hard currency. Lebanese banks have stopped dispensing dollars to clients entirely after months of settling of setting withdrawal limits. So for months, you couldn’t even withdraw all the doors you wanted. And now basically it’s even worse. Now you cannot get anything and you can’t get any dollars at all. The central bank also told the money transfer companies that it would buy what they received in dollars from abroad for pounds. It’s offering them three thousand six hundred pounds per dollar. So even this rate that the central bank is offering to international money transfer companies is way higher than the official rate. And so all in all, you see that the Lebanese pound was trading at 3.3 on the pile of mark markets on Thursday. And this goes up and down all the time with some exchange houses pricing it at near three point. Seven K. More than 50 percent weaker than the official bank. And this is, of course, the official peg right now that you’re seeing on Google. But the real price is obviously what you can get your dollar for, what you can get dollars for on the market. And it is approximately 3.3, 3.7. And this happened very quickly. This is very, very quick developments. And so all in all, fearing that their savings will be wiped out and hit by the spiraling inflation, hundreds of Lebanese braved and restrictions imposed to contain the corona virus outbreak and resumed protests. So basically, people don’t care about the restrictions, about the quarantine. They go out and protest because they are afraid what’s going to happen to their money. In reality, what they should be doing is transferring their their currency into something more real because they are right now holding candy wrappers like I’ve been talking to you about. They didn’t care about how currency works, how money works. Most people don’t care at all how all of this works until it stops working. And that’s when everyone starts scaring very quickly because they’re losing money each and every second. Bitcoin, thank you so much, Ivan. Say hi to my girl, ALEXANDRA. That just creates an account here and is listening for the first time bitcoin. Thank you so much. And big shout out to ALEXANDRA. Thank you so much, guys. Thanks so much for supporting the show. So this is the biggest issue we have in the school system right now in the educational system. We’re not learning how money works. Nobody cares how Manyon works. Who gets it? Who creates it, who gets it first? How is distributed? How it works? Who is the winner? Who is the loser? This should be on everyone’s agenda in the educational system. Everyone should have it. Instead, we’re learning we’re learning Pythagoras theorem, which, by the way, is amazing theorem, but not as important for the average Joe as learning how Manyon works. I mean, yes. To calculate different sides of a triangle. It’s very important if you are in engineering. It’s a very important piece. But maybe we can save Pythagorean Theorem for a year or two. And in year one, we focus on how the most important thing in our society works, which is money, which is money. And without money, nothing else matters. You can have the best calculus calculation. You can do integrals. You can do derivatives, all of that. That’s amazing. But it’s worthless if your money is disappearing. Why would you have this knowledge, which is, by the way, amazing. It’s very important when you don’t even have the basic knowledge how the society works and how you’re being robbed every day by the continuing the faith. You’re losing money every day, and you don’t even know that a few people decide how to produce money and who to give it to you to distribute it to first before you get it. You and you have to work for money. Well, some people get it for free. They can print it. And then you have to face the consequences of hyperinflation when it really hits. Now, this is the most important education that you and I need to have and spread to our children. And this is the most important class that all schools need to have. An all schools are missing instead. Obviously, they’re going to teach you Pythagorean theorem, which is amazing. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s amazing, but not nearly as important as basic financial education. And that’s that blows my mind. I mean, instead of learning mathematical concepts first that may be usable in your engineering degree, just learn how money works. Because money you can have have a contact with it no matter what. No matter what, you’re going to have contact with it. And look, as the average Joe about Pythagorean Theorem, he doesn’t know it, although he’ll he learned it in school, probably, but now he doesn’t know it. So what is happening right now? Well, right now, the prime minister, obviously, they got into a fight within each other, within the government. The premier is going to show the strength that he is taking control. He’s basically saying that the central bank has mismanaged the situation, but it doesn’t matter really for the average person. Average person already lost 50 percent of their money. If you hold the currency is only going to get worse and worse and worse. Most probably. So basically, you said that there is this dilemma in the suspicious and mysterious way the central bank governor is dealing with the deterioration of the change rate of the Lebanese pound and that’s causing the collapse. So he’s basically pointing fingers. He’s saying, don’t blame me, guys, I’m the premier. But don’t blame me. Blame that central banker. He’s at fault here, not us. And Lebanon’s occurrence, a big an anchor of financial social stability for more than two decades is crumbling right now, is going to collapse. And look, the only thing that could save you is bitcoin or gold. Obviously, Bitcoin or gold are both very important in these times when currency is losing its value. And Bitcoin is up for 2020. So that’s going to be the next topic I will focus on. Of crypto, there is real and this is the real reason for the lockdown. If people were allowed to travel free bitcoin, there would go to failing countries and break the currency by selling bitcoin to the people you know in one way. This is completely true because. When the currency is collapsing, like we discussed yesterday, you’re not gonna be allowed to buy anything real with your currency. Gold will be legal to buy, Bitcoin will be legal to buy. If you have gold, probably they’re going to confiscate it and give you the kansa rap currency. They’re going to give you the fiat currency and you will be forced to support the fiat currency by holding it and not selling it. And that’s why it’s so important to have bitcoin, because you can have it in your brain. You can just remember your phrase or you can just save your phrase some. It’s just a piece of paper. But it’s better to remember if you’re really, really being chased by this state and they want you to give away all your assets and hold Fiat. Really, it’s up to you. I’m not giving any advice, but you see the power of bitcoin. You can have billions of dollars all in your brain. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Billions and billions all in your brain. My God, do you expect government to try to outlaw crypto related activities up to watching Goodman in crypto based on your explanation yesterday in Ray dallas’ article? So basically what we just discussed, that when the currency is is collapsing, they’re going to force everyone to hold it. I don’t know. Will be back. Good morning, Crypto. Let’s see it. Let’s see. Let’s see. Probably they will do a lot of things. They will even ban on an off ramps. If they’re really desperate for bitcoin. But look, if you have bitcoin, it’s all in your brain or you just have your phrase written down somewhere you can across borders. You can go whatever you want in this world and you can start your life somewhere else. Does the freedom of bitcoin now if you have a lot of gold. Good luck carrying it to other countries. Good luck keeping that wealth with you and carrying that wealth with you while gold is amazing. Yes, it’s been a year for thousands of years. You got to realize that some countries are gonna be in big trouble for a very long time, both socially and politically. And you want to have the freedom to simply vote with your feet and go somewhere else. Restart your life in another better place where your children and your family would be better off. Now, some people will say, well, I better stay in my country and support it and build it back up. This and that. That’s amazing. That’s honorable. Some people don’t want to do it. And there should be free to go somewhere else and take their wealth with them. So is bitcoin is only bitcoin. How else do you take your wealth with you? It’s impossible. Just bitcoin because you can remember your wealth. That does the crazy part. That’s the crazy part. And it’s going to be like that for many people. They think they have wealth. They think they have inflation hedge. But if they want to move it, how they gonna do it and also physically. It can be taken away from them while bitcoin is in your brain. So good luck taking that away. Now, obviously. Yeah, they get still going to try to do their best to do it, but it is just more difficult is just more difficult. So to highlight this, prices are seen on local bitcoin, on local bitcoin. We’re seeing this prices and probably they’re going to go back tomorrow, maybe a day after because we’re seeing this panic. But to be honest, it really depends on whether the currency will go back or not. So if you were seeing this, sellers selling for 20 million, that one seller is selling for 11 million. And obviously these sellers, they Kallman Change and other sellers might want the lower price for bitcoin. But this situation right now is the following 15k for one bitcoin and it is because people are scared. There is a lot of fear and there is a lot of uncertainty how the situation is going to unfold moving forward and the look, the fact that we still haven’t figured out money in 2020. We still don’t have a nice way to store money for most people. You always need to be worried that it’s collapsing. You’re always need to be on your guard and always gotta be suspicious. I don’t really appreciate it. And I don’t think it’s gonna be like that in the future because in the future we’re gonna have more people use hard money, digital hard money like Bitcoin. This is very important. I wanted to highlight some important facts on hyperinflation because most people don’t realize how big hyperinflation is and how often it happens, how often it happens. I see another one from solid crypto. Think about it. If you sell your house, put the property in bitcoin, you can even take your house to another country. Exactly. Because it’s all in your head. You can travel with millions of dollars across borders because it’s all in your head. You can remember your passphrase. And now remembering passphrase might be a bit risky because you might forget it or you can just write it down on a piece of paper. It’s very easy to transport. Doesn’t weigh anything. That’s the best way to really have your wealth with you at any point, anywhere. Wherever you go through borders, through whatever you want. It’s all aira all the time with with your private key. Now let’s talk about some important facts about hyperinflation. Number one. What is the definition of hyperinflation? Well, economists officially consider an economy to be hyperinflationary when prices increase 50 percent per month. And this is kind of what we’ve seen in Lebanon right now, where the currency lost 50 percent basically overnight, basically overnight and went from 1.5k for. $1 2 3k for $1, at least in the unofficial markets, so we can say that Lebanon is experiencing hyperinflation for sure. This is very important. There have been 56 hyperinflation events since nineteen and nineteen hundred since the year nineteen hundred. And there is basically every second year we have an inflation hyperinflation event somewhere because 56 events, almost 60 and from 120 years ago. So if you divide it you get that it’s basically every second year somewhere it’s happening. So Venezuela is the most recent example we’ve seen in Argentina and Brazil a few decades ago in Russia and Yugoslavia. And right now, we’re witnessing it in Lebanon and is only going to continue to happen because all fear goes to zero. And the last stage of Fiat collapses. Obviously, hyperinflation economist officially consider that 50 percent per month is hyperinflation when prices increase. And you see that we’ve seen Zimbabwe in 2006 and 9 and the during the month of March of 2007, the inflation rate was seventeen hundred percent. It’s very real. And by November, November 2008, the annual inflation in Zimbabwe was eighty nine point seven. Six trillion, six trillion. It’s not a job, guys. It’s not a joke. In Hungary in the forties. You had the bills, bills with 100 quintillion pengo. You had one hundred quintillion Bengal notes. Bengal is the currency in Hungary. And it’s happening all the time. All the time. Weimar Republic, the most famous example is we always talk about and this is funny menus. So during the Weimar Republic, during that collapse, menus in the cafes could not be revised quickly enough, quickly enough so that when you ordered coffee and the price was five thousand marks and then you took another coffee, a few minutes later, you will get the bill for fourteen thousand because the second cup of coffee now increased in price. So if you wanted to save money and you want two cups of coffee, you should order them both at the same time so you get the same price. Otherwise, if you wait 10 minutes, you’re going to have a higher place, a price. Now, another very staggering example is that when you had the hyperinflation of Weimar Republic, you could get 500 billion eggs for the same amount of cash. And if you just bought five years later, you would just get one egg. So this is how quickly deteriorated. In 1918, you can get 500 billion eggs. And five years later, the same amount of cash just gave you one egg. So I’m just giving these examples because it’s going to happen more and more and more. This is never going to stop. And the question is, for how many years will we continue like this? How many times do we need to see this? Global human strategies tragedy? Just know strategy. Tragedy, not strategy. English man. English. Global human tragedies. Before everyone wakes up and says We need sound money, let’s not gamble. Let’s not gamble with everyone’s savings. Let’s not live in this experiment. But obviously they’re going to try to push the experiment further. Why? Because obviously you want to be the guy in control of money creation. All of this peasants, all this peasants, ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of the population. This peasants, they work for money while you get to print money and you get to decide who gets it. It’s amazing. And all this peasants, you know, they’re not gonna try to learn money because they don’t care. They don’t really care. Instead, we’re gonna teach them Pythagorean theorem in school. Pythagorean theorem, they’re gonna learn and they’re going to feel that they know all about the math and engineering and they’re going to defend how important it is to learn this stuff. And it is important to get this very important to know the basic mathematical concepts like Pythagorean Theorem. But even more important is to know who is in charge of the money in production. How is create that, who is getting it? Why is create that answer and so forth. So please prioritize Pythagorean theorem number two, money. Number one, if you have kids and they don’t know about money, but they are trying to learn this math concepts, they get in school, reverse the equation, reverse the equation and teach them concealer in effect. First, teach them about how money works first and then everything else is truly secondary to the secondary. Now, moving on, moving on to bitcoin because Bitcoin is proving itself as the safe haven and they really love this. Articles by Sylvain Sorrell. I even gave him a shout out on Twitter today because he is posting everyday all kinds of bitcoin articles. And today he posted something very interesting and that is the fact that we have really been performing well in twenty twenty him. Bitcoin is in the greens for twenty twenty and obviously defining what a safe haven this is difficult because if you ask 10 people what the safe haven is, you will get 10 different definitions and them in this article he says well and safe haven, according to Investopedia, is an. And that is expected to retain or increase in value during times of market turbulence like we’ve seen during the past few months, we’ve truly seen market turbulence. And so most assets are down this year. Look at any asset, probably it is down in 2020. Bitcoin, one of the few assets, one of the very, very, very few assets that is up this year and the year on the starting. And the halving hasn’t even happened. You see that we will really see the verdict at the end of the year of the year 2020. And that’s where we truly can compare Bitcoin to other assets. But please don’t underestimate the fact that this is significant, because as the wealth managers and as the different wealth funds and the hedge funds look at this, and once they evaluate what really happened in this crisis in which assets performed well and didn’t perform well, and they see Bitcoin and they see Bitcoin being one of the very, very few assets, very, very few assets that actually outperformed everything else. And it is in the Greens for 2020. You see that enormous, enormous capital inflows are going to happen into Bitcoin. Gonna be flowing into Bitcoin is just a question of time because it’s all about bitcoin proving itself as a valid mechanism for preserving and increasing wealth during a economic collapse, a global economic collapse. So that’s why so important. Why is that? That’s why so important to really be in Bitcoin and really see how Bitcoin performs in 2020. And for now is being performing. It’s been performing. Amazing. And so what really upsets me is when people say that bitcoin is riskier and that it’s irresponsible to hold bitcoin, there’s always someone who’s going to preach and say that how how irresponsible it is to have bitcoin. You should diversify your portfolio in should have stocks. And look, you should diversify, but don’t really circle out Bitcoin as some kind of super, super risky asset in this in these days of uncertainty. Because if you had Lebanon fiat, that’s risky. If you have any Fiat, that’s risky. That’s really risky. That’s really risky. And sometimes people don’t understand that if you have Fiat, you’re actually. You have an all in position in that fiat. You’re not not in the market. You’re never not in the market. So I have this good friend. And we were talking and he basically told us, hey, right now I’m not in the market because I’m not really sure where the market is going to go, where Bitcoin is going to go, where stocks are going to go. So I’m not at all in the market. So I ask him. OK. So you have all Fiat, you have 1 percent of your portfolio in Fiat. So he said yes. So what he did and truly understand what what I told him is the fact that you’re 100 percent in the market and you have a 100 percent position in Fiat. And it is a way that most people don’t think about the situation. When you have Fiat, you’re 100 percent in Fiat. You have a position. You’re betting you’re betting on Fiat. You’re also betting on your bank not failing. You’re also betting on your bank not going bankrupt and really giving back your money. So you have double double risk. You have double risk. Not only are you basing on theater, also basing your bank will give back your money. So please keep it in mind that not being in the market by holding fiat is it is really not how you should be thinking. Now, what’s important here is that we have some innovation with Zoom, so now you can monetize zoom calls. So shifting gears a bit, you know that Zoom has exploded during the past few months. Everyone is using zooms, zoom psychotherapies, zoom yoga, zoom webinar, zoom quiz. People are losing their minds at home, sitting alone at home. They need some discussion. They need some activities. So everyone is organizing all kinds of Xoom events. And so we’ve seen it as well in our office where we are working with other companies that sit in the same building. They have all kind of zoom, quiz, all kinds of zoom activity for fun. The zoom breakfast, they eat breakfast together. And so this is used both in order to communicate within companies, but also to get clients and to have business still. So, for example, if I have a yoga class and usually your clients walk to your yoga class and you have physical yoga class. Now we have the Xoom yoga. So we have yoga in everyone’s homes. And this all through Xoom. And so right now, Web smart session, so smart session is using a theorem to monetize Xoom calls. So that’s an important innovation in terms of Krypto being used in something that is exploding right now in usage and that is Xoom, the fact that you can easily monetize your calls. For example, if you have a business and you’re doing that through the Internet and you’re you’re serving your content through the Internet now, you can monetize it with EEF through small session. So I thought that was important. Now, moving onto the next thing, we have a McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway ad and other companies, they’re going to test China’s digital currency. So. China is not messing around. It is going to have its digital currency very soon. And they have all kinds of testing going on. And so right now we have U.S. based enterprises participating in that testing as well. For example, Starbucks, McDonald’s and others, for example, Subway. And for now, we’re still seeing the China digital currency being used in very, very few regions for test purposes only. But this year probably is going to be nationwide. Probably this year they’re really going to have a nationwide digital fiat. And to be honest with you, for the average Joe, it’s not going to be a good development because now the state really controls your money very directly, very directly. They can charge you a negative interest rate. They can really decide exactly what you do with your money because they can tell you, hey, you know what, we have to stimulate the economy. So now we have direct access to your account. You will be losing 5 percent every day of your money. So you better go out and spend it. Go and stimulate the economy right now for the state. It’s not easy to do that because they have private banks in the middle. But when the state basically has your money and you have an account with the state, with this digital currency, they can do things like that. Also, they can tell you, hey, you’re not allowed to spend money on this and this and this and this because we think that these activities will not benefit your health, for example, or we give you money in welfare. You get some bonus check from us because you’re unemployed. Well, guess what? You can only spend money on food. And we will program it into your money. So money becomes very non fungible. And the state can decide exactly what you do and you don’t do. Maybe the state just doesn’t like you. Maybe you’ve been to some kind of other protest or you protest that against the state. Well, the state can tell you, hey, you know what? You’re not allowed to buy anything for five days as a punishment. If you go to another protest is going to be 10 days. You’re not allowed to buy anything. All right. So we’re gonna freeze your account. And probably this is going to be rolled out more and more and more in different countries. So please remember, it’s one of the reasons why open permissionless digital currencies like Bitcoin are so important. Anyone can use them anywhere in the world for whatever reason. As long as you have Internet and the mobile device or a computer, you can be part of the global financial system. Now we have some IPOs coming up for Bitcoin. We have this miner now being listed very soon. Probably at least they’re trying to file right now for one hundred million US IPO and IPOs is something we’re going to see more and more and more in this bull market because you see that many people are excited about Bitcoin, about blockchain, especially now that crypto is proving itself amid this global collapse. Bitcoin is proving itself. So this means that the interest for this industry is going to sky skyrocket. And the way that most people can get some kind of exposure to crypto is through stocks, through IPOs. They’re not going to go into Bynum’s and buy cryptocurrencies if they can buy something using their normal brokerage app. So that’s a big opportunity for many companies because they will get easy traction on the stock market if they do something that is related to Bitcoin or to blockchain or to cryptocurrencies. It’s an easy, low hanging fruit right now to just go public and you get a bunch of money and your stock will probably be speculated a lot upon. And probably people aren’t going to be excited, but obviously you don’t know until you try. Finally, I want to show you this. We have a stake in calculator for Ethe 2.0. I’m going to link it in the charts right now. You know that we have a test right now for eith 2.0. And this is the phase zero, the beacon chain. And obviously you can stake in this chesnut you can stake and you can calculate how much money you will be earning if you stake today and you have it for 10 years in the theorem. So let’s say you take 30 to ethe, which is the bare minimum. You see that you will start with 32 in one year, you’ll have 36. In one year you have to one. And so in 10 years you’re going to have a one hundred and twenty one. So basically you will for x your money in 10 years, for X in 10 years if you are staking. Now this is if the price of EIF is constant, of course, but who knows how the price of ethe will develop. So don’t really think about it as a for X because in reality if you are going to do staking, at least believe that it has a bright future because otherwise I don’t know why you would go through the hassle of learning everything and slicing it up if you just want to forex. I mean, there are other ways to do it as well. There are not as boring as just taking ethe just taking it. So probably in 10 years you can find other ways to do it, but if you are in crypto I hope that you have some kind of vision. Why you’re here and where we’re going to be in 10 years, and obviously if you think that eith is gonna be at 1 84 in 10 years. One hundred and ninety four dollars in 10 years. I don’t know if you are the ideal person for staking, to be honest, but if you think that we’re gonna be at 5K at 6 gate, well then that’s another story. And then you see that this is way more than 4 X we’re looking at. But anyway, very interesting discussion nonetheless. Nonetheless, nonetheless. Welcome, everyone, to the chat, by the way. Welcome, everyone, to the chat. And before we go to the shot, please remember we have our collaboration with BYB IT. If you go to Ivan Ontake dot com slash live, you find these bonuses, you can claim them instantly, instantly and only for professional investors and professional traders. And we’ll also have our free webinar on April the twenty ninth, how to stack massive, massive amounts of SATs in this bull market. Use the link below for free webinar or sign up is in in a few days. That being said, the chat. The honorable chat. Welcome to the show. Welcome. Welcome. How you guys doing? Welcome. Welcome, welcome. The chat is on fire. Exactly. Ivan, have you seen the some of the Quint’s Ryan 200-plus on KOIN mark-up have bigger market gap than the coin strength? Thirty. Not really sure what you mean because the coin market is ranked after market cap. So if you do like this. This is all ranked by market cap and they are decreasing. So I mostly share with you mean it is it’s not how that works. Some coins are simply not included here. So maybe that’s what you mean. And that’s another story. Since more and more YouTubers have problems with YouTube, do you see bit tube faring better? No, I don’t. I don’t see any group, a YouTube alternative being used successfully in the long term. And I’ve been explaining it for many times. I don’t want to repeat myself. Just go and watch my video about YouTube. Krypto Purge 2.0, YouTube group to purge 2.0. If you Google it, you’ll find that you hear my explanation why I’m not very bullish on other de-centralized youtubes instead. Instead, I am bullish on self hosting. Is it possible? Let’s see where another nation is, it’s possible to create a new queen with exactly the same name and the decision later as an existing coin, for example, Bitcoin, is that somehow prevented? Well, it’s prevented by the community. Because look who is going to list your coin with the same name as Bitcoin. Which exchange? No exchange. Which side like coin market will will list your coin and the name. It’s exactly like some other coin. And we’ve seen attempts, you know, bitcoin cash. They’re calling themselves bitcoin, the real bitcoin BSB. They call themselves bitcoin. So we have been we’ve seen attempts over and over again, but they always fail and they have to settle with calling themselves like Bitcoin cash or BSEE or something. So it’s not the first time, but obviously when you create your coin, you yourself can name it whatever you want. The question is, will someone else care that you named it and the care about your client? No. Nobody will carry us. Just like, you know, let’s say that you have a story. Let’s let’s say you take the Batman movies, you take the Batman movie. So. Right. And you remake the Batman movie. You rerecorded yourself with your iPhone. You know, you don’t have Christian Bale. You do it yourself. You’re the Batman. You’re the main character. Your friend is the Joker. And you recreate the whole movie. You call it Batman The Night, The Dark Knight. You call it Batman, The Dark Knight. Now, less for one second. Imagine that you will not get sued because you will get sued. But let’s just imagine you don’t get sued. Do you think that other people will watch your video and call it The Dark Knight, the real Batman, The Dark Knight? Not. Of course not. Of course not. Let’s imagine you recreate it like what is like a classic story, Huckleberry Finn. You rewrite it. You rewrite Huckleberry Finn. You can do it. You can also call it Huckleberry Finn. And you recreate the whole the whole thing. So will everyone call Huckleberry Finn your thing or the the real thing? This is kind of time. Sorry. Exactly. Tom Sawyer. Exactly. So, yeah, you see it. You see this is the same. Is the same. Yeah. Don, if people will find out about Bitcoin. Yeah, I know Bitcoin dot com is not good, but I think they have calmed down. I think bitcoin dot com they have calmed down a bit because they’re not pushing bitcoin cash as bitcoin anymore. It’s just that you can download the app and the they’re still calling bitcoin bitcoin core, though. Yeah, that’s not very smart. But who really cares about them right now, to be honest, to be honest. Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin care like a court. Yeah, I mean, new people will care. I know. Yeah, it’s bad for new people, but the. I know it is bad. It is bad. It is better. Interesting. This channel is mining on GPE. You, right? We’re not really sure what you mean. And then are just focused on conspiracies. That’s true, Ivan. Who cares about them? Well, new people will care. Does the thing. New people will find them and they will think that this is basically the sites responsible for bitcoin. But the community doesn’t care how much of a concern is hacking for a European backed crypto. Well, be concerned, obviously, because it’s its money. So obviously they’re going to have big concern about hacking. What do you think about avalanche protocol? Well, I think if you want to learn about avalanche protocol, you should watch. Jackson Plimer’s video has a great video about the avalanche. And I think it’s very interesting technology, that’s for sure, and that we will see more and more implementations and experiments in the coming years. But in regards of learning, if you really want to understand what it is and how it works, go and watch Jackson Pullman’s video. Unfortunately, Jackson Plummer no longer does visuals, but he has that video still. I have a question from yesterday why exchanges would drop their own lending and switch to defy and lose their profit. Well, I told you yesterday is because the service is much better and they can still earn money. But it’s just that if you’re creating your own your own lending pool and liquidity pool for lending, it’s never going to be able to compete with something, something like Universal or Kuyper. It’s just more liquidity, more people using it, more money, easier to match people together. It’s the whole money market. So that’s why that’s why it’s simply impossible for you long term to be able to compete with something that is open, where everyone else is doing their business and building their apps on. So it’s like Bynum’s. Obviously, they would love for everyone to be using BMB Bynum’s. Nobody is going to use their coin except them. The same thing for can I can and coinbase. They have their own coin. They would love for other people to use it as collateral. Nobody is gold going to be based on neutral infrastructure where nobody is owning that. They have to offer real cash loans, which you can build on Defi. Well, you mean the conversion you can get. You can get stable coin loans on DFI and then if you want to convert it into an off ramp. So you mean that they’re gonna be the offramp? Probably. But that’s not the actual lending. It’s just the offramp. Yeah. What’s your take on fi digital item Fabian concept with new product clicks. So I haven’t heard about it, Justin. Haven’t heard about it. Ivan isn’t thinkable that somebody pays or all or a majority of the deaths. Let them change the max number of for bitcoin to let’s say 42 million is decentralized. Global citizen is decentralized and is basically like somebody changing Huckleberry Finn story. Bitcoin is bitcoin. And and look, it’s it’s commune’s is global is global. Everyone is having a social consensus about what bitcoin is. Mega blocks. Thank you so much. Really, really appreciate it. I really appreciate it. Now, obviously, somebody that we’ve had people try many times, be ASV, Bitcoin cash. I mean, we’ve had these guys try Bitcoin and limit that. We’ve been through this so many times that people tried to change what bitcoin is. And this is even less controversial changes like the block size. Look, they cannot even change the block size. It doesn’t lead them. You think somebody will let them change the number of bitcoin? Of course not. Of course not. But I think the best explanation that you can use is basically somebody trying to change Huckleberry Finn or Batman movies or story because it is the same like I’ve heard this explanation on Twitter. I guess I would. I wish I had come up with myself, but I heard somebody explaining this. That is like changing some historical classical story and then expect everyone else to update their version of that story like Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry. But it does the simplest way to understand that. Let’s see. Don’t want to lose even a second on Hex. Got it. dorus. Eventually, many things will be price in bitcoin or whatever new hard currency emerges from this mess. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. It doesn’t make sense to do pricing in the hyper inflating currency. Amazing job with hosting. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Well, the most important thing for us with hosting is this subscribe enabled bubblers and like this is where you should click gaze. If you’re watching on YouTube, click here. Click here. Click here. That’s the most important thing. Now, what kind of take is used for hosting? Doesn’t matter where. The Vimeo. Now we have Twitch. We’re building our own streaming service as well. But that doesn’t really matter as long as the stream works. What does matter is subscription that you get. Subscribe to us. You give us your email, you enable web alerts. Please do it right now. If you haven’t and if you’re watching on YouTube, go to the consulate live. You get these bonuses and you also can subscribe to everything for real. Don’t just describe when you subscribe here for real. Have a wonderful day. Thanks, Birkitt. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks, Ivan. Can you offer him crypto YouTubers self hosting service? Well, the thing is, we will package it in a nice package. But to be honest, you can start any time on your own. It’s just that you tap’s a bit of technical skill to just have your own emails and your own web alerts. Now, this thing right here, that is a bit more complicated. The how to have your own super chat. And we’ve been working quite hard on that. So this one, I think, is difficult for you to build. If you don’t have tech experience, especially if the if the flour flakes, you see this man. Man, I see. I love this sparkles and stuff. So that’s why we brought it. So that’s a bit more difficult. So I will package it in a nice way. But to start but to start, it’s easy. It’s just your own emails are owned by bowlers or on telegram and your own site. Yeah, but, uh, superjet more complicated. And we’re going to have we’re going to have the crypto super chat tomorrow or I don’t want to promise tomorrow because it’s always late with software. You know, it’s software always delayed it just nature of software. But soon, soon tomorrow ish. Maybe next week or somewhere soon. Yeah. I started using Dhamma the. Yes. The U.S. is amazing. That’s great. Does it possible. Yeah. Yeah. I ran conflict. I don’t know if that’s that on top of mind right now because of the virus. The virus has really captured everything. Nobody cares about Hong Kong anymore or I ran anymore. Nobody cares about anything except for the virus. I don’t even know what is going on in Hong Kong. Did they survive their protest initiative? Did they really push through that protest initiative or what happened to the protesters? And that’s kind of scary because, you know, you had the whole world caring about the protests and the people felt there that they’re getting supported by the world. And now nobody cares. Everyone has poor forgotten this quickly. So that’s actually quite scary. By the way, that’s quite scary because nobody cares right now. I see people get them and get the OK. Belgium has a plan to resume life. Everyone has a plan. Everyone has a plan. Plan. But like Muhammad Ali said, or someone I think is Muhammad Ali, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. So this is from boxing. You know, you enter a boxing match, you have a plan, but then you get punched in the face. You don’t have a plan anymore. So having a plan is great. Executing the plan is a 100 times difficult. Okay. Thank you so much for being here. Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson. Maybe it was Mike Tyson. Exactly. Maybe it was Mike Tyson. Thank you so much for being here. And the contribution to the stream yet again, truly, truly appreciated this. And we’re going to be here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Central European Summer Time, like always on weekends. It’s 11:00. I hope you’ll learn something. I hope you are a bit smarter and they’ll see all tomorrow. Have a good day and goodbye. Yes, goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. If you’re watching on YouTube, go right now to Ireland, a dot com slash live. Here’s where the bonus land is. You want to go to the bonus land. And here is also where the subscribe land. So go to subscribe land. Go to subscribe city and then go to bonus city and I’ll see old tomorrow only here on your outside com fleshlight. Good bye, guys. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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