What about our vows for richer, for poorer? I’m sorry, but I need a man who can take care of my needs. That man is not you. Visit Scott at the office and binds him with another. She’s now all alone without anyone to take care of her needs. The apex, the point where the two lines touch at the tippy top. The breakout timeframe. How far into the pattern does the breakout occur on this ascending triangle? We’re gonna measure exactly how far into this pattern. How far into the apex are we? What is the breakout target and what is the likelihood of it breaking? To this specific target is, well, bitcoin coming back to the top of this descending channel to find support. Will we continue and hit certain targets on the upside? Or in fact, could we revisit some lower targets that we’ve been mentioning as well? Bitcoin continues to find resistance and support right on this line, guys. What is the next level to the downside end to the upside that if we break, we could be initiating the breakout? We are days away from a breakout. We’re action give you our time frame of when we think it will occur and again, what the most likely scenario is. Well, let’s dive into while what’s going on. My little Chung, the Longo’s. Welcome back to a really exciting episode. So much to get into, guys. Bitcoin is on the verge of a break. Now, this will be the deciding factor if and when this breakout occurs. One group of people will be proven right. There are people saying that we could be breaking out to eight or nine thousand and there are people saying we’re entering this trajectory, going down to 2000, possibly even a little lower than that. So with this breakout, this is huge. These are the deciding factors here, guys. We can take a look at this triangle again. This is going to be the most important area. If we take a zoom out to this chart, you guys can see if we come down to certain areas, bearish territory. If we go up absolute bull mode. So what is most likely we’re going to measure this triangle, which is going to be very interesting and show you some targets here. So, guys, if you’re interested in this letter, make sure to leave a comment below. Hit the dings, hit that light. Hit that. Subscribe. Let’s do this. So this really is a do or die right or fly time here. Guys, this is absolutely, absolutely bonkers. So crucial right now, because if we come down, I think there is some. Again, very good support in this area down here, the five thousand five hundred and even as low as the 5000. Now, if this does break, guys, if over the next day or two or even lower than that, we’re gonna talk about specific time frames. If we do get a break here and if the break breaks us below 5K, then the bearish territory is initiated. And we’re gonna be seeing some bad times because as you know, we’ve had an ascending triangle. Before we take a zoom back to this chart. Do you guys remember this one? There’s the huge Trimbach, the beginning of 2019 19 that skyrocket as over eleven thousand dollars. Well, we get something similar. This would be a much smaller one, in my opinion, if we’re forming this. But this is very interesting. And take a look at. So the actual breakout area, if we measure from the base here to the apex, which is right here, it’s about a hundred and ninety-seven days. And currently, we’re one hundred and forty-two days into that. So if we take 142 divided by the 197, there saw about 72 percent to the apex. So seventy-two percent. So there’s a really interesting take a look at the breakout time from the ideal breakout point occurs one half to three-fourths of the way through the pattern’s development or timespan. The timespan of the pattern can be measured. Basically, just how I did it a break before the halfway point might be premature and a break too close to the apex may be insignificant. So what they’re saying there basically is break too early. Could be a fake-out in a break right near the apex could be insignificant. So ideally we want this time frame here. So I’m going to say within the next four days. OK. So specifically a two to the four-day window. I think if we wait till after the weekend is over, that would be ideal. Hopefully, that might happen. You guys know about the semi gaps. Even if you don’t like or care or believe in the semi gaps, it would just be better in the back of all of our minds if we didn’t have to have that idea that there is a gap say maybe around like this area and we break up to nine thousand or eight thousand and then we have to come back or visit that it would just be better for everyone if we didn’t have to deal with that. So again, we’re about almost 75 percent of the way to Apex. Very important. So again, I think we’re gonna see the breakout here coming out soon. The breakout target, if we measure from the base here and can transpose it over here, the breakout target is roughly nine thousand one hundred or about nine thousand dollars. But again, guys, I don’t necessarily know if we’re gonna get that because I think there’s just so much resistance here right above us, specifically at the 78, an eight thousand two hundred dollar level. I think there’s a lot of resistance there. So on this chart, what that looks like is here pretty much right in between the 21 and the 50-day moving averages right here. It puts us right to about these two lines in between these two lines, which again, I think is going to be a very interesting level to see if we can break because we weren’t able to break it prior. We weren’t able to find support here about a month and a half ago. And as well, if we switch over to this chart, the eight thousand dollar level actually puts us right at the very tippy-top of this pattern on the four-hour chart. And it’s this blue line. This blue line goes back six years. Guys, I’m not too I’m not gonna zoom out all the way. You can see if we keep going back, this will go based on the four hours. I’m not gonna switch the daily or weekly to get everything in there, but this blue line goes back six years. Now, you can see when we first broke, that absolutely plummeted again. Zoom in. When we broke that, you saw we got a bounce there. We broke it. We plummeted. This is the most important line on this chart right now, in my opinion. So if we broke 8000, that would be amazing. But again, I think there’s. A lot of resistance there. I think it might be hard to get above. This is gonna be like the major area if we get a break to the upside. This is an area you want to watch out for. If we break this, then it’s absolute noontime. But guys, again, I think it might be pretty hard to break that. I think that’s definitely the biggest obstacle in our path to the upside to the downside in the short term. I definitely think we could find support may be on the sixty-five and at the very lowest within this pattern to remain bullish like the 62. If we break sixty-two and if like we go on this chart, we can actually switch here. If we break sixty-two and we come down to like that five thousand four hundred, the five thousand dollar level, that’s much bearish, much more bearish, obviously, that would be a break out of this triangle to the downside, but to the upside usually, it’s a break to the upside. So we’re gonna go with that. But if we do break fifty-four and five thousand guys, then then the ceilings, the floor is out pretty much we could go much lower. Just being honest, if we break that again, we’ll see this when it’s actually breaking out. We have to wait and see the return to the apex. After the breakout, the PACs can turn into future support and resistance. OK, so most likely if we did let’s say we do breakout. Let’s say we get a breakout here. It’s not bad to think that we actually might come back here or find support and then get to you upwards on the upside. OK. So that’s really important to note there. If we break to the downside, there’s gonna be a lot of resistance getting above that 65 and that’s sixty-three in between. That whole area is going to be really hard to get above, in my opinion. So we’re really getting down to crunch time. Really important. And again, on this on this chart here, you see this descending channel. This is very key. We need to remain weak right now. We broke above it. We found resistance there and we’re finding support here as long as we can maintain here, which brings it all the way down about the sixty-five hundred dollar level. If we can remain above 65, that can be really bullish over the next few days. Ideally, what I would like to see happen is over the next 36, maybe 24 hours, we stay above 65, but not necessarily above sixty-nine. We stay kind of between sixty-five and seven thousand. And then as the week opens up, maybe Monday or Tuesday, maybe get a massive breakout. That would be the best-case scenario. They’ll put us well within that four-day window there. I think that’s broad, the most bullish thing to look at. But we really have to keep an eye on this pattern here, guys. A definite thing is consolidating. And I think this is pretty much where we are. I think we’re going to see a breakout before it, the very latest a week from now. So within the next week. Okay. And I think it can be explosive. We haven’t really gotten a nice breakout in a while. These have been pretty small moves, substantially culminating here. So a nice big break would be awesome in a nice big break would be welcome as well after having such a massive dump. We had some nice run-ups during this triangle here, you know, going from 5400 to about 7000 in a matter of about a week, just a few days, actually. So that’s really important. But yeah, really nice breakout. I’ll be very welcome, but most likely to the upside. I think this is going to be a lot of resistance. And guys, if we switched to this chart here, you can see we can actually pull out of the VIP VR. Let’s actually go to the daily time frames. You guys can see this better. You guys and see right here, this $8000 level is such a massive area of resistance right now. We’re currently sitting above a very big level of support right here. So I think that’s very important. You guys can see that here. This is a very key level. We found support here. So as long as we continue that, I think that’s pretty bullish. But we need to remain above that. And again, this level is gonna be such big resistance. And again, breaking above this is gonna be absolutely crucial. Not sure. Not so sure just yet that we have it in us. Not sure if we can do that, but definitely something you gotta watch out for and be prepared for. All these things are lining up. This pattern is looking beautiful still. It is still completely valid. And these lines have just been acting such so perfectly with resistance and support. So I’m keeping an eye on this one first and foremost, but as well, obviously definitely this triangle and we want to see a bounce here as well. Let me actually zoom in here on this chart and see a bounce up to there while when I forgot to add this part into the video. This here, which lines up perfectly with the downside target of the 5000, the five 4 five point 4K on the 4 hours on the daily. This is why this is so important as well because of the 5.4 right about here. And then the 5000 is right here, guys. So this is why this is so key. Basically, this little paint right here has to be supported if we want to remain anywhere near bullish. So if this area falls through, it’s bedtime. Now, we can also show you this if we zoom back out. This is a very important line. Is a purple one. Okay. We will be breaking some key structure again. We did initially break that structure back when we initially fell, but we quickly, very quickly found some support here. Okay. It’s been a very key area. So if we can remain above this, then I think that’s the most key thing. Again, this is on the daily chart to remain bullish for the short term going into the summer and the middle of this year, guys. Q3 and Q4 as well. We need to stay above this area right here at the very lowest. So as long as we remain above that again right now, we’re testing the top of this. And again, if we came back in here, that wouldn’t even necessarily be bad. As you know, a retest of the top of this triangle would also be good. So definitely, definitely something to check out. So, guys, thanks so much for watching. And if you’re interested in some extra T-A, check out TI4.


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