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  1. There is no correlation between the economy and the stock market as can be witnessed right now. It is completely manipulated. The US govt. has already made the decision not to let it fall because they will destroy the dollar.

  2. BTC safe haven asset (digital gold) narrative obviously false. Definitely correlated with SPY and behaves more like a high risk high growth tech stock.

  3. People are thinking everything is good with 38 million people in the US becoming unemployed during the past 2 months? What drugs are they on or should be on lol! The stock market is so disconnected from reality it’s not even funny!

  4. The fed said it will print money to infinity if necessary to prop up everything and your telling me bitcoin is correlated to this insanity!?!? BS

  5. Like I said at the end of the video at 5:07 … I need to see what the markets do at this inflection point in order to hold a specific bias on the market. STAY TUNED!!!! … as many of my viewers know, I have been SUPER Bullish on Bitcoin over the past couple months. Right now I feel a little bit more neutral. Waiting to see what the global markets do.

  6. Moreover, Bitcoiin is undergoing a bearish correction after failing to break above IO,OOOusd, a crucial resistance level, on more than seven occasions in May. The move downhill has stretched its downside targets to lower 8,OOOs, around its 2OOday moving average. If the S&P 5OO plunges against long positions, it would lead the battered investors to dump their holdings elsewhere to cover their margin positions. The same had happened during the March 2O2O’s global market rout, where even Gold, a traditional safe-haven, plunged alongside the U.S. stocks, that leaves Bitcoiin under similar risks, so for now you can only make profit by trading, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Gaulden's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram DeseanGaulden orWhatsApp+1(66O)595-1OOO–__

  7. Lets just say a change is a sure thing for bitcoin price whether rise or fall but a fact is to make sure you trade your bitcoin than depend on manipulated price.

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