The Bitcoin price is trading clearly above the 200 daily moving average and is currently in the third Green Day in a row on the weekly chart. The Bitcoin price is once again testing the eight hundred and seventy-day downtrend line. And believe it or not. But finally, finally, we see an increase again in the search term by Bitcoin worldwide. And that is going to be part of our main topic of today because today I’m going to show you multiple Bitcoin buy signals, which are very, very clear. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on? One sunny decree here. And welcome back to another episode. If you guys like this kind of content and if you guys like this bullish action. That we’re seeing right now, please make sure you leave a like, subscribe to the channel and also activate the post notification bill. Very much appreciated. All right, let’s jump right into the charts. What we can see in here is the Bitcoin weekly chart. And we have been talking about this downtrend line in here for many, many times right now, so far. Bitcoin was only able to create the week above this line, as we have already seen this year, back at fourteen thousand U.S. dollars, approximately. But right now, while I’m recording this video, Bitcoin is once again testing this downtrend line, which is coming in somewhere between nine thousand four hundred and nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. Once again, if we just create a Wyk above that level, above that trend line, well, that is not all too significant. What we want to see is an established week of the closed week or maybe two weeks above this trendline. And then we can talk about Bitcoin breaking out of this massive downtrend, which is going on for more than 870 days. Now, have a look at the Bitcoin daily chart here. Things are looking way more positive and we can already start to see the significance of this trend line. Bitcoin trading clearly above the 200 daily moving average. That is very nice after testing it for two times. And now Bitcoin is trading in here or starts to trade above that trend line that we have already seen on the weekly chart. So this is definitely a positive development right now. And also, some people were talking about a pre halfling or a post having a dump. Well, we have seen a prehospital dump of approximately 20 percent. And I personally believe that that was enough. What we can see right now is organic buying. At least that is how it feels. It’s not just that we see a very irrational pump to the upside to twelve thousand dollars and then the next day, which is going to sell off again as we’ve seen it during the sieging pink pump, for example. What we can see here is constant buying, and that definitely sets me very bullish right here. If we go down to the one hour chart, we can see exactly the same. And we can see the significance once again off this downtrend line in here. This is still the same trend line. Just on another timeframe. And as you can clearly see in here, well, there is some significance to this trend line. I mean, we were training where we were fighting around that trend line for quite many hours, actually. We now broke out of it. And of course, we have to look the rest of the day how this develops and how the sellers or how the potential sellers are actually reacting to that. But the Bitcoin price right now based on technical analysis, definitely more on the bullish than on the bearish side. But once again, don’t forget, this is Bitcoin, only one hundred and fifty billion market capitalization. If a big whale gets up in the morning and wants to dump his ten thousand Bitcoin, well, you know what’s going to happen. We have witnessed this many, many times. So if you’re trading, make sure that you’ve set your stop losses accordingly. And if you are interested in taking advantage of this Bitcoin volatility, I personally recommend that fem X platform. This is the platform I’m personally trading on where my trades are running a video. Tutorials popping up on top of your screen right now. And my sign of bling, Dumbo can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. But that is not all of it. Fenwicks is announcing something very, very unique, and that is spot trading, not left trading, spot trading. Bitcoin without any fees. Only with a monthly subscription. So basically, you’re paying a monthly subscription and then you can trade as much as you want for free. Basically, that is coming tomorrow. So if you’re interested. Definitely sign up when my link down below and there will be a giveaway for some free months tomorrow. So make sure you don’t miss that episode. All right. Now, let’s continue. And apart from technical analysis, talk about Bitcoin buy signals. And this is one of them. We have been waiting so long for this, but buy Bitcoin on the 12-month chart. Definitely is starting to take off, most probably because a lot of people are talking about it right now. Offer to huff. I mean, more people got interested. Media spread some awareness about Bitcoin, about the bitcoin morphing. And in the current situation where all the interest rates are so low, where the money is just getting printed with all the monetary and fiscal stimulus that we’re seeing out there. Bitcoin definitely a hot topic. And people are not just interested in the bitcoin morphing right now. They finally are interested in buying Bitcoin here on the 12-month chart. We can clearly see that the numbers are going up. Not all too much yet, but they’re definitely going up. Even on the five-year chart, which was always the most disappointing one, we can clearly see an increase here in the lows compared to 2017, December, which was one hundred percent. We had like five percent, six percent, seven percent. And now we’re definitely climbing in here to 12 percent, 13 percent already. So as you can see, well, it is not much, but it is definitely a start. And futures have a look at this graph. Well, it’s better to go up and buy Bitcoin on Google Trends than to go down. And I would say we would all agree on that. But now let’s get to smarter signals, another one being U.S. Dollar Teather probably already figured if you’re actively following what’s going on with Petyr on Twitter, for example, that there is so much U.S. dollar teather out there. Well, for some out there, this is maybe getting scary. I know it is very controversial but think about it that way. If there would be something wrong with Teather and it would come out. Where would that money go to? If the U.S. dollar had, it would not be backed by dollars. And people who hold U.S. dollar teather have to get rid of it. What they’re going to do with it. OK, so you can kind of see it as a negative or positive however you want. But I’m definitely leaning more to the positive side. If there is more U.S. dollar tatter circulating, that is more potential money to buy Bitcoin, not a cryptocurrency if we’re just talking about the price for the whole space. Long term, if TITRE would be a fraud. Of course, that would be damaging. But short term. Well, that can definitely be very positive. Another very good sign. Not particularly a buy signal directly, but a very good sign. Is the Bitcoin hash rate. Many people out there have been saying that after the Bitcoin thing, the hash rate will plunge because the profitability is getting cut in half. But what we can see is we’re almost still in new all-time high territories. But here you have to be very careful with charts. What we’re looking at in here looks like an all-time high. But this is the 30-day average. If we go back down to the seven-day average, it already looks different. And if we have a look at raw values, we can actually see the hash rate is coming down a little bit. But that just makes sense. OK. Because the weakest miners right now, they’re definitely not mining profitable anymore and therefore they’re shutting down their machines. But what those people were saying who were negative about the post thing mining, well, they said that the hash rate will plunge completely and no new blocks are getting found. Well, we have definitely proven the opposite. Right now. The Bitcoin network is as strong as it has always been. And that is definitely a positive sign as well. So more of these bearish arguments against Bitcoin was once again proven wrong. All right. And last but not least, something I almost forgot. But this is probably one of the most important signals actually. Here we’re looking at the S&P 500 many futures and probably already figured that the last couple days haven’t been great for the S&P 500, but they have been for Bitcoin. And you guys remember, we have been talking about the correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 for so many times right now. And it always looked like that Bitcoin is just following. Exactly the S&P 500. But if we have a look at the correlation right now and plot that many futures compared with Bitcoin, what you can see over the last couple of days in here is that, well, Bitcoin was not following the stock market at all anymore. And only one hour chart. This is getting even more clear. We can see a steep decline in the S&P 500. But Bitcoin is still climbing up while recording this video. Of course, this is not enough data to say that right now Bitcoin decoupled from the stock market. But if this would be the start of the decoupling from the stock market, this would be absolutely amazing. And exactly what we have been waiting for, and overall probably the best Bitcoin buy signal out there. But that does it all ready for today’s episode. Thank you, guys, very much for watching. If you enjoyed it, please make sure you leave, like, very much appreciated. And hopefully still a few tomorrow in the next one by.


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