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In this video breaking news, look at this whale alert. One hundred and one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven Bitcoin were transferred over the Bitcoin network worth over six hundred million dollars and the fee paid was only 26 cents. That is just incredible. And I want to talk about the power of Bitcoin. I also want to talk about this major fact. Bitcoin outperforms Dow and the S&P 500 in the first quarter. Will this further help Bitcoin to get this safe-haven status? Well, what I’m going to do in this video is I’m going to take the bitcoin price and I’m going to overlay the Dow Jones and I’m going to show you how Bitcoin has been outperforming the Dow over the past few months. And even right now, we have seen the Dow Jones go down rapidly while gold and bitcoin have been going up. And this is exactly what I want to talk about. And if you think that that sounds interesting and that I think you should definitely see. Hello and welcome to the moon. My name is calling. I’m here to bring you this computer Zite video. And let’s take a look at the Bitcoin price. And this ascending triangle that seems to be forming here. And I pointed out there’s a couple of days ago that we might see an ascending triangle forming here because of the fact that we have this resistance up there. And this offers training, support. And ever since then, we have now seen Baker come up and we’re basically retesting this resistance once again. So this is well, I guess the third time, depending on exactly how you calculate these bounces. But I would say the third test right now. And you can see how we’re basically bouncing between support to resistance and eventually Bitcoin will have to break out. And the nice thing about this is sending triangle is that the volume, it makes a lot of sense. So we have the declining volume and I’ve been talking about that a lot. I’m sorry for repeating myself, but it is a very key factor here. The volume is declining, which makes it very, very hard to assume that we would be in some kind of a bear flag, which was the first theory that I had. But now that we broke down the bear flag and got no increase in volume, then we have to realize that we are probably forming something else. And in this exact moment, it seems like an ascending triangle is what we are forming. Because if you have been reading basic technical analysis, then you know that in a pattern that you want to see the volume decline towards the breakout. Then in at the breakout, let’s say it break to the upside. We want to see big volume spike here to confirm the breakout then the same as for the downside if we break to the downside, a big volume spike here. That’s basically. And gulfs, all of the previous volume candles in the pattern. That is exactly what we wanted to see. So let’s see where bitcoin could go if bitcoin breaks to the upside. Considering that this is a bullish pattern, let’s just take this and we measure the target like that. This gives us a target of approximately seven thousand eight hundred and fifty-six. And that lines up pretty well with the previous resistance or the previous support area that we saw right there. When we broke down below this area, then we saw this big cascading waterfall dropdown. So we know that there is already some significance at this level. And if Bitcoin were to break to the downside, we’d do the exact same thing. And let’s say we’ll break down right there. Then we would see something like this where we could go down all the way below 5000 to just above four thousand nine hundred dollars. This is not an exact science when I put this right here, but this will give us an estimate of what we could expect if this break if this breaks the support down here. And now I want to talk about the most important topic of this video, the fact that Bitcoin outperforms the Dow and the S&P 500 in the first quarter. Despite its recent crash, the bitcoin price is still doing better than major U.S. stock indices. And this goes for many indices across the globe. And this is a narrative that I really want to emphasize because people think that Bitcoin has failed as a safe haven. But even though Bitcoin has gone down nominally, if you compare Bitcoin to things that have been falling much quicker than bitcoin is actually up against several things like the Dow. So like I said, Bitcoin has fallen less than major U.S. equity indices in the first quarter of 2020. And in this tweet, I summarized the performance. We can say that Bitcoin in Q1 had a negative 10 percent return. The S&P had a negative 20 percent return and the Dow Jones had a negative 23 percent return. Well, this is maybe not enough to push the safe haven narrative just yet. However, as I said before, I think that the bitcoin bears the big sceptics. They would expect Bitcoin to be at the thousand dollars now, maybe five hundred dollars considering the massive financial crisis we’re seeing right now. But Bitcoin is actually outperforming these major indices in this quarter. And I want to dive even deeper into this. And I want to take a quick look here at the Dow Jones before I compared the Dow Jones against Bitcoin. And first of all, there was a lot of talk about this big bounce-back that the Dow Jones had of just above 20 percent, almost 24 percent. And technically, this puts Dow Jones back in a bull market. And if people were calling this the shortest bear market in the Dow’s history, because technically it is based on this 20 percent rule. But obviously, we can see that this is not really an accurate way of analyzing the current situation, because something that has fallen like this cannot reasonably be called a bull market. I mean, if we zoom out here. I mean, when you look at it this way, you can see that there’s just no way that we can call this a bull market. So this 20 percent rule just cannot be applied to any situation. Because obviously when something has plunged this dramatically, then the bounce-back will also be dramatic. This happened in the Great Depression, also in the big stock market crash of 1929 back in 1929. There were very, very dramatic sell-offs and the bounce backs were also very, very dramatic. So this means that the most bullish days in the Dow’s history came from the back in the Great Depression. And yet you hear how that sounds. So that’s why I think that what we’re seeing now is very interesting also because we can really, really compare with what happened just above one hundred years ago. But let’s take a look at this chart. This is the big comprise and the red line above here is the Dow Jones. And the interesting thing here is that they are indexed back here. So wherever I put this chart, they will start at the exact same point and we can see how they performed against each other since this point where the chart starts. So essentially, if we were to measure from the beginning of 2019 back here in January and I put the chart right there at the beginning of January, we could see that since January 2019, Bitcoin has outperformed the Dow Jones. However, if I put this all the way up here, when Bitcoin reached fourteen thousand dollars, if I put it at the exact top here, then you can clearly see how the Dow outperformed Bitcoin. So it all depends on where you put this. But just like the Oracle just said, if you put this at the beginning of 2020, we can see here how Bitcoin outperformed the Dow. And actually the interesting part here is that most of the points you take on the beacon chart, the Bitcoin price more often than not did outperform the Dow. It’s really only when you take these real extremes. When Bitcoin was up at twenty thousand or fifteen thousand dollars, it’s only then where bitcoin actually is below the Dow. But if you take these some more normal levels, like the six thousand dollar level back in 2018, that bitcoin did outperform the Dow. Yeah, based on these six thousand dollar level we saw back then. So for the past two, three years, the vehicle price has outperformed the Dow. So I don’t know what you guys think, but I think that this safe haven narrative is getting a little bit stronger seeing these numbers. Now, of course, nothing is preventing Bitcoin from falling even further. But Bitcoin so far has proven kind of resilient being still above the 200 weeks moving average. And I mean, we’ve seen the stock market sell-off more than we’ve ever seen them sell-off before. And I think that Bitcoin is doing very, very well, considering the current situation in the global economy. Guys, I would love to know you this thing. Please vote in this poll. Will the Bitcoin price outperform the Dow in the next three years during this financial crisis? And next up today, just a few hours ago, I recorded an interview with the cryptologic. Most of you probably know who he is. He’s one of the biggest YouTubers. Personally, I think this interview was maybe the best interview I’ve done so far. Very good questions. Very good discussion between me and LARC. We talk about macroeconomics. We talk about money printing. We talk about the financial crises, the beat comprises, and we talk about so many very, very interesting things. And guys, I would love it if you go over to his channel. Watch this video. Watch. Why? I think that Bitcoin could go to $5 billion. Leavey thumbs up annual comments down below this video. I really, really think that this was a great video and I want everyone to watch it. And next up, major, major news. One hundred and one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven Bitcoin were transferred from unknown wallets to another on a wallet. This bitcoin was worth six hundred and thirty-three million U.S. dollars. And that is an amazing amount of bitcoin to be sent over the Bitcoin network. And according to weight alert, this is the change of a zlpeau transaction. So it’s not like someone is sending bitcoin to buy something. And I mean, my first little initial reaction was that, who knows, maybe this was by NANCE sending the payment for a coin market cap. But obviously this is not the case. It was just a fun little initial reaction. But the coolest part about these guys. The coolest part. The transaction fee for this 600 million dollar transaction was 26 cents. That is insane. That shows you the power of bitcoin. And there is no other city in the world that you can transact MP that ridiculously low amount of fees when sending huge amounts of money. I mean, the U.S. dollar, it will take you thousands and thousands of dollars and the banking system is slow. Gold would cost you maybe millions of dollars. And I can’t really see any other assets. We can send this much money and pay these lower amounts of fee where there is no third party involved, where there’s no risk other than your own Taiping risk. I mean, if you type the wrong address, then obviously there’s. Risky, Bob. But other than that, you’re using a network totally free from a third party and alter risk. And I think that’s amazing. And it’s only a matter of time before people realize the power of the Bitcoin network. And also, guys, yesterday I made this April Fool’s joke where I said that breaking news, Donald Trump is buying bitcoin. April Fool’s joke. Well, for anyone who only read the title or only watched the thumbnail and didn’t watch the video, it was just a joke. I read the comments down below and it was really nice to see that so many of you enjoyed this little April Fool’s joke. Hey, guys, feel free to go down below this video. Leave a thumbs up. Let’s see if we can get this video to 3000 likes. That would be amazing. Thank you very much for watching. This is it for this video. And if you haven’t seen this video, they think right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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