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  1. Hello Kevin… I'm using Tradingview atm but thinking about changing. Unfortunately, nor Bybit nor Phemex is supported. I did use Kraken a year ago but Kraken sometimes has these insane wicks or order do not got filled when wicks occured… So what exchangen would you suggest to use?

  2. Kevin the only mover in BTC is done by whales because of unbeatable algorithmic program and unlimited amount of money. You can analyze it thousand times and they do the opposite. Mega bullish? Ha ha but keep your faith

  3. Error in logic. The first hyper peak had a hodl percentage of around 40%. The 2nd was 60%. What makes somebody assume that the 3rd will also be 60%? You can’t really say this is historical evidence. Maybe if both waves were 60%…

  4. Bears will be surprised lol. With all these $ printing going on, how can you expect btc to go down?
    It is going to the upside and will break major resistance.

  5. Why divide people into bears or bulls? It's all about chances. It's not a good idea to go all in in crypto now or to step aside. Take a percentage of what your investment money is and use it to buy crypto if you feel comfortable now. My choice is to not to go all in because we have not bounced on the 21 weekly yet, still no higher high, weekly RSI looks at his top and stoch RSI is indicating a downwards movement in the coming weeks.
    Always hedge your investment in case you're wrong. No fomo or emotions with trading….

  6. Being quarantined this period due to the covid – 19 virus and still making my profits is really mind blowing . BTC is profitable, All thanks to Mr Tyler Alexander has the best strategy out there

  7. Pretty nice video, I believe everyone understand how bitcoin is now some will say it isn’t the right time to buy but let me tell you this I watched bitcoin when it was $6,000 down to $8,000 and now $9,500 I bought 1.8btc but it isn’t just to buy I’ll also need a professional trader to help me grow my bitcoin I was being redirected to Mike Chabot Trade with the help of his non loss signals I have grown my btc perfectly to 4.3btc in 2weeks ..his signals are always accurate I have ever used since I have been trading with MikeChabot I have never had a loss wins all day..I’ll be sharing his reach out info for those having issue with trading and investing …contact him on Gmail (( Telegram/WhatsApp**((+1 424 358 5968)) contact him now let’s help eliminate poverty and let’s all smile …cheers

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