The beautiful thing about our country is six point two trillion because it is two point two-plus for it six point two trillion dollars and we can handle that easily because of who we are. What we are. It’s us it’s our money. It’s us We Are The One. To terror currency. We can handle it. And we can handle it and we can handle. I watched Jerome Powell the other day and he did a good job. He said We’ll do whatever we have to do. Jen, we have to do whatever we have to do. Well, the United States of America. They can print as much money as they want. But how much will that money be worth in one year two years or in ten years? If we have a look at the purchasing power of 100 U.S. dollars back in 1913 that is currently only worth three dollars and eighty-seven cents. What do you guys think is going to happen over the next couple years if this money printing keeps going that is going to be our main topic off today then obviously we’re once again going to talk about the coronavirus and is spread and also how this could actually impact the economy even further than it already did. And of course, we’re gonna have a look at the price of Bitcoin which just bounced a little bit here on the one hour charge. We were falling all the way back down below six thousand U.S. dollars yesterday to five thousand eight hundred fifty-one dollars and we currently went up again approximately 6 percent. Now in the range of six thousand two hundred U.S. dollars. Of course, we are also going to have a look at the futures which what is their price bounced as well. So no bitcoin still not uncorrelated. All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. So let’s start off with the money printing. Six-point two trillion U.S. dollars. That is six thousand two hundred billion U.S. dollars. And Mr Donald Trump. He’s right. They can just do that. It is their money. Everything on the world is settled in U.S. dollars. So this is going to be problematic for every other country as well because if the United States of America keeps inflating their currency. Other countries have to follow. That is exactly what we see with interest rates if the United States lowers the interest rates. Other countries have to follow. Otherwise, they cannot compete anymore. That is what’s happening. So if the U.S. changes something in their monetary policy the other countries have to follow. That is just how it is. So we see inflation of most of the fiat currencies all around the globe right now. And the situation is most probably not getting better. Now, of course, you can say well hey they have unlimited liquidity. They can print as many dollars as they want. Yes, that is correct. But I just search this today and posted this on Twitter and people really seem to like that. You can, by the way, follow me on WW dot Twitter dot com slash Sunny decree and also retweet this if you want to. And basically what it shows in here is the purchasing power of one hundred U.S. dollars over time. So is it really that great to just print more U.S. dollars if they just constantly losing purchasing power? Well, it is the only way to rub off people without them knowing it. If there would be a currency like bitcoin for example or gold as the world reserve and governments could not just print more. Well, the only way for governments to get more money would be raising taxes and raising taxes. Well, people are not going to be happy about that especially not for a longer period of time. OK. So there would be a revolution most probably. So our current fiat system our current monetary system is the only way for governments to basically Rob off people without them knowing it. And here on this list you can actually see the evidence the purchasing power of one hundred U.S. dollars in 1913 obviously one hundred U.S. dollars and then in here 50 years later only thirty-two point three five U.S. dollars. And last year only three-point eight seven U.S. dollars. If you think about how crazy that actually is. Those numbers in here. That is an approximately 96 percent loss in purchasing power over all those years approximately one hundred years. That is absolutely stunning. And that’s not going to change. And the wheel is spinning faster right now. So we even could see a harsher drop in here in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. Here you can also see a visualization and also with some events that actually happened on the way down the Fed was created in 1913 and ever since the price of the U.S. dollar or the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar was just going down. Some people are saying gold is not going up in value. It is a fiat currency that is going down in value and it actually makes sense because for one ounce of gold what you can buy today you were able to buy pretty much the same amount of goods. One hundred years back or 200 years back. Right. So this is absolutely amazing about gold. This is what’s important about store values. Bitcoin is not as mature as gold yet Bitcoin does not existence 5000 years. OK. Bitcoin is only existence 10 years but it serves the same purpose. And especially in a digital age that is exactly why Bitcoin is fixing this. All right. Now before we’re gonna talk about the bitcoin price and do some T.A. we’re gonna do a quick coronavirus update currently we are above seven hundred thousand confirmed cases and already 34000 deaths in the United States of America is unchallenged on ranked number one. But that could also have something to do with that they’re testing more than others. Some are saying that in the Asian countries it’s not spreading as much anymore because everyone is wearing a mask. I’m not a doctor. I have no idea. OK but it looks like that the United States is really getting into big trouble. That is also why Mr. don’t trump extends you a social distancing until April the 30th. It was planned that they are going to open up the economy again quite fast but it looks like that’s not going to happen which I personally find the right direction in here. This won’t be good for the economy. That is definitely for sure. I mean if people cannot go to work they can not produce anything. And if they’re not producing anything that means the economy is slowing down or is even coming to a halt. So the stock market is not really reacting accordingly to that news yet but we will see the day is still young and too weak to start and end a spot market has not even opened up yet. But here once again I want to show you the strong correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500. As you can see here since a couple of hours we’re going up and that is exactly or almost exactly how the bitcoin chart looks like. I mean even if it does compare this last hour in here. Right. We can clearly see what is happening here. No Bitcoin is not an uncorrelated asset yet. Can it become an uncorrelated asset? Absolutely. But we see pretty much the same for gold right now. OK. People are still scared. People still want to be liquid. They want to be prepared for a crisis. And what’s the best currency in a crisis. Well, cash pretty much right. Although the money is getting inflated although the U.S. dollar is getting inflated people are fleeing still into U.S. dollars right now. But at some point that will change. And I want to warn you guys you should be prepared for that. That is something I would probably tell you every single video that you should be prepared for that. OK. Because at some point this will change and we’re heading into maybe hyperinflation that is what it looks like. And at that point, everything is going to get super expensive again because the money is losing more value as we have seen already here in this was Eliza’s mission to keep it guys up to date where we are right now on the daily chart and here the S&P 500 dropped from the all-time high all the way down approximately thirty-six percent and is now trading approximately 15 percent somewhere in the range of 15 percent above the local low right now. But once again you guys know my opinion especially with the economy not getting started again now going back to full power I don’t believe that this was it. This looks like a dead cat bounce to me. And if the stock market is falling further it could definitely be that attracts Bitcoin with even a little bit more. But here still my opinion Bitcoin will turn before the stock market and that is when we’re going to see decoupling and that would be that time when formal could actually get started. I’m not saying this will happen. I’m not 100 percent sure if people are ready for bitcoin yet. If enough people understand bitcoin and why it is so great. OK. I personally understand it and I’m pretty sure that most of you watching this video right now do understand it as well. Right. But the majority of people that maybe takes a little bit longer but still I believe Bitcoin will decouple at some point from the S&P 500 from the Dow and that is when we’re going to see massive formal now for those people out there who were asking about potential support levels for the price of bitcoin if it falls further. I can tell you this I’m personally not interested in adding more to my Hoddle position except Bitcoin dropping into the three to four thousand dollar range but that is just me personally on the way down we still have very significant support levels here, for example, we have support between approximately five thousand two hundred and five thousand four hundred U.S. dollars that are coming from this trading range right here. And that actually coincides perfectly also with the volume profile here on the daily chart as you can see from the trading range. Back here on the daily by the way, you guys are interested in indicators like the VPC or the volume profile. This is only available with Trading View pro membership link for that down below in the description. If you guys are interested but it’s not necessary you can just check it out on my channel. So five thousand two hundred five thousand four hundred U.S. dollars. Very important. If we fall below five thousand two hundred U.S. dollars significantly below then I can definitely see a retest of the three thousand eight hundred dollar level and therefore also the lower three thousand dollar levels that would be the point where I will definitely add to my Hoggard position. Again the only reason why I’m not adding to my holding position right now is that I already have a decent Hoddle position and I would really like to have more gold for example right now or if stocks are falling further I would like to start buying stocks. But that is just my personal strategy OK. You have to make sure that you are trading and you are accumulating based on your portfolio. Also based on your risk profile how much risk you want to take and so on. For me personally, I’m riskier on the road. You guys know that I hope portfolio is approximately 70 percent bitcoin. Some people would say I’m crazy but I truly believe in Bitcoin and I truly believe in humanity that at some point they will recognize Bitcoin as the digital gold and once again I mean it is not too hard to see that at some point the price of bitcoin has to go up because the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is just going down and therefore the purchasing power to buy bitcoin is going down. But one bitcoin will always be one bitcoin. So Bitcoin fixes this but that is it all ready for today’s episode just in case that you are interested in taking advantage of the massive volatility we see in bitcoin almost every single day. Make sure you check out that famous X platform a video tutorial is popping up by my side right now with my sign up bling down below in the description and comments section you can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. Thank you guys very much for watching and I hope to see all of you in the next one by.


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