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All right. Welcome back, everybody. My name is Austin today on to talk about Bitcoin’s price as we finish the month of May, going into June, going into July. Based on a few key fundamental metrics. This is Bitcoin and it’s all a range, right? Nobody can predict the exact number. It’s probabilities. It’s looking at trends. For example, just looking at some basic t.a. This is a weekly scale. We can see some incredible bullish momentum now knowing that pullbacks are part of any healthy bull market. We can expect if we pull back, we might fall on this support building around the 20 and 50 EMH is both falling around seven thousand nine hundred twenty. This we bounced off of around October of last year. Of course, if we fall past that, we then have the 100 week EMEA right now, around seven thousand three hundred. Of course, you remember we bounced off the 100 week EMEA around November, December of last year, 2019. And of course, if all that fails, we have the two hundred EMEA right now, around six thousand ish dollars. And look at this. We did close below for two weeks. We closed below the 200 DMA when traditional markets tanked back in February and March of this year. And we quickly but then we quickly recovered. And again, if we’re looking at the Bitcoin price action into this next month and if you believe that the buyers are exhausted or maybe the selling pressure is going to be too great, then these are the supports that we may have to fall back on. Of course, we can also consolidate, bring this weekly move at moving average is up to us. And on the other hand, the upside potential is huge. Right now, we’re close. We’re very close to pushing past these swing highs of about ten thousand four hundred five hundred ish. So just taking Bitcoin’s price action from at.A perspective, these are the levels to me that would evil either signal break out or break down. But let’s dig deeper. Let’s look at more because with Bitcoin, we don’t just have t.A. We have on-chain fundamentals. This channel will always go that little extra step for you. So let me update you on a few of these price fundamental metrics. We’re going to look at realized bitcoin price. We’re gonna look at a volume-weighted, average price and a few more. So hit the like button and let’s start with the realized market cap. All this data for the on-chain metrics comes from the company coin metrics, the realized market cap. That’s the value of all coins in circulation at the price they were last moved. In other words, an approximation of what the entire market paid for their coins. So realized the market cap. An example would be, hey, if back two and a half years ago when everybody bought near twenty thousand dollars per BTC, obviously Bitcoin was overvalued. But they realized the market cap shot up to match that. So let’s turn a few of these off. For now, we’ll just focus on realized. And again, it’s the value that the coins in circulation last moved. In other words, an approximation of what the entire market paid for their coins. We can see throughout Bitcoin’s history some points. The realized market cap was overvalued or undervalued. Back in 2017, 18 19, we were overvalued. Once we shot up 20 K, even though the price dropped for the whole rest of the year, the realized value stayed about the same. And it wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that we were undervalued again. Now, the price has done a lot since then, right now. Where are we? Well, as of two days ago. So this was recently updated two days ago. And in fact, Bitcoin’s price is around 400 dollars more since then. But the realized value. OK. I was going to say close, but the realized value right now is around five thousand six hundred eighty. The last time that the realized cap matched with the actual market cap was around the end of March, beginning of April of this year. So the takeaway is, even though Bitcoin’s price has been climbing since then, the last two months because the majority of smart money bought their coins. When Bitcoin tanked for those couple of weeks when Bitcoin is around three, four or five thousand, that’s when the coins moved. That, combined with history, makes the realized price. Five thousand seven hundred Roundup. And again, I’m not saying that we’re necessarily going to hit that price anytime. We don’t have to hit that at all. But while the upside for Bitcoin’s price is a near-infinite, we have a huge upside if we’re looking at potential support levels. The realized price where the majority of people bought was around five thousand seven hundred. Something to think about. Let’s keep watching. Let’s keep learning. Next up, a metric that I think’s even a little bit more accurate than realized. Cap is the volume-weighted average price. In other words, an approximation of what the entire market paid for their coins using market price and on-chain volume where the realized cap was at the price the coins last moved, the weighted, the volume-weighted average price. This red line takes into account the volume on-chain or the average of where people last bought. So, for example, even with the coins last moved at a price of around five thousand five hundred people have bought since, and the volume-weighted average price takes that into account. Again, it is the approximation of what the entire market paid for their coins using the market price and on-chain volume, which is more accurate than just exchange volume that you may see on coin market cap. So let’s zoom in a little bit. And right now, as of two days ago, the volume-weighted average price was around seven thousand seven hundred. This more indicating than, I guess, the realized market cap of where the average person what when the average person paid for their coins around seven thousand seven hundred. So whether you take at what price around the majority of coins were last moved or what price the majority of people paid for bought their pieces of bitcoin. To me, this is bullish because if it happens to sink this low in the next months, man, I’ll be scooping up some cheap Satoshi is. But it’s also nice to know if these are the prices that people were willing to pay for Bitcoin today. And this level of realized support only seems to be increasing. Consolidating the upside potential long term for me for Bitcoin is huge. But let’s keep watching. Let’s get specific price prediction for this next month, actually, if we switch to the monthly chart. Lupe’s. For June, July and August. What are we thinking to do this? I like this clip of Mark Cuban note. This is from two days ago, Mark Cuban giving his sharing his perspective on traditional markets, talking about are we going to see the consumer demand step up coming off of this lockdown. And what he’s about to say is for traditional markets. But the uncertainty for consumer demand is prevalent for both Bitcoin and traditional markets. So first, let’s watch this. I’m concerned about both. I think the market is overvalued. I think it’s almost impossible to predict where the consumer and corporate demand is going to come from. It’s you know, and because of that, it’s hard to create a valuation for four businesses, even in the so-called stay at home stocks, Mark, which, you know, are so clearly benefiting, whether it’s Netflix or a broadband provider, a zoom video. I mean, there are a number of stocks which are holding up quite well because of the times we’re living in. Yeah, there’s no question. I mean, look, I’m a holder of Netflix and Amazon, so I’m not saying there aren’t stocks that benefit. They are. But we look at the market broadly. It’s very difficult to project what’s going to happen in terms of demand. I mean, the business has been fundamentally changed. Consumer consumption has been fundamentally changed. You know, you had the PNC CEO talk about how online purchasing has gone up so significantly within his business. And banking is the most complicated of all processes for consumers to do online. So you seeing it that we see that there. We’re going to see it even more so in other industries. Interesting. And the last piece. We’ve got a problem because we’re not working from a foundation of data. We’re kind of guessing. And from my guess, I think what we’re missing is consumer demand that if businesses were able to fulfil demand, they would find ways to open. But it’s not just about physically opening up locations. It’s just the consumers don’t feel confident to spend money right now. So from my perspective, I’d like to see a stimulus that supports customer demand, consumer demand. I would rather see us go about debit cards, if you will, that say here’s a thousand dollars that you have to spend within two weeks and preferably locally. OK, like it, support it. So I guess my point in sharing it with you is it’s a big question mark whether, in these next few months, consumer demand will step up. Now, Mark did say that there are certain industries, certain stocks that are reaping the benefits, like Zoome, like Netflix, a sort of a new age on what people value to me. I can make the argument that a decentralized, non-sovereign, fixed supply, a censorship-resistant form of money, people are beginning to warm up to really see that value, especially as the Fed just keeps printing money. So as a holder of Bitcoin, I’m excited at the potential, we could see Bitcoin take on macroeconomically. Of course, at the same time, if traditional markets tank, if they do, and maybe they won’t, but if they do, usually everything in the short term get dragged down with it. It’s nice to sort of know that the average price people paid for their bitcoin is not that far off from the price of Bitcoin today. Let me know what you think down below in the comments. That’s the video. My name is Austin, Seema.


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