In this video, I’m going to take a look at the Bitcoin price and I’m gonna show you exactly where in the chart I will go bearish. And I’m gonna show you exactly in the chart where I’m gonna go bullish and I’m gonna show you this image. Look at this graph. It just goes on and on and on and on. I’ll show exactly what this graph is showing us. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think that you should definitely see. Hello, Grace, and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carlin. I’m here to bring you this cryptocurrency video. Well, we’re still in this uptrend. And as I’ve been pointing out before, we do have this resistance. And if we experiment the limit with the support, we can actually draw the support a little bit different, a few different ways. So previously we’ve talked about this potential rising wedge. Right. And based on these lines, we already broke down. But as I talked about in yesterday’s video, guys, and for the PSU data, we need to see the volume. And so far, we haven’t seen any significant volume. We’re still seeing the volume decline. So this means that we should not take this price action very seriously. And maybe we should experiment with another way to put to draw this line. And I would like to point out that this is also a valid way to draw these lines. We’re getting basically these full bodies here on these candles and basically we’re testing support right now. But I think we can also do this a little bit flatter like this. And this would, in that case, show us a bear flag potentially here. And we’ll still have a little bit room to the downside before we’re testing this important support line. However, if we were to break down, build this support line, then we cannot really readjust this anymore at that point. We for sure have broken down below the offers training, support. In that case, you have to take a look at the horizontal support. And obviously, we can see a few important horizontal levels. This is a very important horizontal level, which is approximately the six-point nine thousand dollar level or 7000 levels. And I’m going to show exactly why this is very important. If we zoom out, let me make a zone out of this. You can see that ever since way back here, we’ve seen some significant right there with our bitcoin bounce off of that level right there. And basically, that is where Bitcoin is right now. And this zone is between seven thousand twenty down to six thousand nine hundred and forty approximately. And actually, Bitcoin is slightly below this level now. So be I. But you can definitely see that Bitcoin has had problems getting rejected right there. We faked out above it. But as I told you back then, there was not a lot of volumes when we broke up here. So we should not take this price action seriously. We should be cautious here. And you can see here, just like I said, we should be very cautious here because we shouldn’t trust this breakup. And we did actually break down below this level again. So now you have proof that you need to take a look at the volume. And when we don’t have the volume, you really need to reconsider if we actually broke out or not. Because in this case, this was more like a fake-out rather than anything else. Even though this is very important resistance, a support level. So am I bearish? I am currently quite neutral, actually, because I think we are still between support and resistance still in this small short term uptrend. So if anything, we should expect this uptrend to continue until the trend is broken and the trend will break when we see a volume spike and we could break key support. And so up until that point, I’m going to remain neutral. And I’m not going to be bullish until we break this level, which is approximately seven point five thousand because we have seen a lot of significant ways back there. Let me actually make a zone out of this. I can do this and pull this all the way out here. And basically we can see that it has support, but their support, their resistance there. If we took a breakthrough this level eventually, then, of course, I think that we need to shift into a bullish bias for sure. And guys, I feel like I have to thank you. My past performance for the past few weeks has been insane. Look at this. My video yesterday got fifty-five thousand views in the past twenty-two hours. This video got forty-four thousand views. This one got a seventy thousand. Thirty thousand. Forty thousand. Thirty thousand. And basically this is just insane performance. Look at this one. One hundred and twenty-one thousand views. And this goes on. You see this down here. Ninety-nine thousand fifty-three thousand views. And this is all things to you guys. You are watching my videos. You are liking my videos. You are commenting below my videos. Thank you so much for all your engagement. I truly appreciate it. This is what keeps me going. Whenever I see that you guys watch the video and engaged with the video, you motivate me to make the next video the next day. So I guess this is why my performance is being better. Better because you were giving me feedback. So this is why all of your engagement like likes and comments are so important because I know that you like the content. And then I should do more of that content. And guys, the having the Bitcoin having is coming up in thirty-one days. And my question to you, will I be able to break one hundred thousand subscribe. Before having taken place. Well, I really believe that this is possible. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, go down below, click the subscribe a button and you can also click the bell. So you notified whenever I make my next daily video. Next up, Donald Trump tweeted this tweet, Flattening of the curve. And I am assuming that he’s talking about the virus outbreak curve. But that’s not why I’m bringing this up. Why I’m bringing this up is because of Michael Malony, a very, very well-known economist and a gold advocate, and he’s also into Bitcoin. But he’s primarily in gold, of course. And most of you probably already know who he is. He has an amazing series on YouTube about the history of money. Go check it out. Google Michael Maloney. But this is the funny thing here. He asked Donelle. Any plans to flatten this curve? And here he put an image of the US national debt. And I talked about this yesterday because the US national debt reached twenty-four trillion dollars. And this graph is even outdated because it should be all the way up here. It’s for 24 trillion. But look at this graph. This is all the way says back in the beginning of the nineteen hundreds. Look at this graph. Does this look normal to you? Does this look healthy to you? I think it’s quite obvious that something is completely wrong here. This is not how debt should be working. I mean debt should not continuously go up. Debt should be paid off. Debt is not something that you should use to spend tomorrow’s money today. But that’s exactly how people live today. That’s how countries work today. People are using credit cards. And whenever you use debt for consumption, you’re just stealing things from the future, too, to spend today. And that is a very, very bad habit. Remember that all debt has also interest due to the paid. So you’re just building a bigger, bigger pile of debt that eventually cannot be paid off. And next up. This was a very funny image I found on Twitter. It is going viral currently. Let me just give you a couple of seconds to just look at this image and see if you see something wrong. Well, these news outlets assessed that the Dow has its best week since 1938, and they’re showing it in green and numbers, which looks very bullish. This looks like a very bullish image, right? And it’s true. The Dow had its best weeks is 1938. In fact, in the past few weeks, we’ve seen the Dow having among its best days in history. But, guys, that is not a good sign. That’s actually a bad sign. And the evidence is right below in this image. More than 16 million Americans have lost their jobs in three weeks. How is that bullish? That is the exact opposite of bullish. So it is ironic, of course, that they have both of these different sets of information in the same image, in the same news reporting here. And next up, this tweet by Nick Zob. He says Viruses and governments have shut down all sorts of things. Even gold deliveries have been unreliable. Bitcoin continues to function with high security and reliability 24/7. And this is the exact kind of narrative that would be more common. I think after the having when people realize that the fundamentals of bitcoin are complete, completely undeniable and extremely valuable revolutionary and this is not something that’s going to change just because of some virus or because of some financial crisis. The fundamentals of Bitcoin are there today. They were there one week ago, two weeks ago, one year ago. They will be there the next year and the next ten years they will actually go up and be more, more bullish as time goes on, as we see more computational power connect to the network. The hash rate going up and the monetary system breaking down as we speak, I am extremely bullish on bitcoin. If you are also bullish on bitcoin, make sure to subscribe to this channel. I applaud one video every single day about the bitcoin price, so make sure to subscribe. And also, guys, I just recorded a collaboration with M M Crypto. If you want to watch that collaboration, go down below into the description and click the link to that specific video. This is it for this video. I truly hope that you enjoyed it. And if you want to click this video and watch it, go click it right now and allows you guys too.


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