The Ultimate Power Grab, Stablecoin “Securities”, Bitcoin Growth & Cardano ADA Is Banned


Hello everybody. Welcome back for another video. Hope you’re all doing well and that you’re all having a great. Day. To. Start. Things. Off. China is working on the launch of its national digital currency. And it will be available in the market sooner than expected despite the delay. People’s Bank of China is closer to launching its official. Digital currency than people might actually expect to China is on the way to becoming the first major country to launch its national digital currency. Several other countries are also working on their own centralized digital currencies that we might see that we will most certainly will probably be seeing in the future. There is no. There’s no might or if anymore. People’s Bank of China is quite close to launching its national digital currency that central bank of China. But by working together with several large private companies has finished the development process and is working on the proper legislation. Before the. Thing is actually released. After the world current events the People’s Bank of China had delayed the launch of its national currency in definitely. One. No that’s a definite lie and too we see that it’s a lie because we see that they are. Launching it. The central banks all over the world have taken extreme measures to stop the financial markets from crumbling. Earlier. U.S. Federal Reserve. The U.S. Federal Reserve announced an unlimited quantitative easing to help financial markets in the country in addition to that lawmakers announced a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. It also benefits working class people and small businesses in the country. So I don’t know if it’s just me I keep seeing random or rather differentiated kneeing numbers. Over the last couple of days. As far as the the the stimulus package I’ve seen one that says one point five trillion I’ve seen one this says two. I saw another one that said four trillion and one that said maybe it was just a proposed six trillion dollar stimulus package. But I never see an accurate number. No matter which. Article I am reading through or looking at. The the trillion number is always completely different for the stimulus package. It says Canada the United Kingdom and other European countries also announced massive stimulus packages as well as you might have guessed this is. Major news this news is all over the place. China’s crypto currency is closer than expected already working on legislation this is turning a crisis. Into an opportunity. China gets one step closer to its central bank digital currency. Any news at all. I mean let’s be honest with ourselves. That any. Country who already tries to make sure that they control every single thing that happens within their borders would even think of letting an opportunity like this go to waste. Is out of there. Gosh darn mind because it’s fairly obvious that China probably had zero plans if any to not go ahead with the launch of this thing especially with the news that we were getting before that as the last couple of weeks has been going on a lot of countries have actually been burning cash. In an effort to. Slow down the current world events and they’ve been saying that they’ve been doing it because money is dirty but also one can only assume that when you get rid of something that you’re going to push something else a bit forward. Right. I Oh also the other really weird part. You might see right here says according to Global Times report on the 24th of March and there’s a link right here. Whereas the other one. New report and form the CBD launch is closer than expected. And this one also had it. Right here despite the delay closer to launching. These are all links to actual news articles about the from from completely different sources as well about the actual launch of this and many of them were I believe Chinese Web sites that were explaining or saying or that had been translated into English about the. Ongoing completion of the central bank digital currency. I usually open up all the links so that everyone can see what the article was actually talking about. All three of those websites or those links have been completely taken down. I don’t think it’s a coincidence because it’s a little bit too randomized especially when they were all talking about completely different reports. But I definitely open them up one by one I thought something was wrong with my computer my internet. My stable connection and lo and behold nope they were all three different Web sites and everything was loaded completely properly. So the other news that we got about this recently as well. As Ali pay patterns reveal more details about China’s forthcoming central bank digital currency. It is widely believed that we Che We Che we chat and Ali pay will be major. Or friends major heads of this entire digitization operation within those borders already anything you write on. We chat or any type of we chat social media platform. The government is already informed about everything you do pretty much goes to these apps you can book doctors appointment dentist appointment you can book cabs. You can buy food you can talk to friends you can do everything just on these one app same exact thing with Ali pay. All the money flows remain two different maybe three systems within that country all the information is shared with a government so the speculation that we had before was that these two we chat and Ali pay would be major leaders and the actual. Helping of the digitization of that country and apparently it appears to be completely true because the news that we’ve been having is that apparently. Ali pay. Has been putting out tons of patents. That will allow for the ease of this transition through their platforms so. Many news of this not happening is I mean. Just read the news look at what’s actually happening around the world this is a. We are experiencing a moment where power grabs are going to be in credibly easy. And to think that one of the largest power grabbers would not try to make sure that they have a complete choke hold. On this entire situation when all the dust has settled and is cleared. Think again. So I think the news that we had before was that this was supposed to launch some time. In summer I remember the exact timeframe I remember a lot of this was happening. It was supposed to happen before Libra launched and Libra was originally expected to launch in June and I think now the world governments have made them push that back to October but apparently in June we will still see the launch of the stable coins from Libra. On their platform so it is the end of March April May. So within the next two and a half months I would assume that we would see this before any other. Entity even decided to try to think about digitizing their currency. Anyway. That’s the that’s news for today. It’s incredibly obvious and don’t think that a country near you. Or the country that you’re in isn’t going to try and do the exact same thing. Right. And let’s move on. Shockingly enough tying directly into the exact same thing. The International Organization of Securities Commissions. Or IRS Coco IFCO. Thinks global stable coin initiatives. Might be subject to security laws according to a new report. Wow that’s really weird right. How you know the global authority on securities might think that other things are. Securities almost like they’re trying to. Get control of them before they become too popular. No that couldn’t be it published on Monday. The 31 page examination of regulatory issues around stable coins crypto currencies with prices pegged to a low volatility asset reserve. Stressed that jurisdiction and regulation ultimately depend on projects specifics. I O S C O. Looked at a hypothetical stable coin managed by a company’s governance board. Backed by a basket of goat global reserve currencies and settled on its own private block chain. It could only be issued to authorize participants that buy and sell the stable coin and could be passed between users digital wallets. The report did not mention any specific stable coins. But this sounds exactly like Libra. I. Wish I could be a fly on the wall in these meetings to understand exactly what fears they have because this what they mention as part of what the problem is is exactly what happens now in the current global financial markets. It’s a bunch of people. Who hold governance over exactly what’s happening by something that’s being launched but the only issue is that usually what’s being launched especially with the fiat currency that we have right now is that they’re not actually backed by anything by a basket of nothing is by a basket of air and by a basket of them telling you that it has value. The private block chain is probably where the problem comes in because if it’s private and no one else has access to it as you may have remembered before never ever forget. Remember a couple of years ago about a good one two three and a half years ago where there was a situation where I remember who it was they were trying to get access into a couple of iPhones and they were so encrypted that that government couldn’t do it and they told Apple openness. Open it right now. And Apple said no. We actually can’t do that. And they went on a rampage trying to get Apple to do it badly. The issue was is that if you do it for one country. Then you have to do it for all of them. Someone could simply say oh gosh there is a problem we need you to unlock that. And then they have the. Keys to the kingdom as it were. So what happens when you don’t have the Kings the keys to the kingdom. You don’t really hold a lot of power or as much power as you thought you had before which is a big issue and governments don’t like that. So. The the the idea being now is that. Of course. Randomly the things that are and could potentially in the future be pegged to things that we currently have i.e.. Digitized U.S. dollars and I’ll even simplify it for you and to simply say tether. What happens when a company controls tether and not the government. What happens if the crypto currency space. I mean really takes off. And the end and the people’s coin of choice. When it comes to swapping back and forth between that currency. Ends up being tether. And not the actual U.S. dollar. Sounds like a problem from it’s hypothetical hypothetical hypothetical analysis I. Oh o. Found such a scheme may fall under securities regulations purview. Because a stable coin may be used for payments an activity that could potentially amount to regulated payment and banking activities or even regulated payment systems. Report Says. If adopted at a large scale. It could become systemically important. I E if other people start using it more than what. You have to understand. The way that the world is built this is all according to plan. This is nothing haphazard and I don’t mean that as like tin foil hat thing everything that we have now was already planned about 50 years ago. The power moves the power struggles the power so and so everything is made sure that things are kept the same exact way that they are and they’re ready. I’m sure tons of plans to keep things out of the way they are they keep the same exact people who were in power are in power in power. Like I mentioned before in other videos. For those of you who don’t know there are many countries especially the ones who are actually under sanctions by. AI by big country you are told this is how it works. If you are to sell anything from your country if you are to move any items and move any goods if you are to sell petrol it has to be through the US dollar. This strengthens the use of the US dollar it increases the liquidity increases the amount of countries around world who are under the foothold of the US dollar. You have to understand that this was all done immediately after World War 2 as an initiative to make sure that all these other countries while everyone else is struggling and trying to rebuild that you. Internally have your foot on their neck and this is why we’ve seen a whole bunch of other countries talking about that they’re going to launch their own central bank digital currencies. Because they’re trying to get away from that. This is why we’ve also seen a couple of other countries seem interested in bitcoin specifically because how do you get around someone that’s been telling you since the 1940’s if not the beginning of the 1950s that you have to do exactly what we want to use another system and that is a very big no no. So a lot of this stuff has once again been put in place for the last. It’s been like 70 years that’s absolutely insane has been made to keep those who were in power in power the faces on the chair may change. But the idea is always the same pushed down everybody else so that we are higher up. That’s just how politics go. Like I said not a tinfoil hat thing that’s just how. Power is kept. If you are a king and you have a kingdom and you see someone else building homes and that looks like a little mini castle where you go OK you go shake their hand find out exactly what they’re doing then the very next day you knock over anything that they’re trying to build. You are still the king your kids are still princes and princesses. And then one day they become kings and queens and you tell them. The next time that someone does what that other person did you knock them down as well. So. On that point. I feel like and I have seen over the course of the last couple of years a lot of the e initiatives that we’ve seen to either. Digitize the world economy or even just people. The shift towards a crypto currency decentralized centric world I think has caught a lot of world leaders by surprise. Why. Because things were setup for the last say with me 50 60 to 70 years to make sure that the power is maintained. And when someone creates something 11 years ago. At around 5 6 years ago starts to become kind of popular then a whole bunch of other clones start popping up and people start creating things especially a social media platform Facebook that decides to create their own currency and then people slowly realize or rapidly realize. They have more people on their platform than we do in the entire banking system currently right now. That is a problem. I once assumed no no no still assumption. There are a couple of stable coins and I’m sure are going to be around for a while. Because a lot of them. Have. Seemingly. Ties. One might say with world banks and or governments I’m sure I’m sure there’s a lot of funding and stuff going on behind the scenes but a lot of the other ones that we know I don’t want to say that we know and love that we’ve known have seen around are going to completely disappear. Give it give it to I give it two years. We’re gonna start seeing them coming down on anything the same exact way. Telegram. Ton. This one any whatever you know exactly what I’m talking about all these other projects because they pose a threat in some sort of way the same exact thing where we saw the news from last year. I’m running out of breath of the people talking about the China central bank digital currency and how the U.S. had to make theirs before China created one why once again. Because it’s the ease of movement you may not know this and it’s a really annoying point because so many people don’t really pay attention to a lot of these things going. What’s that. That that app name. Tick tock. The one that all the people are using and they recorded themselves with these crazy 30 second do whatever people are doing. A lot of the assets are big that become really popular around the world. Can you guess which country they’re from. Can you can you guess who’s making them in a lot of people don’t know this now that this is the really really weird part. A lot of these things end up having hundreds of millions of users. Remember those apps said last year that everyone was like yeah I’m going to lick it and I’m going to show my face and oh my gosh it shows me old you know who made those young to old apps and now have. Videos and pictures of you young and old. Ha. And that’s not. You can Google it right now. Take out your phone take out your tablet. I’m not even half joking like these aren’t conspiracy theories like these are we know who owns these actual things because we can trace back to companies to see who actually has it. Especially as they’re doing upgrades. The point is all of this is. It’s all connected. It’s all it’s all collected on. On your behalf and a large part of the issue is is that. If you’re using these apps then they also become popular and they also become really cool. All it takes is for Ali pay very simple. Or we chat because they all have thousands of subsidiaries. You create a new app to create a new something that becomes really really big and you have the option within that app to actually use a new coin to be able to send it back and forth to your friends is really cool It’s really fun. You can take a photo and if your friend decides I really like this they’ll give you five cents for it. The only catches you’re just using the Chinese currency but that’s not a problem because it’s super easy fun to use. This is this is the the the issue not so much an issue for. US but it’s more like a.. This is how you lose power very rapidly and you know those S curves that we see as far as like the adoption of new technology when it comes to the. Digitization of all these things that’s going to happen. Very very quick. It’s happening a lot quicker than ISO nine so we had a good five to 10 years left but current events say otherwise especially when. Power grabs are happening. The entire point is they have come to the conclusion that anything that could be stable. Or linked to something else could be seen as a. Securities violation. Perfect timing as well because you know I’m. Not like I didn’t see all of this coming in the first place. I’m just surprised and I was like a global international organization. I guess Facebook had no choice but to bend the knee. I assume something behind the scenes they are deaf. They’re. Definitely desperately trying to find another way around this but. Yeah. Everything. That they can regulate they will regulate. To a certain extent. And this is why once again boys and girls it’s important to be in. Decentralized systems because. Those are a little bit harder to control. And the name of the game right now is. Let’s move on. Next up Square’s chief financial officer said during an investor call on Tuesday. That it has seen a recent uptick in bitcoin engagement via its cash app. Even amid the market turmoil. Adoption. And engagement of fractional equity investing in bitcoin has accelerated in recent weeks. Given recent market interest and volatility. Square previously reported. More than one hundred and seventy eight million dollars in bitcoin purchases volumes in the fourth quarter. 2019 as a whole. The payments firm registered more than five hundred and sixteen million dollars worth of bitcoin sales. Translating to around 8 million dollars in gross profits. Less than 2 percent of gross profit from subscription that I’ll buy about from subscription and transaction based services. The ability to purchase bitcoin. Is one of the features who cares during the call Jack Dorsey. Remarked that we’re seeing strong engagement and volume for bitcoin and said that bitcoin and equity investing have seen strong volumes in adoption and giving the buying opportunity that some of our customers perceive in the. Market. There’s a lot of people who are extremely bullish on bitcoin right now regardless of where the price might be or where the price might seemingly be going. I still believe. We are probably. On the road to another downward movement. How ever the long term upward prospects of all of this is insane. Do you know what I. I don’t know if it’s just time. I don’t know how exactly it hit me. I imagine. So. One of the podcasts I was listening to and I guess it makes a lot of sense when I did this is why I said I guess it takes a while for things to hit me I’m a little. Moral late. Imagine. A world. Where the current purr and not nada. We’re not talking about a twenty thousand dollar Bitcoin energy hype. Imagine the current sentiment right now within the cryptocurrency market of people who are. Buying bitcoin. Imagine if that stays exactly where it is a flat line just same exact way. To around the end of this year. Same exact people buying as you have been buying crypto. As my friends have been buying crypto as I have been buying crypto imagine that same exact line continues. Now imagine a situation where the amount of bitcoin that is being created gets cut in half. And we have that same exact trend line. Do you think that bitcoins price goes up. Or down based on the factors that I just told you. Everyone likes the same exact thing. Bitcoin’s price. Everyone wants to buy. Bitcoin. The amount of bitcoin being created gets cut in half. But the demand remains the same. Logically bitcoin‘s price goes up. Now imagine if bitcoin‘s price goes up. It’s just it’s just. We’re so close. We’re so gosh darn close and I. Am. Probably. Am I more excited than I should be. No I think I’m fine. We are gearing up for something very big. The amount of interest and the demand for buying Bitcoin across the entirety of the market is very high. Even in many South American countries right now where banks are actually closed because of. Current world events. The bitcoins interest are people buying bitcoin on local bitcoins has seen a major uptick. This is not just happening in those countries is happening all around the world. Just imagine if you and your friends are buying especially. If you’re able to buy big amounts during the course of a week and or month. And you have an asset there’s maybe only around 6 million of it floating around imagine how much that interest is going to spike even more of the Bitcoin price will spike even more when the demand is still there. This isn’t this isn’t even new people getting into the market it’s just us. But imagine the supply is cut in half. What then takes place. So. Amid. All of this. Downturn downplay prices going down. We’re still seeing a very healthy amount of people who are. Actively buying. I have not stopped buying. I will probably not stop buying. We’re a very very long time. Even if prices go down. But what we’re seeing is that. Even when prices go down. People still buy a bit more and then when prices go up people are also still buying a bit more because they are afraid of the prices. Passing them by anyway. That’s a square news for today. Very exciting times ahead at least in my mind. Let’s move on. Next up. Who OBE has implemented a circuit breaker. On its futures trading platform known as who will be. D.M.. Who will be d m the futures trading division of the global exchange will implement a partial liquidation mechanism to prevent a full liquidation in the event of a rapid market swing and liquidations. Will be halted through a circuit breaker function. Which will be activated when it detects large or rapid price movements. Ciara Sun vice president president vice president of global business at who will be group said in the announcement. We believe our new liquidation feature will have far reaching. Consequences for the wider crypto community by helping minimize sudden price movements caused by AB normal liquidation events calls for circuit breaker sound the last week as equities and crypto markets fell precipitously. Big word with the current world events crypto currency exchanges lacked the circuit breakers in place as the traditional exchanges. Multiple 7 percent drops on the New York Stock Exchange triggered a 15 minute circuit breakers some crypto market observers. Identified the benefits of circuit breakers on crypto exchanges in times of panic selling. Having crypto exchanges prevent traders from moving in and out of positions during any market condition. Is however dangerous circuit breakers wouldn’t insert a further layer of trust. In the trader exchange relationship in a period when the future of centralized exchanges is being heavily D baited. The problem is. Is that the crypto currency market is meant to be on manipulated. While manipulation might happen when you see a situation now. Think of it this way. It works both ways. Imagine if. A Crypto let’s say Bitcoin. Is at some point. Eight thousand dollars in the Bitcoin. We. We look back at the screen is that six thousand. Turn our heads look back again it’s at four thousand. Look back again is around two thousand five hundred who were like oh crap Bitcoin is crashing. If you have a circuit breaker you can turn the network off you can turn the system off you can unplug the exchange and go well we’ll just wait a bit. Well we’re way to things cool off. You turn it back on prices though dip a bit but then the price starts going back up. This is in itself. A form of manipulation because you are manipulating the prices you’re manipulating your exchange or you’re telling other people on your platform. We have control of your money. You can’t sell when you want to sell because the market got a bit too hot. It is seems a bit weird how everything was dropping too quickly so we just we just had to unplug it. But it also works the exact other way. While you may think that this is a benefit of people being able to stop falling prices imagine what happens for a cryptocurrency exchanges if there’s a coin that they don’t like or that other people don’t like. That starts going up in price as well. And the price starts going up so quick that it liquidates a whole bunch of shorts whole bunch of people who are betting against it. Everything gets wiped down all of a sudden the exchange goes off line for 30 minutes. Oh yeah we saw the price went up by one hundred and thirty eight percent. We thought there was an anomaly. So we shut it off. Centralized exchanges are coming. Into their own. And they’re rapidly becoming their own little banks and their own little stock exchanges and a lot of the prospects remember I mentioned in 2013 and people. I people told me I was wrong but I felt like a negative flow in the air. We’re seeing the new banks forming we’re seeing the new financial system forming with a lot of these centralized exchanges that we have right now. And. When they call and scream. For a better world of decentralization but they implement things like this it shows that they don’t really care about decentralization it’s more like a.. No it’s just they they. They wanted the power but it’s under the the premise that everyone will have a. Everyone will be a little bit better off when they have the power as opposed to the world governments. And this is also the issue with Coinbase and a bunch of other people having banking charters and then being able to tell you how much you can and can’t take out of the exchange at one time. And also look forward in the future as well because as more money ends up getting into bitcoin. Expect more. Safety nets like this to end up happening and we will probably be seeing a lot of other unplugging over the next year or two if we end up getting to a situation which I think is going to happen where bitcoin will end up going from its current price. Over the course of the next I’ll say 18 months. Sure why not random number and bitcoin goes up to one hundred thousand. We’re gonna have a lot of panic sellers we have panic sellers. Now. So imagine if Bitcoin looks like it’s getting a bit too hot it’s nearing a hundred thousand. And then it starts falling. Of course is going to happen because this is what happens when markets get too hot we’re gonna start seeing a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges. Maybe coordinating. Or simply saying that the exact same time they all came up with the exact same idea to unplug to let things kind of cool off for a bit anyway. Decentralized exchanges I’m a bit disappointed that a lot of them haven’t. Not that they haven’t caught on. I know that there are some people have told me before in the comment section. But I want something as big as or at least half as big. As Coinbase and or by ounce I want like an actual legitimate place where people can go to where people don’t have issues don’t have problems. And can use it as an alternative because. They have very high liquidity that is also a very big thing I don’t want to go to a place that tons of people trust but Bitcoin’s liquidity on that Web site is like 38 million. That is also a very big no no. So. Years ago. A lot of people thought that we would have decentralized exchanges that would be. Very robust and very big because we need. Guards against things like like the the point of the cryptocurrency market is that it’s a 24 hour market that isn’t controlled by anyone they appointed a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. That you can do. With your money as you please 24 hours a day you can put 35 Bitcoin onto that exchange and at the same exact time five minutes later you go Nope I don’t want that you take your thirty five Bitcoin off there isn’t a. An amount that you’re told by someone else so. We’ll see how this develops. I already know how it’s going to develop but that’s the. Who will be a circuit breaker news and look forward to many other crypto exchanges also. Initiating circuit breakers in the future as well. And to finish things off. On the 24th of March. Car Dano founder Charles Hoskinson streamed a YouTube video titled On Wikipedia in which he berated Wikipedia for applying arbitrary commercial censorship against car dunno. Censorship of cryptocurrency projects is as old as the industry itself. Back in 2010. Even Satoshi Nakamoto was frustrated with Wikipedia’s efforts for removing bitcoins wiki entry several times after PayPal several times with WikiLeaks. One of bitcoin supporters suggested that becoming the site’s new source for donations would generate enough publicity to gain entry into Wikipedia. Satoshi strongly opposed the WikiLeaks adoption of the crypto currency. But it was too late. He said no don’t bring it on. The project needs to grow gradually so the software can be strengthened along the way. I made this appeal to WikiLeaks not to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a small beta community in its infancy. You would not stand to get more pocket change as the heat you would bring would likely destroy us at this stage. If you’ve never seen a lot of the things that Satoshi used to actually post. Online they’re very fascinating. He said he didn’t want it to grow as fast as it did. He really wanted it to take its time. He realized the power of what could have been or what it was going to be. But it was more like a lot of people who he trusted in the very beginning. Were only. Interested in the money. Like only they saw that it had a dollar value and they were like OK we can do this as so and so I think one of the last times we actually heard about or heard from the Toshi was one of the people who he. Trusted actually went. I think to the US government to the US Army and like told them about Bitcoin. And wanted to like have like the the the major players in the government like sit down at a desk and he would tell them about it was it was completely nonsensical. And this is what actually drove him away because he realized that. In the end people only cared about the the dollar amount or had nothing to do with with decentralization for them anyway. HOSKINSON stated. Or states. That he does not know the rationale behind Wikipedia’s hostility towards his project. Despite being one of the most cited. Of all peer reviewed coins. He said We don’t know. Why there’s hostility when coins like spank chain can have an article on Wikipedia. A lot of other crypto currencies and top 15 top 20 apparently have articles and that’s perfectly fine but then we’re not allowed to have an article for some reason even though we’re not mentioned. We’ve been mentioned by the U.S. Congress. Apparently many other projects do have. Articles. Even even be cash has one. Who knows what’s going on. I don’t really understand a lot of the I think is just frustration. Wikipedia itself is a great place to. Get information but a lot of times it is really garbage. Anything that doesn’t seem proper to Wikipedia. They simply take it off themselves or have other people who. If you’re if you’re able to do so you can pretty much take off anything that you want. On Wikipedia. So if the entire article for bitcoin is completely correct. Might it can go no I don’t believe it and they can kind of take it off themselves. Anyway yeah. This was also. Seemingly major news. I assume it’ll be fine. In situations like this and I I understand why you would want to be on Wikipedia. I guess maybe to have more reach for people to be able to figure out more about your project. I feel like. You can just do that on your own website. Great. Like a tab as to exactly everything you were going to put in onto Wikipedia so that when people search for Cano they simply go directly to your site and also once again. If your project is strong enough and robust enough and cool and fast and awesome and strong enough to really stand out you don’t need a Wikipedia article. If if Cano is really. That good. And is going to be able to blow people away. I’m pretty sure it would still be able to do so without people having to. Type in Kano Ada wiki and then enter. Anyway. Yeah. This was this was apparently a really big thing a lot of people were. Heated furious mad angry upset. They. Had issues. They were peeved. About this going on. I’m sure it’ll be fine Mr. Hoskinson. I don’t know this man but. I feel like just paying more attention to. Our down about this point is probably more. Makes a bit more sense especially if we’re in a situation where crypto prices are going down. And we are potentially on the way to an upswing. I feel like worrying about your your your your coin being able to do a million transactions per second so you can boast about that. When prices go up is a bit more. Important. Yeah. As always. What the hell happened to my hand. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Have those situations where like you lay on the pillow and like you wake up and I could look your face in the pillow like it looks kind of crazy. Thinking it looks like I was. Stabbed by a pen or something when I come from as always. Looks crazy. Very special thank you to my patriotic supporters. Professor Wally from Gundagai university Yasha. Hot out of me man. Moon. No wrong that’s completely wrong. Moon Man to man moon moon man. Hi SRP. Joshua vineyard. Martin Shaw. Josh gorse God no knows. Tango No no song go No no Mr. Pickles John starts in the animal reader a biblical phobia bare bones mining Todd Mullis Adam Grace sic Mohammed Roni M. ventures in Thailand Brady Neil Jared Snyder wise night owl to forward to to the world crypt dojo bank road network a double M. Louisa crypto artist Cody 3D. Nicholas one Earth one peace one love Richie Rich a third. Nick Kenai is set soon a Damien Vlad the Impaler crip no shipmate Praxis command yellow body Antony Charles Jim Garner. Jeremy Fox minting coins caskets leg day and Miller hits that chest everyday. Yes to crypto Bodie comic book face anytime fitness Monk’s Corner staff our medic 17. Make me a cake. Tigger a match on Nessa on crypto with a Lino. Crayola Michelle. You are L. And hold on I have to sneeze. Thank you all very much. Very very much. Very very much. Here we go for your support and thank you to everyone. Who is a member of the channel. Your love and gratitude and awesomeness is. Very much appreciated. At the moment. The markets in red but like a tiny red. Bitcoins down by two point seventy six. Ether is currently down by three point one 3. Everything else is roughly around a good. One to two percent in the top 10. That’s a stable coin. That’s why it’s up. Monaro is up by almost 4 percent for. Sure. Everything’s reddish except for a lot of the stable coins. This could be in anticipation of the opening of. The. HIVE. Token. It’s up. Not a lot Boehm the 24 hour volume. Only fifty three thousand Oh that’s. The the crypto currency industry has a lot more maturing to do. If you’re able to get into the top 50 the top forty five on fifty three thousand dollars worth of. Trading volume is worrying. This could be an anticipation of. The opening of the traditional stock markets to see exactly what’s going to happen with the prices we’ve had a lot of fluctuations in. Traditional money space. Prices go up one day because people are optimistic about something and then lo and behold the optimism fades quite quickly especially with the prospects and news that we’ve been getting. That’s the why do you call it. Not only is the world into recession. But that this recession will continue for another. Couple of months. We’ll see what happens. I think it’s all going to be very fascinating either way. It’s it’s it’s it’s a time unlike any other. And while it may be a bit crazy and out there I do. Appreciate it if that’s a word I want to use that we’re able to. Be a part of history. There is that silver lining. I hope you all enjoyed. Hope you all are having a great day. A great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are wherever you might be. I do hope. That it’s absolutely fantastic. Thank you all. Every single one of you once again for watching and or listening. Now I will most certainly. Be Talking. To you all. Soon. See you.


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