Bitcoin price bounces off of the $8,000’s into a whole lineup of btc resistance. Can the bulls create the momentum needed to once again bring bitcoin into a bullish breakout?

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price moves in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.




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  1. bitcoin can only keep going up.. thats the way it was designed…. it drops cause traders/investors take profit,… dont panic buy the dips… if not sure then dollar cost average your way in… even buying at todays prices is a deal if you believe bitcoin will go past all time highs…

  2. Your buy at 9200 was a risky one, i hope you use stop limits
    Indicators on the weekly look very bearish
    we are all looking 9600 region as a crucial point but do not forget 10100 is the most important resistance mark so far
    if btc goes under 8900 it seems to be a great opportunity to start buying back at under 8k
    I would look at opportunities among the most successful ALTS DURING 2019/2020
    You use to look more at larger time frames, whats the story to the 6 hour?

  3. I am a licensed stock broker and binary trade options expert with over seven years experience, series 7, 31 & 66. I am set up with a broker dealer & must manage/hold my accounts with them as custodian. I've traded options for clients with concentrated positions & sold managed futures/contracts

  4. Grayscale is performing Qantitative Easing of BTC. After halving most of
    miners capitulated since profitability dropped 50% and it was expected
    BTC price would drop . There comes Grayscale in agreement with NEW
    MINERS and buys all produced BTC for price between 9000 – 10000 pumping
    price, so miners do not bankrupt and to keep price as high as possible.
    Whenever price goes above 10000, Grayscale sells to Moonboys (notice
    swift price drops above 10000). Grayscale will keep price not allowing
    to drop bellow 7200 which is the miners break even point of
    profitability. Looks like this is so great MANIPULATION that other
    institutional players are joining. You have to be aware that BTC will
    become a playground of big guys which will take money from most of BTC
    enthusiasts and Moonboys.

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  6. BTC will follow the DOW and Pres. Trump won’t let the stock market crash before November elections. FED will print trillions to buy the stock market just like they are now.

  7. The bulls are under pressure and if the bears keep pushing, we may still see $8,000 this week but the trend still indicates btc would have a strong close this year so we must still be on positive lookout and take the initiative to build a strong portfolio and no better way to do this unlike popular opinion than to trade. Traders don't win money they make money, gamblers can win or lose – As a trader, you have to be bold and choose carefully the type of signal you trade with .. trading this market very successfully need the best signal, traders have strategy that they deal with – and main thing is to use stop loss and take profit – if you don't use it you will loose all your money. I trade daily using Benjamin Jackson's signals and his accuracy and efficiency is unmatched and thus making him the best signal provider I have used. I was able to achieve and accumulate up to 5.4 BTC with just 1.85 BTC in less than a month. Benjamin Jackson's daily signals are very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment and is always available to give a helping hand Telegram @BenjaminJackson or EMAIL (( BENJAMINJACKSONTV@Gmail Com )) on how to trade profitably.

  8. Dan, quick question because I know you read comments often. I’ve mentioned to a few people and nobody can seem to show em differently… any chance we’ve been in a Bullish Dragon pattern for the past month and a half or so? Moving averages would make sense with this huge move coming soon.

  9. That clip is meaningless in the grand scheme. You cite it as 'evidence' of your method (and you do have a pretty decent track record) but at the time of that video the price was ~9400. I have said it before and I will continue to say it. What good is making these 'predictions' (and reminding everyone) if youre not CAPITALIZING on them? If we see sideways or small green days over this next week we will definitely see a major uptick back close to where it got last summer (~13K for a split second). You wont see the 6K (I dont think) before Sept. I suspect we will get a hard head and shoulder move between the peak (whenever that actually hits) and Mid Sept. Maybe even Oct. The pattern from last year is still in play, the prices are almost exactly where they were last year at this time. This year however they rebounded a lot faster into that 10K range (off ironically a lower price due to the Covid crash). In the need the timing will be based on the futures and who theyre trying to screw. The prices generally get to where they are supposed to the difference is the 'precise' timing due to the maturity dates on some of the bigger exchanges. Like someone below said they can perpetually keep manipulating it in the 7k-10K (with some random 12-13K teaser prices here and there) range and make boatloads off people. Because youtubers (not necessarily you) are more or less cheerleaders waiting for it to go to the moon again. Like with my LTC. They just hit that 42 (slightly under) buy in price I mentioned the other day, now you just wait for 50 to sell. Which will be sooner rather than later I suspect, but within a week which for any 'investment' is light speed especially for a 20% return.

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