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What’s up, guys? Krypto savior. Everyone’s having a wonderful day. We’re gonna do a quick update on Bitcoin like coin and a theory. Um, I’m going to run through it real quick. It is Saturday. People got stuff to do, including me. Definitely. Don’t forget, we have a free Dischord group and description below the video. Definitely. Check it out. Let’s get into the video, see what’s going on. All right, guys. As always, just a reminder, this is not financial advice, trading advice or investment advice. Always do your own due diligence disclaimer, scrolling on a bottom and make sure you read it. All right. So Fear and Greed Index. We’re going to skip the news headlines today like say or I try to make this quick as possible and real simple, straight to the point. So we are at 40 still. No changes since yesterday. Still in the 40 in the fear and as of right now on the Monthly. This is a pretty key support resistance line right here. For this month, it’s just beginning. So if we were to close a monthly candle above the 90, 350, I think that would be a extremely good sign. I want to also draw your attention to the 55 EMEA, which is down here at around right around the five thousand dollar range. I still think there’s a good possibility we come down to retest that. Also, I want to remind you guys, is my wife’s Web page. A. Mediacom. Definitely check it out. She makes all these T-shirts hoodies. There’s long sleeve t shirts and hoodies aren’t on here yet. You just hit her up in a contact, but check it out. And yeah, that’s a good, easy way to support the channel. I want to remind you guys, definitely stop the video for a second or just. Hit the thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. It helps out more than you know. I really appreciate it. Let’s see how many thumbs up we can get, guys. Please help it out anyways. Let’s look at this symmetrical triangle we have had drawn in here with the thicker white trend lines or blue. I don’t know if them are the ones I’m color blind, so bear with me on that. But anyways, as of right now in the weekly, we are still within the symmetrical triangle. The one thing I want to look at, the one thing that could be bullish here is looking at the weekly RSI. And as you can see, we are almost to the end of the week. If we are to close outside of this channel in the weekly. That’s pretty bullish, even though I’m extremely bearish here. Still, guys, that would definitely changed my mind. Let’s look at Boops, the price action of the yellow lines here. You can see I have a falling broadening wedge possible. A break of that. The measured move would be and that would be the break of around ninety five. But the measured move, that would be 16 one. But obviously right here on this main trend line, right around the 17. Let’s see. That would probably be next week, most likely so around the 10 five and you guys know the ten five is huge resistance. And our last high right here. So if we were to break that, there’s a good possibility we could head to 16. But in my opinion, we’re going to head back down here. Like I said, this is my opinion, not yours. But we have a target down here of around twenty eight, which is the bottom of this white trend line again. And we also have a thousand tiger. That’s possible. Guys, I’m not saying it’s go here. I’m just showing you the possibilities. But but these are definitely two possible downward targets. We’ll take a look at smaller time frame and see what’s going on there. You guys been watching the channel you knew way back here, but two months ago we drew this in. And I’ve always kept it here just to show you how some of this times this stuff plays out in the RSI. And as you can see, it was Ember’s head and shoulders. And I said it was a possibility. And that’s exactly what happened. Even though I didn’t think we were going to go that high. But as you can see, we have a rising wedge here. We have touched the top of it. If we were to close and you can’t, you you never can use divergence on the RSI until the candle has closed because obviously the RSI follows the body. But right now, if we were to close here, we have this high here, this high here in the RSI. And then we have a higher high in the price section than in the RSI. So say let’s just say we closed right here. That would be bullish or bearish divergence. And I do still believe we’re most likely going to come retest the top of this around round eighty one fifty to eighty two hundred, which is also the point two, three six fib on the retracement of this swing low to swing high. So that’s a pretty confluent area right there around the eighty two hundred. But as of right now, as of making this video, it does look like she is trying to move up. And one of the things we’ve talked about is this rising wedge here that we broke out of right over here. If we came up to retest, said we around the ten thousand fifty range somewhere in that area, which is a possibility. And if you look at the RSI, we would have room to do it down here, although I. I think we’re going to come down from here. But again, I could be wrong and I will show you. Let’s go to the smaller time frames or quick and I’ll show you what areas that I am watching. Same thing in the RSI here. It does look like the RSI is ready to come down, but we’ll see. Again, guys, I’m still bearish here. I think. Right here. Let me zoom in so you guys can see it. I drew a Fibonacci retracement from the swing side to the swing low and we got rejected right at the point six one eight. Right by the Golden Pocket Zone and have been coming down ever since. As of today, right now, in this four hour candle, we got rejected at the point five fib. Well, we are still getting support on top of all the e-mails in the. Here in the. Four hours. So keep that in mind. But if you also look down here, let me get that of either way, the fifty five e-mails lighting up at the top of this channel. And also the point, six five fib. And that is a point six five fib of this from the swing high to the swing low. That’s the retracement over here, which is the golden pocket area that we talk about quite often. And that’s this is a good possibility to come down and retest this. And that’s going to be around the eighty two hundred. And that’s that is the area I’m looking for right now. We’ll take a look at my lower targets, too. I want to let me go back to the Daily because I have. The golden retracement or I’m sorry, golden retracement. We have the. Fibonacci retracement here from this swing low to the swing high. Each one of these white numbers, eighty one seventy three is the point two, three, six retracement. The point five retracement is seventy three. Fifty one seventy six. Seventy four is the point six five I’m sorry, the point five and then the point six one eight is at sixty thirty five. This would be a good area for this to retrace if if we have topped out here. What I want to show you in the RSI is if. Or in the retracement, if we pass this point, seven, eight, six five on the swing high to swing low here, which is around 90 to 50. If we were to break through that, then we could be looking at going for a higher high here around that ten thousand fifty range. But, yeah, I don’t think we’re going to do that. My main targets right now, as you guys know, 54 has been my target for quite some time. And actually now it is between fifty one hundred and six thousand here, which would be a if we’re topped out here. These are going to move if we move higher. But if we’re topped out here, this will be good. Retracement zone. Sixty, thirty and fifty seven. Fifty, eighty seven. All right. So we talked about that. Let’s go into light coin. Light coin here. If we look at this as a bear flag, which could very well be the target out of this, would get us back down to around the forty one eighty six range. If we look at the RSI and the floor hour in light coin. It looks bearish, guys. It looks like we’re going to break down from this channel here, which is most likely what’s going to happen in my opinion. That’s why I think Bitcoin is going to be all down to as light coin is a good indicator and it does look like a bear flag here. So definitely keep an eye on that. We’ll probably get some support down here around the forty four dollar range, which is a 200 DMA also. So keep that in mind. Go to. So other than that, I mean, the area to watch for. Like cocaine would be 50 dollar range, if we break that, we’re most likely going to come up and break the 50 one. And we could be coming up to do the same as an. Bitcoin. And retesting this pink trendline right here. And that would be all the way up to around 60 to 62 dollar range. Let’s go into. Theorem. Same thing with the theorem, guys. It looks pretty bearish in the RSI. It’s like we’ll be coming down to test this again. And most likely break through. Let’s take a look at the key areas to watch. Like I said, I’m just doing this real quick, guys. I don’t have a lot of time right now. So I did the same thing. I drew the Fibonacci retracement from the swing side to the swing low. We got rejected at that point, six one eight. Just like in Bitcoin, the point seven, eight, six is around to two hundred and twenty two. If we break that, we may be coming up to test this top trend line here around. To see two thirty six. But if it comes down like everything else, let’s just do a. If we looked at this like we were looking at like coin this being a flag pole, this being a bear flag and a break down, at some point here, we’d be looking at around the 187 range, which is a lot of support and resistance all the way across here. So keep in mind, if this is a bear flag here, I’ll put a target there real quick just to actually make it big so we can keep an eye on that for tomorrow, too. This is definitely a possibility that one eighty seven. Put an arrow in there. You guys are interested in trading, I’ll leave a prime SBT tutorial up top. Definitely check it out. You can trade forex, gold, silver oil, all kinds of stuff. It’s probably the has the most variety of things to trade. You can use your Bitcoin as collateral to trade to traditional markets. Now, all that stuff. Definitely. Check it out. Like I said, I’ll leave the tutorial up top. There is a link down below. Have some awesome promo codes for it. You can put in savvy 50 and you get 50 percent on top of whatever you deposit as a bonus. You savvy. Twenty five with that. Also, you get twenty five percent off of your fees. Definitely. Check it out guys. But remember your 50 percent deposit. You can’t withdraw. But you can use it to trade with and help out with your fees and stuff. So check it out. I also have a couple more down there. Dude, ex dude ex is great with its own risk management tool on it. And then we have by bit. Of course down there. Definitely check him out. All of my links down there. I’ll get you a bonus for signing up with all of them if you are interested in trading. Just be careful. Don’t put in more. You’re willing to lose and don’t do super high leverage. So anyways, yeah, same thing that we were talking about and everything else. These Phibbs are huge right now. We are getting rejected at the point six one eight. And I do think we’re headed down. Guys, I’m going to go back over to like coin and put a target in there, too, for looking at that as a. Bear flag. Go ahead and throw a target arm, just like I did over there. We’ll see what happens in the video within the next couple days. We’ll keep that here to check it out. But I appreciate you guys stopping in. Don’t forget don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. Click Krypto Sabby logo above my head to subscribe to the channel. I really appreciate each and every one of you for sharing the video, liking, commenting and stuff that helps more than you know. Take it easy. Have a great Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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