Raoul Pal Explores $1,000,000 Bitcoin's Price Possibility in this Halving Cycle

Bitcoin halving is now history but what might happen next that’s a great question. In this video we will take a look at the bitcoin’s price then we will examine Raoul Pal’s $1,000,000 bitcoin price possibility within this halving.

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  1. BTC is totally a bubble, will be regulated, because of agenda 2030. Because it needs to much energy to mine, global warming you know 😀 I know, I know, global warming is like a religion nower days, but if all UN states allready signed the agenda 2030.

  2. I think whether BTC will hit 100k or a million USD should be a discussion after BTC has broken 20k. I'm a hodler of BTC but we really need to stop speculating these crazy prices until we've that BTC can indeed finally break out of this down trend since end of 2017.

  3. The bulls are trying to keep Bitcoin (BTC) above $8,900 against the US dollars and the bulls are very active to bullish to $9,000 resistance level. It is likely said that if the bull can keep protecting the $8,900 support level strong, then there will be an upward movement towards $9,500 resistance area against the US dollar. As someone who always looks for opportunities to diversify and hold good investment in different portfolios, meeting Alvin Tyler was a deal breaker. Now, we all know the saying about trading Bitcoins and the financial markets generally but Alvin Tyler is more like a myth buster. Trading bitcoin with his guidance is very easy and highly profitable. In my first month of day trading with his strategy/signals, i was able to grow my initials from 1.2 btc to 6.8 btc. His trade strategy is very easy to adopt and his trade signals are some of the most accurate in the crypto sphere. I will advice traders/investors to buy at this rate and day trade to have a strong portfolio ahead of major bull market. Alvin can be contacted via Whatspp:  +447380358171 and Telgram @ Alvintyler for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  4. BTC at $1.0Million is probable after 2024 Halving. give it time enjoy the ride. But its not about the price. its about VOLUME. The challenge is if we can get "maximum volume" all the way to at $1.0M BTC. good lucks

  5. i believe bitcoin will be worth a lot more than it is today a few years from now, my only issue is how will we funnel 21 trillion into bitcoin so it is worth 1mill each. It is possible, but i feel it will be a have vs have not scenario or something. We went from nothing to 800 billion market cap, i can see 5-10 trillion, but it will still be crazy! I want us all to succeed, i just cant picture it in my head. With money being printed, it gets easier, but yea, just my 2 satoshis.

  6. No it wouldnt take you to a million. It would take you to 200,000. But it wont. And if it does. Your bitcoins will be made illegal in the u.s Since 80% of mining capacity is in china. And russia looking to ban it. Really shows you that the u.s digital dollar will win backed by xrp and gold.
    Xlm represents silver. Save your money and stay away from bitcoin. Imf only deals with centralized currencies these guys just personally love bitcoin and are blinded by that. Why do you think every idiot on earth heard the word bitcoin? To introduce a digital currency. Only to crash it since they knew china would flutter to take control they actually baited china and russia to spend money on these baitcoins. While in front of everybodys faces ripple is making deals with governments

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