Rating My Bitcoin/Crypto Music Videos!

Rating My Bitcoin/Crypto Music Videos!


Bitcoin and crypto music videos. They’re not so good, or are they? I rate the best Bitcoin and crypto music videos I’ve done and yes, I am completely impartial xD

We Broke $10k
The Bitcoin Dip – We Miss You
A Big Change for Bitcoin is Soon Here
Imminent Major Rally for Bitcoin!?
We’ve Been Lied To…
Bonus Clips in order of appearance.

Crypto in 2019…
Fire in da Coin Market Cap.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.
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  1. You forgot your best music video ever! It's the one of the lord of the rings, saying for sick gains, and then gimli going nuts with the saxo xD

  2. I have been searching YouTube for a few days with the word "Bitcoin" and binging on every single new (non spam) video I can find to learn the space, and I have never seen one of your videos shown in the search. I only found you just now because it was suggested underneath a different video I was watching. I just wanted to let you know that YouTube is essentially hiding you in search.

  3. would of been really great if you saved your subscribers time and told us xbt or whatever that exchange you are trading now on, doesnt accept US customers.

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