Today in Crypto, I went to discuss the four reasons why you lose money investing. There are some classic mistakes that you might be making, and if you are, then perhaps this video will make you aware of your investing sins and help you to tighten up your game. Moving forward, the crypto lark, the three subscribe for all of the hottest and all of the latest happening out there in the wild, wild world of crypto. Also, for those who might be new to cryptocurrency investing, then check out my course called cryptocurrency. Explain. It’s going to walk you through all of the basics to help you get started in your investing journey, including things like how to buy, sell and sell the store and to mine Bitcoin, and a theory of how to build a cryptocurrency investing portfolio and other top tips for success. And a quick reminder, too, that that smoking hot deal for the ledger nano. S 50 percent off it is still on the ledger is the best way to keep your crypto secure and to be in control of your finances. You have until Sunday night to get your 50 percent discount and take charge of your crypto link Downbelow. If you haven’t picked one up yet. OK, guys, let’s get this. So. The first mistake that many new investors make is trying to time the market stop trying to do it. And look, I’m not saying that you can’t look for good entries, nor should you take a big position to go all into something that is pumping, but sitting on the sidelines forever, waiting for that just perfect time. It’s a risky strategy. There are still people out there who are probably waiting for Bitcoin to go down to two thousand dollars before they go all in. For this reason, dollar-cost averaging for the majority of people is the most effective way to gain exposure to any given market. It’s also the most worry-free way to do your investing. If you believe in the future of Bitcoin, if you believe in the future of a theorem, then just buy a hundred bucks a week worth of them and just keep doing that every week. It will ensure that you keep accumulating that asset and it will give you a good average price over time. So also really just lower the stress of trying to go all-in on Tuesday and then you wake up on Wednesday and the market’s down by 20 percent. And you’re just like, why? Why look. Me personally, I accumulate Bitcoin and a theorem on a weekly basis of awesome buying some Kibre network recently to averaging into that, trying to build a strong position in it. Also, there’s one other tip that can actually allow you to dollar cost average and to buy the dip. How do you do this magic? You might ask? Well, it’s actually rather simple. So let’s say that you have a hundred dollars a week that you can invest. So you buy 40 dollars and Bitcoin, you buy forty dollars in a theorem any by twenty dollars in USD C a dollar-backed stable coin. And then you know what, you have dry powder on hand waiting for any potential big market dip. So you’re still building a position on a weekly basis. But in this scenario, he keeps doing those weekly buys for a year, for example. And then, hey, what you wake up one day in a big dip has happened in the market. Think this is my chance. And you know what? Now you have over a thousand dollars sitting on standby ready to scoop up that dip. The second point is that investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Investing can and it will make you rich, but it is generally a slow process that plays out over many years. That being said, Krypto is a super high growth investment sector right now. And over the last year, many new millionaires have actually been made thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But aside from the occasional lucky play on some random coin that goes one hundred X overnight, the majority of investors in crypto who have got rich have invested and held for a period of years. We’re not talking days, weeks or even months in most situations. Any get rich quick scheme offering you two percent a day forever or whatever kind of B.S. they’re offering. They are indeed a way to get rich quick, but not for you, just for the scammers running that scam. So please ensure that you actually have realistic expectations regarding your investing timeframes at any given rates, a return for any products you might be looking at. Understand that patience is incredibly important in the course. Make sure to d y o r stands for doing your own research. This is essential in investing. Far too many people fail to actually do any diligence at all on their investments, which is shocking. But its true meaning that if you are actually taking the time to do your research before investing your money and I mean really sitting down and doing the research, then you will have an advantage over many other investors who just followed a hot tip from a cartoon llama on Twitter. It happens, guys. It really does. Now, if you are a serious investor and you want to get rich for sure, then you will take the time and put in the work. If you would like to lose loads of money and get washed out of the market, then, by all means, don’t do any research. Follow some hot tips from cartoon llamas over on Twitter and throw your life savings into some Ponzi scheme. Hoping to. I don’t know what you hope to do in that situation anyway. Be aware, guys. The next important factor to consider is greed. Greed is a super powerful emotion, and greed leads to two of the most common mistakes that investors make. The first is taking large positions, sizes in highly speculative assets, much like in trading, in investing. Position sizes are important. You do not want to invest 100 percent or even 50 percent of your portfolio into some super, highly speculative old coin as like number 700 on coin market cap or something like that. Oh, sure, it might play out and you might get fabulously rich or you might lose everything. All of it. A much safer way to play all coins is to keep your position size small, particularly on those really speculative ones. Me, for example, after Bitcoin, which is nearly half of my cryptocurrency portfolio, comes to theory. I’m around 20 percent and then much more speculative plays like kava is only one percent to my portfolio. So if kava goes to zero, well, I only lost one percent. I can live with that. If it moves and it does a 10x or a 20 X, then I made some excellent gains while risking small. And the second way that greed can really screw you over is not getting out of an investment after it moons. Assuming, of course, that it’s just gonna go up forever. This is the new paradigm of everything. I’m certainly guilty of this in the past. I think a lot of people have made this mistake. I watched some altcoins as moon super hard fail to take profit. Look. Greed got the best of me. It got the best of a lot of people to very powerful emotion. But please remember that you are not losing money when you make a profit. Be happy with a win when you get it. Then finally, of course, we have the other incredibly strong emotion. Fear this leads to three super common mistakes. The first is, of course, foam. So sometimes there’s just something that just triggers in our brains and we see prices soaring to new, incredible highs. Oh, crap. Everyone’s out there getting rich and I’m missing out. I need to get in, go in right now. Bad move by the time an asset reaches the stage of everyone’s talking about it. This is a big thing. The game’s usually over. Those who bought on the quiet, they’re the ones who made 100 acts. They’re now exiting their positions, selling their bags to you. Phono leads to buying high and selling low, which is also known as the road to Brooksville. And that leads me on to my second point about fear, the fear of letting go. These are digital assets. They’re not your friends. They’re not your lovers, although they can definitely screw you sometimes. But I digress. This secret winning source of the world’s top investors is letting their winners keep running and cutting their losers before they bleed their portfolio to death. Never be afraid to cut out the dead weight. Admit to yourself, I made a bad call and made a bad investment. I’m getting out. Recoup whatever capital you can and move on. Now, if you properly manage your risk with laddering in and keeping your position size reasonable, then that loss actually shouldn’t hurt. Too bad. Anyway, it’s when you break those rules that that loss then does hurt. And the third is, of course, the paralysis, the fear of losing. So you don’t even get in the market. Way too many investors, they never even get off of zero because they’re so afraid of making a mistake or losing money at all. You have got to be in the market to make gains. And yes, you might lose money, but you’re also very likely to make money, especially if you keep your time preferences low. There is a risk in anything that you do. Staying in the dollar is a risk. Money in the bank is a risk. Gold in a vault is a risk. Stocks are a risk. Real estate is a risk. Bitcoin is a risk. All coins are even riskier. Everything has its risk-reward profile. The real game in investing is managing those different risks and succeeding in spite of the risks. And of course, making calculated decisions in your investments based on cold, hard rationality, not fear, not read. Anyway, those are just some thoughts that I wanted to share with you today. I know that a lot of new investors are coming in right now. Some of you might have experienced in traditional markets already. So you might already know some of the stuff that I talked about here in the video. Some of you, you’re investing for the first time. So welcome to the party. And of course, some of us, we’ve just been here for years, but it’s always good to have a little refresher on best practices for your investing strategies. Anyway, your question for today. Have you made any of these investing mistakes? And what have you learned in your time investing that you want to share with new investors coming into crypto? Leave that wisdom down below in the comments section. Thank you so much for tuning in today’s episode. Your support, of course, is always just incredibly appreciated. So thank you so, so much. Of course, we did enjoy today’s I’m so whacked that thumbs up, but make sure it was described the channel. If you are new around here. Long live the blockchain and peace out till next.


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