Hey, welcome back, everybody, to altcoin Daily. My name is Aaron. Hope everybody is having a fantastic Sunday. In today’s video, we’re covering recent cryptocurrency news and also a greater perspective on the whole market. And actually, let’s start with that because of this ties into our first story. So keep in mind, we’re in an extremely, extremely unique time in history right now. Nobody thought this would happen. Major cities across the globe are on lockdown. There is a great sense of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the air like nobody has ever felt before. But that being said. Smart people, whales, risk-takers. However, you wanted to find them are accumulating and we have research to back that up. Bitcoin wallet balances above one bitcoin threshold are set to hit an eight hundred thousand all-time high. Let’s find out some details. I thought this is pretty interesting data revealed by the monitoring resource glass node. We’ve shared with you research by glass known before on March 28. So just yesterday revealed the total number of bitcoin wallets containing at least one bitcoin currently stands just below eight hundred thousand. The figure has increased by 101 wallets within the past 24 hours alone. The data from Glass Note also suggests that exchange balances are at their lowest since December 2019, when Bitcoin back then was trading around 7300. This is an indication that the bitcoin holders are in for the long term investment and not selling under the current situation. I mean, it just so happens most thing is going on in the world today. Ah, good for Bitcoin, they’re bad for many people, but they’re good for Bitcoin, and that’s just the reality. So let’s get to some bio nans news. I thought this was really interesting in BINANCE. The exchange has just removed a controversial token from its ecosystem. They cited confusion among their users. It was called the F T X token. Check this out. Major crypto exchange by NANS has decided to remove leveraged f t x tokens from its exchange, explaining that customers don’t understand the product due to lack of understanding of how leverage tokens work by many of our users. By Nans has decided to delist all existing F X F.T. X leverage tokens and corresponding trading pairs. So Pinus actually only recently listed the FDX asset. On March 11th, Binance announced its listing of two F.T. X leverage e r c twenty tokens known as B and B Bul and B and B Bear. Customers could trade these assets against USD T or B USD, which is by Binance’s own stable coin. Each token represented a 3x leveraged long or short position in Binance coin. That’s interesting. Users can buy leverage tokens just like normal tokens on spot markets, Binance said in its March 11th announcement. However, there is no need for them to manage collateral margin liquidation prices or anything that a normal margin user needs to manage. A quick press time scan also shows several other available bull and bear pairings such as iOS Ethe X Arpey, as well as simple bull and bear options paired against U.S.D.A. and the Binance stable coin. And this is what it looked like right here. So apparently if you bought these tokens, you could use them to 3x long or short and you didn’t have to worry about all that stuff. You usually have to worry about like collateral or margin or liquidation prices. This is crazy that binance which is put this up for its users to do without a clear education. I’m wondering, did any of you see this if you were on binance exchange? This sounds like something that might not necessarily be the best idea. So I understand why they took it off just because of too much confusion. But that would be interesting or something like that was the future where you just in the token, the token nomics itself. It had no margin trading in it anyway. That’s above my pay grade. Let’s move on. I’m sure this is gonna be everybody’s favourite part of the video. A week ago, I told you about a project that is supported by buying Yance. Yes, I’m talking about BIEDO. For everyone who is new, BIEDO is a DFI project and stable coin solution for biomass chain. Think of it like buy Binance’s version of Maker. So BIEDO is a next level algorithmic stable coin solution that integrates multiple chains like binance chain, like a theory arm and even like bitcoin. So BIEDO is top-notch and can be the foundation for the whole DFI ecosystem. Well, let me show you what they were able to do. Chain link. Chain link. One of the hottest projects in the cryptocurrency space today decided to partner with BIEDO. Told you how awesome it is. I told you they could be huge one day. And this is massive. I think it is possible that BIEDO might sell out very soon. As you know, they’re having a token sale right now. From now onwards, chain link will let BIEDO use their technology, which acts as a reliable price. Oracle BIEDO will use the price data from CHAINLINK, which will increase reliability and safety. If you don’t have BIEDO tokens yet and you want some. Probably need to be quick. The fact that CHAINLINK chooses BIEDO as a partner shows you how much potential BIEDO has. So I think $5000 is a good amount to make it with BIEDO and I know that’s a lot of money, but I decided to step on my own game now nine thousand four hundred fifty in BIEDO tokens. Glad BIEDO is able to hook me up with this wallet by 2021. This could turn out to be a great investment. Right. I mean, with chain link, it was very similar. Chain link already near a top 10 coin. BIEDO could be the next coin with such a massive run-up like a chain link. Of course, keep in mind, nothing is guaranteed. However, with the Fed pumping money into the markets like crazy and with bitcoins having just around the corner, I think another bull run is coming and the greatest gain. In these times, you know, once Bitcoin starts pumping can be made with small-cap coins and getting in early holding Bitcoin. Fact is, it’s not going to pump as hard as a small-cap. That’s just a fact. It’s only possible with coins like BIEDO. If you want to do well for yourself in the next run-up, you might want to diversify and look at other projects with 100 x potential. BIEDO could be such a coin. You know, by Binance’s tweeting about them all the time, they partnered with Teller. They’ve released 140 lines of code recently and now they have this awesome partnership with the one and only chain link. So I can’t think of any other coin that achieved all of this during their token sale. If you can think of one, let me know below. But I think it’s pretty obvious getting into BIEDO now. Could its possible be like getting into a theorem during their token sale 2014? That’s the goal anyway, right? Many of us were not around in 2014, so we missed out on the theorem. Token sale num at that time started its token sale around 30 cents I believe. And now a theorems price is 130 U.S. dollars and they even reached 1400 USD during their last peak. Of course, the implication is that getting into a theorems token sale with $5000 today, you would have close to 2 million dollars. So guys, if you want to get into BIEDO, do it before it’s too late. The whole chainlink fan base probably buying BIEDO tokens. Now, who knows how long the tokens sale will be open? Like everything, guys. I’m not a financial advisor. I’m only speaking for myself. You need to make buying and selling decisions at your own risk. And you know, it’s all highly speculative. But that being said, this is a cryptocurrency, right? And there is a certain. The fact is certain coins do pump harder than others. And I think BIEDO has some of the key things going for it. That gives it that edge. But I’m always curious to know what you think. Let me know. Down below. REPL teases. Next-generation trading platform connected to X Arpey on-demand liquidity. So the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention is that on-demand liquidity o.d. L is actually their product where I believe you actually have to use the X Arpey tokens. So a new job opening at REPL is revealing the company’s ambition to build a trading platform connected to its X Arpey powered cross-border payment solution, which is called on-demand liquidity. REPL says it’s looking to hire an engineer manager to help build ODEL and leverage the superior speed, low transaction costs and scalability of the crypto asset x г.р. The job listing, which I’ll show you in one second it’s listed here TISS a next-generation trading platform that will be integrated with O D L and this is exactly that job listing. It goes into, you know what ripples all about. Located in San Francisco, what you’ll do, what we’re looking for. The article sums up some of the key points the manager will work out of replacing San Francisco headquarters and we’ll spend at least 50 percent of their time coding and reviewing code, architecture and design. REPL launched ODEL in late 2018. It’s designed to give banks and financial institutions a regulatory compliant way to move money internationally by utilizing X O. DL relies on crypto exchanges to accept cash and move the equivalent value in X Arpey across borders where it will be converted right back to fiat currency. Ripples Partner with MoneyGram is the largest user of Odel, moving 10 percent of its daily volume between the U.S. and Mexico. Using that technology and you know, the ripple actually bought a stake in MoneyGram. So whether I like it or not, whether I think the X Arpey token will gain adoption or not, Ripple, the company continues to make moves. And if you want a nice cushy crypto job, probably have to work hard, too. This job is available.


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