Rick Reacts: Bitcoin Legacy's software engineering is worse than mediocre

Over the coming weeks, Rick will continue to address some of cryptocurrency‘s planted PR narratives. This week: the notion that Bitcoin Legacy (“Core”) engineers — those who have been working on the Blockstream fork of bitcoin — are “the best in the world”.

This is utterly false.

It is true that bitcoin‘s original engineering was groundbreaking. However, this project was hijacked by outsiders — those who later formed the company “Blockstream” once they had ousted the original engineers and established gatekeeper positions around what’s now Bitcoin Legacy — and it is the engineering of these brand hijackers, these usurpers if you like, that is so abysmally bad it beggars belief.

If these engineers worked for any company, anywhere on the planet, and managed a multi-billion project like this, they would be fired from that company into the ballistic stratosphere with the intention of getting them at least a continent away from any production tool.

(The original Bitcoin project lives on as Bitcoin Cash.)

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