*Ripple/XRP ABOUT TO REPLACE BITCOIN AS #1* World Economic Forum's Climate Agenda & Cashless Society

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-XRP Is Starting to wake up
-Positive XRP News Accelerates
-MoneyGram & Digital Transactions
-Climate Change Agenda
-Proof Of Work & Climate Change
-VISA & Digital Dollars
-CitiGroup & Digital Dollar
-Coinbase Exec is Comptroller of Currency
-Julia Chatterley & Cash Narrative

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  1. who cares who is number one, the fact that it is on your mind, means you are an XRP maxi, bet you 50K of XRP that it will drop below 18 cents again!

  2. As long BB makes scam video's, I make sure the price won't rise!!! How dumb can BB be for his XRP community!!! Price won't rise as long BB makes this kind of BS hype fake scam video's!!!!

  3. After 3 years of BS scam video's made by XRP, spoken by robot BB, the fact price is $0.20!!!! If all the video news of last 3 years was true, the XRP price already was $4.00. Fact is $0.20.

  4. If you are waiting for the CCP to tell you that it is live, you're 5 months short. It was live in country in January. If you don't live there or have family there you simply don't know. However, it hasn't gone cross border yet. No worries, when it does go cross border it will do so via XRP. Just an FYI, CNY / RMB is called Yuan, not Won. Won is South Korean currency.

  5. I am a believer in xrp as I have 4000 of it. However listening you talk for some reason instead of getting me hyped up makes me become bearishhhhhhh. Please change your tone.

  6. Bitcoin is going nowhere but up…. Love XRP and it's gonna moon, but there's room for both. Two separate entities… Both serve a different purpose. Both being backed by big names and companies.

  7. Thank you for the vids Bearable Bull! My favorite thing is to open youtube and see you made a new video. I was wondering if you could give me some clarity about XRP exit strategies though. For someone who's ideals are aligned with yours about XRP being the new world reserve currency would their exit strategy be the switch itself to XRP being the official reserve currency, or is it something else? And I have been looking and not found anything sinister but are there any rules, fine print or possible regulations that could be made that would cause someone to have to forfeit their XRP holdings besides maby just not having 20 reserve XRP in your wallet?

  8. Bank of England chairman said in an interview we need and medium of exchange for all fiat currencys like the Dollar is now. Becouse the usd has become a weapon against other Countrys they want a digital medium to exchange sterling into a medium and exchange back out of that medium into other fiat Currency! Xrp could do this easy. And after this small drop yesterday and rise back up excatly to 20 cents and hovering in this erea nearly perfect flat, I belive it is suppressed… It should go higher normal since it rebounded quite strong…

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