Ripple XRP to Invest 50M in MoneyGram!!! + $70 Bitcoin Giveaway

Today we have four really awesome news segments to share with you. So let’s have a brief look at what they are now.

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Now, before discussing all the news, we will have a look at today’s market. Looks like we have a mixed market mainly in the greens today. Bitcoin is increasing by 1.87%, while Ethereum’s Ether is falling slightly by 0.05%, and Ripple’s XRP is gaining by 4.81%, which is the biggest gain in top 10. Now in the top 20, 7 out of 10 cryptocurrencies have a positive change, while IOTA and NEO decrease by 2.78% and 1.69% respectively.

Let’s look at the first news item of today. As you guys can see here, Ripple will become the partner of the second-largest money transfer service in the world, MoneyGram. Following this partnership, Ripple and MoneyGram will cooperate in terms of cross-border payments and foreign exchange settlement.

Brad Garlinghouse, the current CEO of Ripple, tweeted: “An industry defining milestone: together, @MoneyGram and @Ripple are solving the challenges with cross-border payments using the speed and efficiency of #XRP.”

According to a report by Cointelegraph, Ripple will invest up to 50 million dollars in the two-year partnership with MoneyGram in exchange for equity.

Let’s move to the third news item. Per a report by Coindesk, Nouriel Roubini, an economist and cryptocurrency skeptic, said that Facebook’s GlobalCoin is not really a cryptocurrency. He stated: “It has nothing to do with blockchain. Fully private, controlled, centralized, verified and authorized by a small number of permissioned nodes.”

On the other hand, Wall Street Is extremely bullish on Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, as reported by U Today. Because they believe that Facebook’s ad-driven revenue has the ability to diversify.

While some think that Facebook undermines Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a decentralized cryptocurrency, Mike Novogratz and Anthony Pompliano look at the bright side of this story. Moreover, SunTrust, MoffettNathanson, Bank of America also show that they stick with a “buy” rating on Facebook.

Now let’s come to the last interesting news of today. News BTC reported that a multi-Billion dollar Crypto Firm believes that Bitcoin can be the hedge for our future Global Crisis. To support this, Grayscale, a crypto famous research department, looks to three primary facets of Bitcoin’s existence: store of value, spending viability, and growth possibility.

So guys, what do you think about the result of the Ripple-MoneyGram partnership?
Will you support the Facebook’s crypto currency or not?
Do you have the same belief with Wall Street economists?
And do you think that Bitcoin is really a good hedge for our future global crisis?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! And remember to like, comment, and subscribe our channel to go in the draw to win $70 worth of Bitcoin tokens. It’s Cindy with CryptoPig, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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