Rudeness, insults, and censorship are not actual arguments against Bitcoin Cash.


I’m Roger Ver and I was the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin startups. Today I’m the CEO of
Back in August of 2011, when bitcoins were about $10 each, I made a bet with the world that they would outperform every other asset class by more than one hundred times over the next two years.

Please take a moment to remember that piece of history:

(2011 Video)

That bet concluded with me donating 1,000 Bitcoins, worth over one million US dollars at the time, to the Foundation For Economic Education.

At the time of the bet people were rude and dismissive of Bitcoin.

Today we are experiencing a similar situation in regards to Bitcoin Cash, but rudeness, insults, and censorship are not actual arguments.

Bitcoin Cash has all of the characteristics that led me to fall in love with Bitcoin in 2011, and today’s Bitcoin Core no longer does.

Bitcoin Cash enables anyone on the planet to send and receive any amount of money with anyone else, instantly, and basically for free.
Bitcoin Core no longer does.

Because the characteristics of Bitcoin that originally made it a success have been intentionally destroyed by supporters of Bitcoin Core, even while its price is hitting all time new highs, Bitcoin’s market share has dropped from nearly 100% to about 50% today.

I wish the Bitcoin Core holders and supporters the very best, but as an investor, and as someone who wants to change the world for the better, I’m confident that other crypto currencies will do a better job of it than Bitcoin Core. As one Bitcoin Core supporter recently said: “Bitcoin isn’t for people that live on less than $2 a day”.

I disagree. Crypto currencies can improve the lives of everyone, rich or poor, but it won’t be thanks to a currency with full blocks, high fees, and the unreliable on chain transactions that they cause, and it certainly won’t be thanks to a development team that either supports censorship, or that intentionally turns a blind eye to it.

I invite all of you to think for yourselves by looking past the censorship, insults, and ad hominem attacks, and ask yourself: Is a crypto currency that is fast, cheap to use, and reliable, more useful than a crypto currency that is slow, expensive to use, and unreliable?

If like me, your answer is yes, then Bitcoin Core isn’t for you.

That is why I’ve sold the majority of my Bitcoin Core for Bitcoin Cash, and that’s why will continue to build our services on top of Bitcoin Cash.

If like me, you want to bring more economic freedom to the world, and make money at the same time, then Bitcoin Cash is for you.

Today is Nov 29th, 2017, Bitcoin Core is about $11,000 and Bitcoin Cash is about $1,600 and it has significantly outperformed Bitcoin Core over the last three months, and I’m confident it will continue to do so into the future.

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