BREAKING! The Scary Truth of the Stimulus Bailout!!


Know what is going on. Viewers of the tube. My name is Tyler and welcome to the channel that feels like pulling this up after the Fed and the U.S. government announced a multi-trillion-dollar stimulus package. And the money printing goes you know our inflation. It’s time for Chico crypto. Yep, they did it. The Achy Breaky sticky politicians of the US have come to a deal regarding an economic stimulus plan. CNN broke the news White House-Senate reach historic two trillion dollar stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fears. Well here’s the thing people mainstream media like CNN they’re basically trying to hide four trillion dollars of this package. Yeah. The package is six trillion dollars in the actuality of which four trillion is for the QE quantitative easing from the Fed. Let’s hear what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to say about the news. Well, Madam President I have an update for the information of all senators and for the information of the American people. And it’s good news. It’s good news for the doctors and nurses and emergency rooms around the country. We’re waiting for more and more funding. It’s good news for families all across America. At last. We have a deal. After days of intense discussions, the Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a historic relief package for this pandemic. It will rush new resources onto the front lines of our nation’s health care fight and it will inject trillions of dollars of cash into the economy as fast as possible to help American workers families small businesses and industries make it through this disruption and emerge on the other side ready to soar. Yes and he pretty much admits that yes it’s more than just the two trillion dollars we are seeing in the headlines. So what exactly is this stimulus and what does it contain. Well as of yesterday when I was writing the script for this video the full-text details of the bill were yet to be released but from prior information and more that was leaked, we can get a general idea so that two trillion dollars you keep hearing about in the news headlines is direct cash stimulus payments to groups or individuals in the USA. Let’s break down where this true trillion-dollar is going. And let’s start with who gets the most direct cash money. You would think the citizens of the USA would be the ones getting the most. Right. Wrong. It’s the corporations who have already been given a golden spoon earlier in the week through corporate bond bailouts. Well, now they get a direct cash stimulus too. Half a trillion dollars 500 billion a quarter of that stimulus is going directly to distressed corporations like the airlines like the hotels like the cruise ships like Trump’s nightclubs. Under corporate umbrellas. Yep, they already got bailed out on the bond level and now they are getting a bulk of the direct cash. Yay. So what group is next it has to be the general population right or wrong. They are following trickle down for some reason still and it’s small to medium-sized businesses that get the next bulk of the money. Three hundred and sixty-seven billion dollars to be exact. Finally, we get to the citizens of the USA. Those are the ones who are going to be struggling the most who are going to be living paycheck to paycheck and need the direct cash stimulus the most out of everyone. Well, we get 250 billion dollars. And if we took the entire population of the US nearly three hundred twenty-eight million and divided it by that stimulus each citizen would be getting a whopping seven hundred and sixty-two dollars. Now I know some of the population is children and some won’t be getting payments due to illegal status and more. But seriously guys this is peanuts and it’s a slap in the face to the American public. But the next biggest amount of direct stimulus is very interesting the same amount. Two hundred and fifty billion for unemployment insurance. So that tells me they expect unemployment to surge and Americans to suffer which falls directly in line with even the nutrients leaked words when speaking to the Senate last week that unemployment could surge to 20 percent. Finally some of the areas of public service that need stimulus the most get the least. State and local governments are only going to receive one hundred and fifty billion in the direct stimulus. And as sad as this is only one hundred and thirty billion dollars is being given to the warriors on the frontline of this fight. The hospitals they get the least. Now the ranking latter of the stimulus amounts shows exactly where this administration’s priorities are. As we didn’t speak about the four trillion other dollars well that is left for the Federal Reserve who is going to keep doing what they have been doing repo operations with the banks. Yes, the banks are the Fed’s priority. I mean even before the pandemic the banks were losing it. They pump over six point six trillion dollars into the repo markets by late January 20 20. And what has happened since well these repo operations are public. We can go to the Federal Reserve’s Web site and filter since January 27 2 as of yesterday March 25th and we get all the repo operations that have been performed since then and their values. We can then export to sell. Open it up. Get all the excepted repo operations. Copy it. Google Docs since I’m not paying for Excel. And finally, sum it all up. And why do we get two thousand one hundred and sixty-eight billion more dollars or two-point one six eight trillion? So banks already we’re getting the bulk of the benefits and they are going to get more confirmed by Jerome Powell earlier this week when they announced they would be offering 1 trillion per day in repo operations until the end of this month and maybe into April. Now that doesn’t mean that the banks will be borrowing 1 trillion every day but this limit is so large it basically guarantees unlimited liquidity and that four trillion of the six trillion dollar package is for these guys. And where this money is going follows the elites pyramid of control banks are the top of world resource control and thus they will get the bulk of the stimulus. But look who is right below the banks’ corporations and they got the second-most the peanuts to the hospitals who can be considered education in this pyramid and then to the government and finally to the citizens a.k.a. the debt slaves. This is trickle-down on steroids a.k.a. trampled down economics. And I’m not hating on the right the Republicans as this bill was bipartisan. They both suck and are cronies Democrats or Republicans. If you can’t see that you are a flip and cheat but we have sheep everywhere in this world. Even one of the most influential people in this base is for some damn reason by Nancy but me for himself Anthony pop Leonardo literally had a podcast just posted two days ago talking about the stimulus and Americans getting the checks with Preston site in the podcast. It was over an hour long. They spoke about the checks that will be soon sent to American households and they remark that there are many millennials that are ready to allocate a fair portion of these checks towards bitcoin because they see the value in the technology that realization for a lot of people especially as all these UPI checks go out. You’ve got so many millennials that are just going to plough straight into this. OK. Bomp impressed and nice hoping. But these stimulus checks are not a bullish case for Bitcoin. Yes, a small minority of the players like me and people watching this channel will spin on BTC but in a recession or even a depression that money is gonna be spent on things that General population needs as the unemployment soars. You are living in fantasy land if you think that 250 billion that is going to the American citizens is going to be injected into the crypto markets. You are living in Alice in Wonderland if you think any of the corporations who get the money are going to inject it into the crypto markets as they will save their asses in finance one point zero which is already being seen through the speculation the Dow Jones pumped for two days in a row almost gaining three thousand basis points. It’s obvious as it stands today institutions aren’t betting on bitcoin to do any better than their favourite stocks. I mean where would a new institutional player go if they’re going to dabble in the bitcoin market. They would go to an exchange like BAC or CMC first as it’s from the New York Stock Exchange or CMC both of which the institutions are familiar with. Well, CMC open interest meaning the number of open contracts on the exchange has crash going from two hundred sixty-two million dollars worth down to just one hundred and thirty-two million. As of yesterday and BAC is just as bad open interest was over 12 million to begin the month. But as of yesterday was just four point two million. So the institutions for the most part as of right now have withdrawn from crypto as they moved to cover their arses in the stock market. Is that a good thing. Well let me think about a yes it is. These freaks are now and fully betting on equities stocks mutual funds and more which if we follow Trump down economics it’s not going to fix it. And they are betting on the wrong thing. Now I don’t think many people realize the only way a mass amount of liquidity and people move into crypto on Bitcoin is fall on the failure of the U.S. dollar banks and the stock market if it rebounds and does good Bitcoin and crypto, for now, we’ll stay where it is just less valuable and more speculative asset than a stock. So as much as I hate saying this. For those who have large amounts of value in four or one case Burn baby burn. Cheers. I’ll see you next time.


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