The pattern I’m going to show you is gonna break 10K. You’re not going to believe the price that’s going to hit next. So, as you know, I agreed to sell my house with my wife because it was her idea, really? And buy bitcoins. And yes, today she’s having ministers come over and take photos. And so this is real to me now. And I’m like, oh, gosh, I’m getting nervous here. But, yeah, it’s the right thing to do today for the Bitcoin price with Da Vinci, Jeff. Fifteen guys, we broke out. And the question everyone is asking right now, are we finally going to hit the ten thousand five hundred dollar level and break it? What’s the upside? Because according to Da Vinci, Jeff, fifteen is the second cup and handle pattern is forming right now for Bitcoin. We saw one already last year. And the second one right now is, according to DaVinci, Jeff fifteen, very likely to be successful. And the price target is, believe it or not. All the way up here at sixteen thousand U.S. dollars. We will talk about all of that. What specific trading setups, our game plan or what price targets in the immediate short term. And also in the second part of the video, the most exciting thing at all. DaVinci Jay Fifteen. Planning to sell his a big, big mansion right now and planning to buy Bitcoin with that. We will be talking about all of that. So right now, without any further ado, I really want to come to the most important question of today, that vintage A15. How are you doing today, my man? Well, I’m doing great. I mean, I. Yeah, that’s good. This tweet went super-viral. I never expected it. I was just like, you know, just a quick little thing, you know, tweet. Oh, yeah. You know what? So then how nervous now. Thank you, David. I’m also doing very well, but I’m very curious to go straight into that episode because especially after you make the last trade perfectly with nine-point five K, I want to know what you have to say about that. Hopefully up and coming breakout out of this cup and tend to cup house. Not the prettiest cup and handle, but it is a cup and handles. Now we have to break obviously this level here to say, OK, we’re gonna break out because this could easily just turn into a double-tap to the head and down we go. So let’s hope that that’s the case. But that’s where I know, I really don’t like breakout trades because you know when you breakout we did the breakout trade right here in my telegram group. And I was like, yeah, I know I’m not feeling this breakout trade at this point. And what happened? We came up to sixty-one point eight. We touched it at ten thousand dollars and poof, we just got slaughtered. The good thing in the telegram group, I told everybody to set their stop-loss, to break even. And yeah, we were out of that trade with no losses in my Pandora Well Telegram group, so that was a good thing. But then we, of course, we finally saw another signal here and that took us to give us a nice trade to clear us out at like the ninety-five hundred levels. I don’t think I’d remove that trade. So it’s not here anymore. So anyway, there’s a new trade that we’re looking at right now. I’m considering it. It’s a breakout trade, so I don’t like it that much. But this is a trade worked during. It is. We do have like a two to one risk-reward ratio here that you can take, but with a high percentage of of what’s it called a risk here. So you’re talking like, wow, Jesus, depending on where you break this out. And let’s just say if we broke out at the last stop, it probably wouldn’t be the best point, which is one hundred and ten, not ten thousand, ten thousand, one hundred and eighteen dollars. And then we start at that point do a two to one to this point, just because only because we want to be in a safety zone so we can like. OK, well I’m going to let the winner run and take half the profits here at the fourteen thousand three hundred and let the rest run. But we could pretty much target the sixteen thousand five hundred level, which interestingly enough, is I do believe that’s a sixty-one point eight. There it is. Yeah. Look at that. That’s a sixteen thousand dollar mark is seventy-eight points six is what I think. We probably going to take this thing right up to. That’s a seventy-eight point sixty-six. So it’s sort of seventy-eight point six-level, which is probably where we’re gonna go to before we actually come back down a little bit. And I would be careful, right. If you do take this breakout trade, you want to take profits because I. I really think that what we do, this breakout bitcoin, will test your resolve and come back to this level to see who you really are going to hold. Hold your trade and test you before it goes higher. So be careful about this one. I’m going to wait for a better position myself. I’m not going to take this. But if you weren’t going to take this, you’ve got to consider. Please do this. Take this. Like, let’s just say it’s 20 percent. Right. So what you have to do is do a little bit of math. Right. Put in the 20 percent here and now this. This sheet spreadsheet is in our my Penrhos well-telegrammed group. And let’s just say you only wanted to lose 500 dollars. This is how much you’re going to bet. So let’s just say you have a portfolio of ten thousand dollars to trade in my bid. You’re going to bet twenty-five hundred dollars to lose 20 percent, which is only five percent of your total portfolio. And by eBay. And that’s how you’re supposed to trade this. Most people don’t understand that. And if you don’t understand that, that’s how you lose and that’s how you get wrecked. Real, we’re saying at the end of every video, don’t get wrecked. So thank you so much for giving this small advice on a proper risk strategy for trading. Just to put that together, DAVINCI, you are right. Predicting that this next second cup and time the plateau pattern is at least very likely to break out to the upside. And your target, the measured move target is actually sixteen thousand U.S. dollars. With that keeping in mind, I mean, we also, like many people at least saw this tweet on Twitter where you announced that you are selling your house and you are taking all of this, all of the money you are getting from your house and putting it into Bitcoin. So is it because you are mid and long term expectations for Bitcoin that good? Can you elaborate on your plans and also. Yeah. Yeah. Hold the future. The short and mid-term future for Bitcoin looks like. Right. And right now for you. Yeah. I mean, I’ve gotten a lot of flack from this and people are saying how this doesn’t do that. Why you’re doing this? Why are you? You’re a bitcoin oji. Did you lose all of your money on Bound or Big Macs? And, you know, obviously, those are not the case. Right. And the reason why I’m selling it was Bulbul, mostly because we were discussing I was discussing with my wife saying, hey, you know, that when you have wealth cycles, right, you things going cycle, prices go from overvalued to undervalued, overvalued to undervalued. And if you purchase things when they’re undervalued. Right. And then sell them when they’re overvalued, you can build a long term wealth. And I’m not the only one who’s talked about this. Also, Mike Maloney has talked about this in one of his videos. And so she agreed with that and said, OK, listen, DaVinci, let’s just sell the house and rent something for a while and put it in the bitcoin. And then it went once it tops out, we could sell it and, you know, get something, get it like a vineyard somewhere in the south. And so that just said, yeah, I guess that does make sense, right? We get something bigger, something better, and something that we will enjoy, which was which is a vineyard. So I agreed to that. And I’m oh, I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous because I do like my house and I am happy here. But, you know, it does make sense, right? Because I do believe in the wealth cycle of Bitcoin and we’re going into a supercycle, a very good supercycle because we have one to force it to. Actually, two forces simultaneously reacting on Bitcoin. One is the hyperinflationary Poshard created by the central banks all over the world, not just the Federal Reserve, but mostly the Federal Reserve. And on top of that, we also have the quantitative tightening of bitcoin happening. So, yes, it’s like a match made in heaven for guaranteed higher prices. Yes, almost certainly guarantees to higher prices. I do agree with you and I’m in with my whole life as well. It’s great to see that you have such an amazing wife actually was also going the risky approach. It’s very, very nice, DaVinci. Nice to see that. And I think everyone watching right now just wishes you all the best fall for this. Let’s go to gamble. Let’s call it whatever. Let’s call it whatever. I think it’s it’s a nice thing to do if we are looking at the last. I don’t know. Twelve, thirteen years. Everything has been propped up by this. Some crazy money printing by the Federal Reserve. And yeah, I can see you being very successful with that and with that plan. Everyone watching right now goes to the. Section one below and make some noise and let us know what you think about that plant. What do you think about that strategy? I think it would be very nice for DaVinci and also me to go into the comment section and see ya. Put your thought, your guys his thoughts here on. Yeah. His plans are selling his house and buying Bitcoin Yaffa for what he’s getting there. And yeah, make sure you smash up the like button. I also wanted to tell you guys, if you do want to support us, there are many links and Dippin Comment, for example. DaVinci Jeff Fifteens YouTube link. If you click on that, he is uploading almost daily videos there on his channel. It’s amazing content over there. So make sure you click that. Also, you will find some bonus links for Bible Phoenix and so on. Make sure we take advantage of that. If you are an experienced trader as well. And I also wanted to come to one question of interest. Do you have any updates to share about Pandavas wallet? Yes. Well, we actually fixed up a bot so that when you purchase your Pandora as well as subscription, I’ll automatically add you to the two hours telegrammed group. And so you’ll automatically add there and you’ll be able to access all the benefits that you have basically available to see what my trades are or what I’ve traded in the coin space, what I’m buying when I’m buying. And also what I’m trading on the Bitcoin space as well. And cerium. I’m doing a little bit of light trading on it there. So you if you’re interested in all that and what I’m going to take an entry on, then on the next Bitcoin run, Jeb, purchase your Pandor subscription. You can buy as low as a one-month subscription to check it out before you actually purchase a golden year’s decryption or three months of fiction. And yeah, you’ll see that you’re going to get a lot of great value from that. So I’m looking forward to seeing you in the chat group. Yes. Everyone check it out right now. Also in Dippin Comment down below pendulous wallet dot com. Take advantage of that as well. Thank you so much, DaVinci and. Yeah. Man, that was a jam-packed episode. I can’t wait for this. Hopefully, this breakout out of the cup and time to finally coming into fruition. Everyone is here waiting for like two years. Already we have been in that severe downtrend. So let’s hope for this one to finally break out. You know, after the half. Thank you so much for telling that. For dropping your knowledge bombs on us. Thank you, everyone, for coming back to the channel and smashing up the like button subscribing Talwar channel. And before I wrap it up today, I wanted to know from you, DaVinci, do you have anything to share before wrap up today’s episode? Yeah, always play from a position of strength and don’t get ranked. Do not get red. Guys, thank you so much for watching and miss each other votes, not the next one. I mean, Krypto already tomorrow. Make sure your screen. Click the subscription box right here and you’ll also click the Bible Gitari right there. And we will see each other already tomorrow. Our next episode of Imam Krypto on our channel. And it’s always guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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